Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Are you kidding me?

Let me ask any Democrats out there who MIGHT be reading this blog....DO YOU GUYS THINK WE ARE IDIOTS? Clearly, I already know the answer to that, so don't bother answering--just had to ask. Barrack Obama talks to the American people like we don't understand English. You know and I know he meant that pig comment for Sarah Palin yesterday, you heard the crowd go nuts just like I did. I think he also meant the "old fish" comment for Senator McCain. I have had it. I am fed up with most democrats I come into contact with treating me like I cannot think for myself....guess what? That's what bothers them about Sarah Palin!!! She doesn't have to be guarded and stutter through every sentence she speaks because she knows what she believes and she isn't ashamed for people to know it! I hear Barrack Obama called a "master orator" all the time, and I am fed up with that too. He is no more a master orator than I am a columnist for the New York Times! What a load of baloney! Just because the man can READ A SCREEN does NOT make him a master orator! Giving him that much credit is sickening. He STINKS as a public speaker, because where you can really tell someone is excellent is when the teleprompter guy screws up and they give the speech of their lives without it!!! (yeah, I just said that)

One good thing is that as of today, the irrelevant polls I talk about are showing that with independents, McCain is scoring 15 points ahead of Obama. McCain continues to lead in all the polls, and it's energizing, but irrelevant nonetheless.

One of the latest smears is the SC Dem who said Sarah was only picked because she hasn't had an abortion....and now, OReilly is showing pictures that have taken Sarah's head and pasted it onto a bikini clad body holding an assault rife. That was put out there by a left wing blogger, and he is given national attention. What's up with that? Futhermore, Joy Behar from the "View" is an idiot and so is Matt Damon, who I love in the Bourne movies. Boo-hoo, Sarah is "mean" to animals!! Whatever!

Just when I thought the lipstick thing might be growing old and going away, Obama brings it up again. Thanks, man...because I have a lot of you girls emailing me wanting to know when the pitbull/lipstick tees are coming and their coming soon!!! I'm waiting on the printer. They are very classy, very subtle...I think you guys will love them. If you like them, I'll try to get them in several colors, but black will be it in the meantime.

Meanwhile, keep checking out those
local Republican organizations you can join, sign up to work at the polls, get the word out!!! We CAN make our voices heard!!!!! MOST importantly, though, PRAY PRAY PRAY. No other action we take is more important.


Anonymous said...

Yes. I think you're an idiot.

Thanks for asking.

Grumpy Bear said...

Do we think that Sarah Palin's supporters are idiots?

Absolutely and without exception or qualification.