Friday, September 12, 2008

More conservative moms with much to say!

From Tamara in VA:
Your comments have touched a nerve. You know, these whiners who say ugly things are just so mad that their choice of candidates is now being very-much pushed out of the limelight due to the buzz over Sarah Palin. They cannot stand it because they thought for sure "their man" was in and nothing could stop it. Now things have changed and they will stop at nothing it seems to try to change the way things are going. Remember numerous re-counts and chads in one of the previous elections? They cannot stand to lose! They've lost their respect for others who oppose them and though they preach tolerance, they are the one's who cannot tolerate anything other than their views/ways.
And speaking of views, I was just reading about McCain's appearance on "The View" show. The hosts reportedly grilled him as soon as he walked onto the stage. All women should be proud of his choice. Once again, they all prove what hypocrites they truly are. There's no room for any other "view" according to what I read.
You know, if Obama is so great, why are Oprah and all these others in the media so afraid of Sarah Palin? If Obama has all the answers and is the best candidate, why won't they let Sarah speak? Why won't they interview her? What is there to be worried about if Obama is so great??? If he's "the one" they should not be trying to avoid her and they should not be trying to smear her name and reputation. It just shows what is really in their hearts - they KNOW Obama is weak and not worthy to lead, but they want him in there no matter what. Pride is part of what is causing them to stand behind him at this point, in my opinion. And their liberal agenda. They don't care about "him" - he's just their puppet. Hang in there, I know you will!!!

Linda from Ft. Lauderdale, FL:
You go girl! I'm a Ft. Lauderdale Christian Conservative Mom & I am so proud of Gov. Palin & outraged by the unfair treatment she is getting in the mainstream media. Thank you for starting this blog!

This has been an interesting day. The blog that was written about this blog and me has gained some attention and it has not all been good. It seems that liberals would have me be silenced. What they don't understand is that this blog isn't meant to be an Obama bashing place, I have actually said very little about him. I don't much care to waste my time studying him...I know we disagree on virtually every issue, so there is no point. Do I hear his side of the issues? SURE I do! Fox News gives me an incredibly fair view of both sides. I don't care that they give me both sides...I like it. It's food for thought and it helps me to decide for myself where I stand on issues. I also watch other channels, but I do not see Republicans represented there much at all. There is clearly an agenda. Why do you think FOX blows everyone else out of the water? SO, this blog is a place for us conservative girls (and GUYS, of course--you know we love you!) to be heard, and WE ARE BEING HEARD! We will continue to support Sarah and her family, and of course Senator McCain and his dear family as well. We will do what we can to encourage them, build them up, tell you where they stand on the issues, and MOST importantly, lift them up in prayer. WE MUST TAKE A STAND AND BE HEARD. SITTING HOME AND NOT VOTING CANNOT BE AN OPTION THIS TIME.

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Anonymous said...

You should watch the video of the View then write a review of it. Typical Conservative tactic "I did not see it but let me tell you what I think of it." The hosts were very respectful to Sen. McCain and vice versa. They asked him pointed questions that no one in the media is asking and got back honest responses.

Let me ask you this, where were you when Hillary Clinton was running for President? She is a Mom also. If you were not for Hillary then this is just fake righteous indignation about the media asking Gov. Palin about her policy positions. Well wait they can't she is not doing interviews anymore. Is that an effective leader one that hides?

Do you teach your children that it is OK to lie? To stretch the Truth? Is this a quality that the people in your church believe is admriable? I hope not.

Remember, Jesus was a community organizer also.