Monday, September 22, 2008

NBC’s 'Saturday Night Live' Suggests Todd Palin Sexually Abuses His Daughters

On Saturday night, September 20th, NBC reached an all time low when the show “Saturday Night Live” performed a skit in which a group of reporters were discussing the campaign and they began talking about the incestual relationship Todd Palin has with his three daughters. They make it clear that they are suggesting that Todd Palin has sex with his daughters.

In my opinion, this is just another nail in the coffin for NBC. They already are obviously in the tank for Obama, and that they allowed a skit like this to go on the air is outrageous.

You will see a link at the right of this screen where you can send your comments to NBC. I have done so, and I highly recommend that you do so as well.


Anonymous said...

I hate the mess Saturday night live is doing. Im just sick of TV!Magazines too. Will people ever see this is a mess.

Anonymous said...

From one who was sexually abused by her father, this is not a laughing matter. Actually it has made me cry.

From what I saw on the interview with Todd Palin on Greta's show, he is a most loving father and husband.

Shame on those that partook in portraying him as that, even if it was a "joke". Sexual abuse is NEVER a joke!

jen crane said...

girl, i just posted the youtube link of the SNL skit on my facebook page - i tell you what, i am furious right now! unbelievable! can you IMAGINE the outcry if they had made a "joke" about obama and his daughters???? SUCH a double standard. NBC has lost me as a viewer - no more keith olbermann, no more today show, no more SNL - thankfully their sitcoms are trash so it's no big loss there (yeah, i know - 30 rock won all kinds of crap at the emmy's but i will NEVER support ANYTHING alec baldwin touches...)

just when you think they can't stoop any lower - it's appalling!!

Tami said...

I may post that here. Thanks for the heads up, Jen. I know, I am as mad as you are. You're right, the outrage would be unlike anything you have ever seen if the same were said of Obama.