Saturday, September 06, 2008


A disturbing e-mail arrived in my inbox the other day. It was from a friend, a wife and mother of 3. I had sent an e-mail to everyone on my list discussing Gov. Palin and my ideas for this blog. Her response came as a surprise to me, and I am seeing it more often than not. She said “I’m not much into politics, I don’t really care.” She went on to tell me that her husband is mildly interested, but that neither of them “get into it all that much”. Earlier this year, that same friend told me who she was voting for in the primaries “because her parents told her to”. She’s in her late thirties.

Now maybe you aren’t the kind of person that immerses yourself in politics, and that’s okay. We’re all busy and have different priorities as moms. However, girls, let me say this: it’s high time we started paying attention! The lives of our precious children and families hang in the balance! If you think it's unimportant, look into the eyes of those precious ones you love (whether or not you're a mom!) and think about the future. Do you, like me, sometimes fear what lies ahead? How long will we maintain the
freedom to worship? What about terrorism? What about energy independence? What about education? What about abortion? So many issues DO effect, directly or indirectly, our very existence. We need to wake up and care, because EVERY SINGLE VOTE does make a very big difference!

You say, “Tami, that is ridiculous!” as you roll your eyes and wonder how I became so misinformed. I say this is perhaps the most important election of our lifetime. We have a man running for office who literally has virtually no experience whatsoever, one who clearly has a disdain for our men and women in uniform unlike anything we’ve seen in a candidate for President, and who appears (due to his associations) to be racist. Earlier this year, when I pointed out this fact, another “friend” told me I was mean and that my words were hate filled. The facts speak for themselves and we’d better start paying attention, THIS IS OUR RESPONSIBILITY!!! I certainly do not hate Obama or any other democrat. I am, however, passionate about what I believe in, and I intend to do my part to protect what I believe so strongly in. What I believe in is MORALLY RIGHT! The choices between our candidates this year are quite clear cut. Won't you join me and do your part? Write letters, donate funds, no matter how small the amount, help at the polls, put a sign in your yard, get out in November and VOTE! (if you aren't registered, see link on right of this page) It IS our RESPONSIBILITY! We'd better start caring, we are raising the leaders of our future.

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Jan said...

I absolutely agree! Thanks for starting this blog. Jan