Saturday, September 20, 2008

Photographer Fired for Slandering McCain

You may have heard about the pictures that photgrapher Jill Greenburg took of Senator McCain in a recent photo shoot for "The Atlantic" Magazine. After Greenburg took the pictures she went her blog and began bragging about how she made him look so terrible.

Below is an update
by Marcia Segelstein, One News Now

"The photographer hired by ‘The Atlantic Magazine’ to photograph John McCain has admittted that she lied and tricked John McCain in order to make him look as bad as possible. According to
NewsBusters, Jill Greenberg "used her position to trick him into a situation where she could use his image for political attacks at a later date."

‘The Atlantic’ says they will no longer employ her, and she has just been let go by her photo agency.

And who says media professionals use their positions to further their own political views?"

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