Saturday, September 13, 2008

Why Does Obama Feel The Need to Defend Himself Against SARAH?

Sarah is authentic, make no mistake about it. She is "the real deal", and it's why she resonates with so many American women no matter what their political affiliation. She reaches me. She reaches this wife and mommy who wants to make her voice heard, and like I am finding in my own local area, liberals would have her silenced if they could figure out a way. I have one word for you...PANIC. The Obama campaign and the extreme liberal left who now run the democratic party PANICKED when she was announced. I was watching the news the minute it happened, and I remember Fox News contributor and Democrat Bob Beckel saying, with a dumbfounded look on his face, "Wow, if that's the case this is just brilliant. I would be shocked." They didn't see it coming. I have seen her called every name in the book, I have heard every lie they have spewed on television and girls, it's how we know we are getting to them. They cannot argue on the issues, they've got nothing. They have to attack personally, it's all they have got. Obama hasn't said a whole lot lately about Senator John McCain, and he feels a great need instead to go after Sarah Palin. Did you hear John Kerry blasting away at Dick Cheney in the last election? Obama clearly feels threatened by OUR VP CANDIDATE as well as our Presidential candidate. We have him right where we want him. Keep it comin', cause it's got us FIRED UP!!! His latest gaffe was in the 9/11 Forum during which he stated that "my job is to make America cool again".

The real issues here are Socialism vs. Democracy, Capitalism vs. Marxism, etc...not whether Sarah is a good mother because her daughter got pregnant out of wedlock and didn't kill her baby, or lies about her banning a list of books, most of which had not been published yet. Wanna talk issues? Let's do that! We will focus here this week on educating ourselves, and you in the process, about the important issues of our day from the perspective of the founding documents, the side on which the Republicans stand. Then, if you are on the fence, you can decide for yourself if John McCain is your man, and Sarah Palin is your girl. Sometimes we hear so much garbage in the media, the vast majority of which are lies, and without digging and finding out for ourselves, we don't really know what both sides of an issue are so that we can make up our own minds.

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