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For you moms out there who don't have much time for TV or reading, here's what's going on:

The media and the democrats are smearing Sarah Palin unlike anything we have seen in politics to date. Up to now, families have been off limits. Not now, and if the dems want to open that door, bring it on. They will pay in the long run, I have a feeling.

Smear #1: She wasn't vetted by McCain people.
The TRUTH: Palin, 1 of 6 Finalists Reviewed by McCain Vetting Team

"McCain's VP vetting team was headed by former Reagan White House counsel, Arthur B. Culvahouse, Jr. and the vetting process lasted over a course of about 4 or 5 months. During this time, the team kept the VP selection a secret from the media. has the details on the vetting process: A group of researchers and investigators prepared background memos that included information in regards to all media coverage pertaining to her, political positions, her issues, a review of finance documents, a credit check, a personal interview with the candidate, and a questionnaire. Ms. Palin was one of 6 finalists who completed this 70 page questionnaire, including probing questions such as "Have you ever paid for sex?" and the like. Ms. Palin volunteered the information about her daughter's pregnancy and her husband's 22 year old DUI during the vetting process. McCain released all the information to the media - the media did not uncover any of the "revelations". McCain knew everything about Palin and made a bold choice for changing Washington."

Smear #2: Palin has no experience.
The TRUTH: (copied from "Sarah Palin has More Executive Experience Than Barack Obama and Joe Biden. The typical path to the Presidency is gained through executive experience as a governor. Four out of the last five Presidents were former Governors. The last Democratic President was governor of a small Southern state and was not known nationally until his succesful run for the White House. All of Sarah Palin's experience has been earned in executive levels where she was responsible for getting things done. She is the current Governor of Alaska (where she is responsible for a $11.1 billion budget), the former Chairman of the Alaska Oil and Gas Commission, former two term mayor, and city councilman. She is known as a reformer who has even challenged positions and people in her own party, yet she is the most popular Governor in America with 80% approval ratings across party lines. Compared to Obama: Of course, it's not a great comparison since Obama is #1 on his ticket and Palin is #2 on the GOP ticket. In looking at the FY2009 State of Alaska Budget as Governor of Alaska, Governor Palin was responsible for a $11.1 billion budget, including public schools, the state university system, state hospitals, the nation's main energy resources, and all state transportation systems. Sarah Palin vetoed more wasteful spending this year ($268 million) than Obama has ever managed. We understand that Obama worked part time for a university for a few years. He was a "community organizer" (will provide a link when details have been unearthed by the media). We also understand that he may have had some executive experience for a few years running a non-profit founded by Pentagon bomber William Ayers (will provide a link when investigative details are provided by the media). In the city where Sarah Palin was a very popular mayor for 2 terms, Wasilla (not pronounced "Wasilly" like Obama slurred to Anderson Cooper), she was not just organizing her community, she ran the community."

Smear #3: Trooper (brother-in-law) firing.
The TRUTH:"The Trooper Has Never Been Fired. On 3/1/06, Alaska State Trooper Mike Wooten was suspended for 5 days following an investigation. Wooten was reprimanded for four instances of violating laws and department rules dating to 2001. He is back at work. Palin's daughter, Bristol, alledgedly witnessed Wooten use a Taser on his stepson, Palin's nephew Payton. In a May 2005 police report, Palin has alledged that Wooten made a death threat against her father "I'm gonna f****ing kill your Dad", I'm gonna shoot him", "he's gonna eat an f***ing lead bullet". Two and one half years later, Public Safety Commissioner Walt Monegan was fired by Palin in July 2008 after he declined a transfer to become the director of the state alcohol control board. Palin says he didn't do enough to fill trooper vacancies and battle alcohol abuse issues. A Palin political rival, Andrew Halcro, the man who lost to Palin in the 2006 governor's race, was the first to accuse Palin in a blog post titled "Why Walt Monegan got fired: Palin's Abuse of Power". Public Safety Commissioner Walt Monegan says Palin never told him to fire the trooper. Wooten still works for the Alaska State Troopers."
Update: 9/5/2008 CNN Interview
Trooper Mike Wooten was interviewed on CNN on 9/5/2008 where he admitted to the following activities that he had been disciplined for: Tasering his 10 year old stepson, Shooting a moose illegally. He denied the following: Drinking in a police car and threatening to kill Palin's father. He also said he had subsequently married and then divorced his 4th wife."

Smear #4: Fake pregnancy!
The TRUTH: "
Sarah Palin's Daughter is Five Months Pregnant. The far left blog DailyKos has tried to viciously smear Ms. Palin and to humiliate her daughter Bristol. Barack Obama should call for his surrogate, DailyKos, to apologize for these vicious slanders and to keep the private lives of the candidate's children off of the front pages. Sarah Palin's 5th child, Trig, was born with Down's Syndrome on April 18, 2008. Sarah Palin announced that her daughter, Bristol, is five months pregnant and is planning on marrying the father and raising their child. The McCain campaign found out about Bristol's pregnancy through the vetting process well before McCain chose Palin as his running mate. The pregnancy was an "open secret" in her home town of Wasilla where most people already knew."

There are many more smears out there on this fine lady, but these were the most relevant. There are 2 things that have made me most angry. One, they have attacked her using her precious baby that has Down Syndrome. Second, they have attacked her 17 year old daughter who, after making some poor choices, is going through a teen pregnancy. To have to go through this in front of a national media is disgraceful and she should be commended for the grace and poise with which she carries herself in the midst of all this attention.

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