Saturday, September 20, 2008

Democrats Play the Race Card

I know, this is a forbidden subject...but if Tyra Banks and Oprah can talk about race and racism then so can this “lazy housewife”. (as I’ve been referred to in the media)

From the beginning of this presidential election process, Barack Obama has played the race card. Bill and Hillary Clinton have played the race card. DEMOCRATS have played the race card. Up until now, I would hear the garbage being spewed on this subject, and just roll my eyes considering the source. However, today when I heard it suggested that if “they” do not vote for Obama, it’s because he’s black, that sent me right on over the edge! (I suppose "they" refers to anyone either not a Democrat or not of the same color as Obama)

Let me tell you something. If I think you’re an idiot, it has nothing to do with your skin color. You could have purple skin and you might be the nicest person alive or, in Barack Obama’s case, he has black skin and he’s a disgrace, a political thug, and an elitist pig. There, I said it. It has NOTHING to do with the color of his skin. I base my opinion solely on the merits, and his don’t measure up.
What they are suggesting is that there are two options for voters in November: vote for Obama because you’re not racist, or don’t vote for him and you’re a racist. They are simply trying to bully the American people into voting for Obama based on race. It is insulting, and if he’d ever been someone I considered voting for, he would have lost my vote after the rhetoric I've heard the last few months, and primarily the last few days.

"Obama is stoking racism", says Rush Limbaugh, after Obama ran an ad that took comments about Mexicans by Rush completely out of context. Now Rush Limbaugh may not be your cup of tea, but I can tell you this after listening to the man for 20 years, he is no racist. I heard the two shows that Obama misrepresented in those spanish only ads, and I can tell you for sure that the Obama camp is lying and trying to bait the Hispanic population. His campaign is trying to pit the many races of the American people against each other. He cannot talk about himself based on the facts, so instead, he rips others to shreds and has yet to answer questions about many of his associations, many of the “bills” he says he wrote but didn’t, and so on.

This may come as a huge surprise, but I am NOT voting for Obama/Biden on November 4th. I am NOT a racist. I will NOT vote for Obama because he is a socialist. I will NOT vote for Obama because he will raise taxes. I will NOT vote for Obama because he believes not only in abortion, but infanticide. I will NOT vote for Obama because he chooses to associate with the likes of William Ayers, Louis Farrakhan, and his notorious racist former Pastor Jeremiah Wright. I will NOT vote FOR Barack Obama, and as much as they'd like to blame it on race, it has absolutely NOTHING to do with the color of his skin. 

I hardly think this is the “change” that this country needs.

More about the AP Poll on race.

For an interesting take on how the media is treating Palin,
see this link. (**Please note: I don't endorse the language used, but the point is well taken)


Anonymous said...

I agree for sure on the reason NOT to vote for Obama. As a Christian I had to learn what the guys running stood for.McCain and Palin are Christians. Palin sure isn'r ashamed of her God.I love this about her. the Holy Spirit shines in this woman and that is why so many hate her. The devil hated Jesus. He was jealous and greedy just as SOME of the democrats and these big mouth women are being.
Please don't stone me,but this is to say im not voting on color because when Obama first stepped out and I didn't know him I thought humm nice clean looking man..looked classey THEN I learned the truth. His preacher was a hater and he sat under that. I don't know about you,but if someone is teaching things I don't agree with I am not going to sit and listen! I also HATE abortion.I am middle class and im sick of paying taxes for all the rich that screw up. My husband worked for Enron and look what happened to us.Lets face it we need someone who sees us and or needs and stops letting these rich guys sitting in Washington us the USA money and then make us pay.
One more thing.. you can take a killer and hater and dress him in fine clothes and under neath he is still the same man.
Brenda in Mississippi for McCain/Palin

Mrs.Ruiz said...

Another great post Tami!!!!

jen crane said...

good stuff girl - i fully agree with everything you said - the liberals are the ones who continue to perpetuate the race debate. my dislike for obama has nothing to do with his skin color! i would, in a heartbeat, vote for congressman j.c. watts from oklahoma. i would vote for lieutenant gov. michael steele. i would gladly vote for sec. of state condoleezza rice. but obama? never!

and while we're at it (watch out, i'm going there...) it really irks me that obama is touted as the first african-american nominee for president when he is just as WHITE as he is BLACK. raised by his white grandparents. he's blatantly rejecting his caucasianness (just made that word up) :) and, frankly, i'm offended. :)

Karen said...

I for one think it is wonderful that Palin is a "Washington outsider." Obviously, it is going to take a woman to get things cleaned up in Washington. Some people think she will fly in on her broom. Doesn't matter to me whether she flys it or packs it, as long as it is a big one to sweep out the trash. Isn't it about time we had someone who isn't impressed or intimidated by all of these big-mouthed Washington politicians? Plus, I am THRILLED Sarah is not a lawyer! I am sick to death of lawyers in Washington. It is time for real people with real lives to have a say.

Ayo said...

A comment to all who had posted before me... To Brenda: Let's keep religion out of politics and government it doesn't mix well. There is a good reason to why our "Founding Fathers" put into the Constitution, to separate church form state. Don't want history to repeat itself- do you? To Jen Crane: It is great to hear that you would not vote against someone cause of their race. Unfortunately, there are a good number of people who would do just that. Far as how Barack Obama classify himself racially, it is not your place to tell someone how they should identify themselves. As a mother of bi-racial children, I give my children the freedom to make this personal choice, base on how they see themselves. If they choose to classify themselves as African-American or Bi-racial it is up to them, just like Obama, they know who they are and where they come from. And my children love who they are. To Karen: FYI...All of those "Washington insiders", once were "Washington outsiders". As a Washingtonian, born and raised in the Washington D.C. area, we do not want Sarah Palin to come here. She may live and share the feelings of the "real people" of Alaska, but she does not represent most Americans. And don't be fooled, Sarah is as big as a politician as they come.