Thursday, September 11, 2008

Feel Free To Send Me Your Ideas and Posts!

I just had a thought---SO many of you are writing me, expressing your thoughts and passion for the issues discussed here. I have gotten requests for certain things, and I am doing as much as fast as I can. The last few days have been overwhelming as this blog has gained some attention. I had a great discussion with a reporter, who I hope will be fair to us when his article releases! However, as you know if you have read my original post, I am a homeschooling mom and so my days are first and foremost dedicated to the education of my daughter! While I am doing the very best I can to discuss the issues here, PLEASE feel free to make your voice heard too! Email me your thoughts, and I will be happy to post them (of course, I reserve the right to edit!!). This is YOUR site, girls. This is for all of you moms out there, but it's not just for moms. I have teenagers emailing me telling me how fired up they are! It's for all of us girls, and my goal is to give CONSERVATIVE women a voice here, no matter your age. It really doesn't matter about your party affiliation either, as long as it stays postive. There will be no McCain/Palin bashing here.
Please remember today, most importantly, to say a prayer for Sarah's family and the families of all of those soldiers who are headed to Iraq with his division.


postman said...

mccain and palin not!

Anonymous said...

Sarah Palin is not qualified to be Vice President nor is she qualified to be the next President of the United States. What qualifications does she have to be in the most powerful position in the world. I don't mean that running a state with a population of 650,000 people qualifies her. She has a very shallow view of what America really stands for. Her mudslinging tactics will not work. The attacks against Senator Obama are signs that the McCain-Palin ticket is running out of options. I suggest that all parties stick to the real issues. OUR COUNTRY IS EXPERIENCING THE WORST ECONOMIC CRISIS SINCE THE GREAT DEPRESSION. INSTEAD OF BOTH CANDIDATES ATTACKING THEMSELVES, THEY SHOULD EACH FIGURE OUT HOW TO GET THIS COUNTRY AHEAD.

CS said...

Have you seen this inquiry which calls into question the legitimacy of Barack Obama's ability to run for U.S. President?

Thanks for all your hard work this election year!