Wednesday, September 03, 2008


From Vicky in Va. Beach, VA:
I'm with you, girl!! If she were a man with 5 children and a pregnant daughter, it would not be a problem. So what if her husband got a DUI at 22. Barack Obama was using cocaine at 22!!
I've never really gotten involved too much in a presidential election, but I'm
fired up about this one. My friend told me recently that she is an Obama fan, because her in-laws and sister are, but she couldn't give me a reason why, other than "it would be good to have someone non-military in the white house". WHAT???????? So, should we have someone with no economic experience also be our country's economic advisor since it's bad if the Commander in Chief has military experience?? I'm fired up over that one. My husband has vowed to give his life for this country and her freedoms if he had to go to war, but yet the military is the one that "causes problems".... huh??? I don't get that one.
I've ordered my McCain/Palin sign and bumper sticker and it's on it's way!!! : ). If Sarah Palin can raise 5 children then she certainly is qualified to run the country!

From Megan in Michigan:
I am definitely liking that [this site]!!! Go Sarah!! Too bad she's not running for President!

From Patty in the South Pacific Islands:
I am so excited about what you are doing!!! We just listened to her speech at the RNC and we were BLOWN AWAY to say the least!!!! We are one hundred percent behind her, she is just what we need to help bring us back to where we need to be as a nation!!!!
The only news we get here is CNN so I am not at all sure what is being said, but George and I both thought her speech was one of the best we have ever heard, SOOO...... We support Mccain/Palin and are proud to do so!!! Even if we are 9000 miles away!!

From Serena in Virginia: I am one hundred percent for Sarah Palin!

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