Monday, September 15, 2008


I have gotten emails and comments this morning-some very positive, and first let me thank YOU. It is for YOU that I do this blog. The negative ones I have refrained from posting until now, but in an effort to expose liberals for what they are, I figure 'why not'? Let them speak we can continue to sift through the garbage. Your threats don't scare me, they inspire me. What I do find to be humorous is that nearly all posts from libs are left by 'Anonymous'. Some think I am a mouth piece for Rush Limbaugh, and while that is extremely flattering, I think Rush can speak for himself to the 20 million+ listeners who tune in every day to hear him--he certainly doesn't need ME!! That's just hilarious!

Conservative moms AND DADS, and TEENS who have emailed me--I love your emails more than I can tell you, but please instead leave your comments here on the site. You don't need to give your personal information, just a first name, and the state you are from would be wonderful. The hateful emails I am getting seem to think YOU don't have an opinion, or are afraid to speak up and I know that is just not true, based on the flood of emails I am receiving. They would silence us all, given the chance. We must not let that happen.

It seems Rachel, the 19 year old who posted below, has stirred up something that we don't see too often--teens speaking out! You have a voice here too, teens and young adults--it's not just for moms. We hear you! You can look forward to hearing more from Rachel in the coming weeks. 

So, girls, we're gettin' to 'em!! I can take it, can you? GO SARAH!!! We're behind you 1000% girl! 


Dave Goldberg said...

I read in the Sun Sentinel that you were doing this blog and that you are a stay at home Mom, home schooling your child. I find it surprising that anyone doing what you are doing would support Sarah Palin.

I'm a stay at home Dad to my 21 month old daughter. I know what kind of full time job it is to do that correctly. Most of the time my wife is home by 4:30pm, but I know how upset my daughter gets when Mommy has to put in some long hours at the beginning of the month and she doesn't see her for 36 or 48 hours. My wife feels guilty about it too, but she knows that she is providing for our family and that I'm at home taking care of our little one.

What Sarah Palin is doing is different and selfish. It's not like she needs this particular job to feed her family. She has chosen to go after one of the most time consuming jobs that there is. A job that will take her away from a 4 month old baby almost permanently. Just campaigning, she is in a different state everyday. Flying all over the country with a 4 month old on a daily basis, can't be good for the child. What if she is actually elected? The vice president is always going around the world on different functions and their down time is supposed to be in a social situation with foreign leaders, not breast feeding and playing with your baby. I'm sorry but the two jobs are incompatible. And it scares me that any mother or father would be willing to be separated from their newborn child that much. I believe that her taking this job is nothing short of her abandoning her child. She might be abandoning the child to her husband, nanny, or daughters. But still she, herself is abandoning the child. I would love her to be forced to answer honestly, since running for Vice President, how many hours a day have you spent holding and playing with your child? Or maybe it would be best asked, how many minutes a day? She stands for family values? Taking this job says she doesn't value her family at all.

Michelle said...

What really gets me is that it's perfectly okay for a man to travel all over the world and not be home for the children. It's a total double standard. That's like saying that dads aren't just as important as moms in the lives of their children. So, because she's a mom, she isn't allowed to follow her heart? Talk about sexist.

No, I'm not a feminist, but am tired of the double standard being displayed here. Obama has young children, but it's okay for him to be President.

The liberals are scared of her because she appeals to the everyday person. She isn't a Washington insider.

I totally agree with you Tami. We are beind her 1000%. GO GET EM SARAH!!


Dave Goldberg said...

If you noticed, I said it is wrong for mothers and fathers to leave their young children to travel all over the world. I'm not saying it's right for Obama either. But at least his daughters are old enough to be in school. Not a 4 month old baby with special needs. It's easy to disregard what I said as sexist, however if you are mother, ask yourself if you would have followed your dreams and ambitions to the detriment of building a relationship with your infant child. If you answer yes, you are being very selfish. I'm guessing that most mothers would answer no.

jencrane said...

DAVE! SERIOUSLY!! isn't the argument of the left that women CAN do it all??? the whole feminism movement is based upon this premise!! i am a SAHM (that means, stay-at-home-mom for those in rio linda...) and i have a husband who travels extensively for weeks and months at a time... he was traveling for the first 6 months of my oldest daughter's life - but guess what??? my girls LOVE their daddy - they understand that what he does is in support of our family and this country. they are PROUD OF HIM. i am PROUD OF HIM. and i am PROUD OF SARAH PALIN. when will you people wake up and smell the air of your hypocrisy??? it reeks... how you, dave, as a stay-at-home dad, would accuse sarah palin of not caring for her family... sounds like you and the wife need to have a talk about the work situation. it must not be working so well for you guys...

YOU GO SARAH PALIN!! you have our support, our prayers and our VOTES... MCCAIN/PALIN 08!!!

Dave Goldberg said...

But your husband did that to support his family. That's where the difference lies. She's not making this choice out of providing for her family. She's making this choice to further her politcal career. And that is selfish at this point in her life. She has a committment to that 4 month old baby. I can't speak to your exact circumstances, but I'm sure your husband would have rather been close to his family if he could have been. Just ask yourself, if your family is financially set, would you be making the choice she is with a 4 month old baby?

Mary said...

I saw the report on Fox News last night on Greta's show. Todd Palin has quit his job and has been a stay at home dad since Sarah Palin started her Governorship. Ms. Palin believes that this VP nomination is part of her destiny. And because Ms. Palin is the one working outside of the home, she is the one providing for her family. None of us are in a place to judge another for their decisions. Mine for being a stay-at-home mom or Dave for being a stay-at-home dad. Remember too that she has older children still in the home. She also has a great network of family and friends around her that allow her to do what she believes she is called to do. I was 13 when my sister was born and even though my mom didn't work outside the home, I still did a lot to help her. My brother too when our baby sister was born 7 years later. So I can see that her older children will be a big help. As for her 4 month old child, he'll be fine because I'm sure that when Ms. Palin is spending time with him, it's their special time and he will know that his mama loves him. I don't understand why others say that her life contradicts what she stands for in public. I think they go hand in hand. GO SARAH! GO TODD!

Helen Marie Daly said...

Congratulations for starting this
wonderful blog. I am an author who
lives in Coral Springs, Florida. I
cannot begin to express how excited I am that John McCain chose Sarah for his VP. What a breath of fresh air she is to our country.

I read a comment in the Sun-Sentinel by someone who called Sarah "dangerous". You want to see dangerous please read the book, Obama Nation and then we will talk dangerous.

Go, Sarah, we are all behind you 100%.

Helen Marie Daly

Tami said...

Helen Marie, thank you for your comments. Nice to know we have some conservative sisters in CS!!!

Anonymous said...

You ladies must be having some type of PMS Dementia. Palin has no qualifications for this job and she is an insult to women like Olympia Snow of Maine or other women who have REAL experience.

Palin ignores the First Amendment and you whacky broads need some help. The audio to this site is so amateur and downright silly. Did you girls use some toxic lipstick? And as far as your LIBERAL commments, just because you hate your own gender and have no self-respect does not mean that you can label what you disagree with with such dishonesty.

I bet the finanacial crisis in the US is just liberal fabrication right? Or those weapons your moronic president is still looking for was created by those liberals too? And what of the Attorney General scandal? Or gas prices? Or the worst case of treason in US history - revealing the identity of Valerie Plame? You are a bunch of sick broads and you are just a bunch of racist cows who were looking for a reason not to vote for Obama. Now what would you really do if one of you daughters were raped? Well according to your BIMBO candidate, they would be re-victimized and forced to give birth. What do you think of that? Do you like the government in your uterus? Of course, you white women in Coral Springs would find some doctor to perform an abortion but you don't care about other women.

What a bunch of disturbed women you are. And Tami, you sound like a crackpot according to that article in the Sentinel. This Palin woman preaches abstinence and her own daughter gets knocked up and she has the temerity to think that she should be this close to the White House? Do all of you torture your animals? Palin is so ruthless in killing God's creatures but you crazy broads only want a way to vote in this "hockey mom". You are all delusional bigots and God will punish you in some way. Let's only hope!

Get some help ladies. Or maybe you need to stop voting and after menopause maybe the delusions clear up.

You are bigots one and all. And your poor daughters. What a bad example all of you are. You don't care about this country, only your Coral Springs White Mommy Supremecy. Get some help!

Anonymous said...

Go Sarah. Go Tami. Thank you for giving us women an option to the black man. Lord knows if we are honest, we desperatedly needed some alternative.

I must say that I am curious as to why our Sarah was thrown out of college. Does anyone also know why it took her five universities to get a degree in journalism?

And all of you arguing about her and her maternal duties...I am the mother of a disabled child and my husband and nearly got divorced over the toll it took on our marriage and we BOTH took equal responsibility, especially in the first few years. I can't imagine how our Sarah could really handle this job given that she also has her hands full with her 17 year old unmarried, pregnant daughter. Ooops. It happens. But this would still be better than voting for a black man, that's why we girls are all together, right?

I have to say I am so grateful that the media lets Sarah slide about her BIG lie. Can you believe that she NEVER went to Iraq and LIED and she's getting away with it? Hillary got nailed for a small misrepresentation, one that could have been an honest mistake but Sarah told a real boner and GO SARAH. Who cares if you lie? That's what we Republicans do, particularly in Florida where we can steal an election any way we want.

I have to say that I expect Sarah to be president in a few years given that McCain is ready for the grave. My dad is 72 and in good health and I cannot imagine he or any of his friends in office. They just don't have the stamina or good judgement but neither does McCain. He only met Sarah once. Just one time. Boy, I have hired support staff and had more interviews with them. But we can't have that black man in office, right my sisters?

I am a little shocked to see in today's paper that her responsibilities as governor would be the same workload as possibly three Broward County commissioners. That's all. Wow. And as mayor, she only supervised 50 people. Wow.

My sister was raped a few years ago and she got pregnant. We are good Christians like Sarah and we decided that she must keep the baby. The little girl is lovely but my sister was a weak Christian. She ended up committing suicide.

Anna McShane

Anonymous said...

Helen Marie Daly- You say you are an author. What do you write? Can you actually write given that you must have some type of dementia to think that Hockey Mom has any credentials to even be dog catcher. You are not electing the secretary of the PTA.

Shame on you. And womem who think like you.

Palin is a religious fanatic and NO one has the right to force a woman to have a child. Under Palin, Roe v. Wade will be turned over so I hope none of your girls get pregant, or worse, raped and pregnant because this backwards, inept broad demands that there is abortion under NO circumstances.

Francine Marshall