Thursday, September 11, 2008

From Florida Women for McCain

I received this email this morning from
Florida Women for McCain and wanted to share:

"Patriot Day occurs on September 11 of each year, designated in memory of those who died in the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. On Patriot Day, the President directs that the flag of the United States be flown at half-staff and displayed from individual American homes.

The President also asks Americans to observe a moment of silence beginning at 8:46 A.M. (Eastern Daylight Time) marking the first plane crash on September 11, 2001.

Please join your fellow Women for McCain across the nation and pray for our military men and women in harm's way, our leaders, our first responders and those civil servants who combat terror on a daily basis to keep us safe.

Then please ask a special blessing for our candidates, Senator John McCain and Governor Sarah Palin who will send her own son along with his regiment to fight for freedom in Iraq on this day."


Norman said...

Sorry, Sarah is not qualified to be the next vice president of the U.S. I understand yourself and so many other women are really excited to see one of you up there nominated as the VP running mate to McCain. But c'mon now..who are you fooling ? There is a 1 in a 3 chance that McCain IF ELECTED passes away before his term is over...that means Palin will be President. GULP...I mean really BIG GULP. She is a nice girl, a strong women and sort of good looking too for her age, but as a Vice President ? Forget it....she needs to stick to local government and that's it ! She is doing too much, too fast and it might very well bite her in the ass before she knows it. Worse...bite us in the ass if we are blindsided by the mere fact that she is a woman.

Michael Oatway said...

Tami's post is something else. Patriots Day for the uninformed is linked to the American Revolution, something we need again to get rid of King George and his cronies.

Anonymous said...

hook, line, sinker -

who is this Palin person? No experience and every time some reporter tries to ask her a legitimate question the reporter is either attacked as "liberal" or Palin spits out a talking point and doesn't answer the question.

her interviews to date have been horrible.

how can people be enthusiastic in support of this person with out knowing anything about her ?

"she's one of us" - " a real women " are you kidding me?

It's not the liberal media attacking her - it's the right wing nut jobs doing their faux outrage bit to run interfearance and provide an excuse for Palin's lack of experience, intelligence and to hide her scary religious ideology.

BEWARE - these tactics worked for bush in 2000, 2004. Is America dumb enough to fall for it this time around ? Time will tell.

Palin seems nice enough, has a beautiful family but no way is she an acceptable VP pick.

Anonymous said...

-Palin has a Great record in public office.

-Her 12 yrs are clearly more impressive than Obama's and Biden's.

-Brings unique perspective since she has a son that's actually going off to serve on the ground unlike Biden's son who is nothing more that a JAG Lawyer that is in no danger. She doesn't want the war to drag on any longer than it absolutely has to.

- Pro-Union

- Pro-Life unlike Obama who is pro-death before and after birth!

- Unafraid to expose corruption, even in her own party. Something Rezko Obama would never dream of.

Anonymous said...

I am an educated, pro-choice, working mother of three who supports Sarah Palin and all that she's done and all that she will do when she becomes VP.

I was a former Hillary supporter and was drawn into Sarah Palin as well as John McCain when they spoke at the GOP convention. I have never watched anything like it before. I have never seen any politician who was more real than these two people. They truly are in it to bring good to this nation and it's people which is what matters the most at the end of the day.

Also, to the men who keep commenting on how much a woman can handle. Stop, because there is a reason that women give birth to children and it's not because men are stronger or more capable. A working mother can run circles around anyone, anyday of the week. All that is required is a solid support system which Sarah Palin obviously has.

To all of the haters...keep it up because you just keep inspiring people like myself to get out and vote for McCain and Palin. In fact, I just ordered a "Sarah Palin" yard sign and bumper sticker...I have never done anything like that before which speaks volumes about these two candidates.

Anonymous said...

Sarah Palin lied about stopping the bridge to nowhere, has no real experience, has abused the power she had in the short time she had it, can't manage her own family with a knocked up 17 year old boozehound of a daughter and a druggie son who she had to ship off to war to straighten out. I'd rather vote for a pit bull.

Anonymous said...

The rampant use of the term "haters" and the republican sentiment that Mc Cain and Palin are "real" scares the crap out of me. Her 12 years in office were as mayor of a town of 7,000 and governor of a state with a population that ranks 47th in the nation. Her Bachelor’s degree is in Journalism.

Sure, she’s real. Yes, she's determined. She’s just not qualified. No one's saying that you don't have a right to align yourself with a political party, just try to use intelligent judgment before voraciously touting the sub-par qualifications of a meat puppet.

-Another Mom

Anonymous said...

Joe Biden's son is shipping off to Iraq in October. Will you pray for him as well.

Jesus was a community organizer. Pilate was a govenor.

Anonymous said...

Great blog! Thanks for taking the time to do something positive to support McCain Palin! FYI there is a movement behind this ticket that hasn't shown its full strength in the polls. I hear it from girlfriends and female relatives across the country. Women who have not been steady voters in past years are INSPIRED!

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Senator McCain, for being so far sighted and giving us Sarah Palin. She has inspired me and other women like me to reach higher and not be held down because we are women!!! Thank God for Sarah Palin!!! McCain/Palin 2008!!!

Anonymous said...

you must be kidding, right?

She is not only unqualified... but she is a lying NEO-CON. Get a clue lady.

You must not have sons... Or else you missed the interview with Charlie Gibson where she stated (ON NATIONAL TELEVISION) that she would be in favor to going to WAR with Russia.

People like you need to shred your voter registration card.

Anonymous said...

I am a woman, and am not affiliated with any political party. I tend to lean Republican in most of my views, but will vote for whom I think is best, no matter what party they belong to. While I feel some of the critisism of Mrs. Palin is driven by sexism (her looks, being a new mother in office, hunting moose) the vast majority is not, especially when referring to the issues of being President. In fact, if McCain had selected a man with the exact same resume, you would be hearing the same attacks. On her "experience", McCain was blasting Obama about his lack of experience long before selecting Palin (or was he jsut being racist in those attacks?) She is being attacked by liberals on her conservative views. The conservatives do the same thing to liberals, do they not? Wouldn't anyone ridicule a man who says he has foreign relations experience because he lives in a state that is near a foreign country, so that counts as "experience"? Or that you have "energy experience" because your state has large oil reserves? There are alot of other forms of energy production, and oil is the one we are running out of and need to move away from.

My point is, you are guilty of reverse-disrimination. If Mrs. Palin was a man and had the exact same resume, you would be scratching your heads and wondering what drug did McCain fail to take on the day he selected his running mate. You only like Palin as V.P BECAUSE she is a woman. That's just as bad as those idiots who don't like her as V.P. BECAUSE she is a woman. Ignore the gender, ignore the skin color, ignore the age, ignore their religeon, ignore their sexual orientation, and select the PERSON who is best for the job. Rasism and sexism are brother and sister and niether has a place in society today or ever.

Anonymous said...

I hope God intervenes and McCain and Palin are not elected in simple words THEY LOSE. She is frightening and all Women should be shaking in their red heels if she somehow manages to snake her way into the White House.

Anonymous said...

My impression of Sarah Palin, summed up in two words: "Wack Job"

Anonymous said...

Sorry, so far the only comments from Sarah Palin are political rehtoric. I have not seen or heard anything of substance. She can't speak to the issues because she doesn't understand them. McCain is using her as "a dog and pony show" because he alone cannot generate any excitement

Ric said...

I can't believe all those clueless women out there who say, "Oh, I just LOVE Sarah Palin! She's just like ME! I can RELATE to her and that's why I'm voting for her!" C'mon! I like my dentist but I don't go to her because I like her -- I go to her because I know she has been professionally educated and experienced in treating tooth and gum problems. I also expect my doctor, my CPA, my lawyer to be professional and knowledgeable -- and that's I why I go to them, not because "Oh, they're just like ME!" I wouldn't want someone JUST LIKE ME to clean my teeth, diagnose a disease or give me legal advice! This thing about her being an expert on foreign policy because "You can see Russia from Alaska!" How wacko is that?!!! You hockey moms may relate to her....doesn't mean she's qualified or has the "smarts" to be president of the US!

Anonymous said...

So people claims Sarah Palin is not qualified to run as a Vice President!Do you think Obama and his elected VP are qualified to run this country. What exactly is the function of the senate and Congress-- they are a bunch of people, mostly lawyers by profession who could not make money in the real world as attorneys! All they do is bicker and whine and create laws to benefit their whims and ambitions! Sarah Palin is definitely qualified to run as VP due to her background. A self-thriving and hardworking woman who worked her way up through hardship!

Plus I can trust Sarah Palin than Barack Hussein Obama who has been associated with terrorist group and anti-American. Read his books and you'll find out who he really is-- A marxist, socialist and muslim by virtue! Obama cannot make a decision unless he asks his wife on what to do! So if he becomes the president, he'll be hiding from his wife's skirt and letting Rev Wright run the white house!

Anonymous said...

I am in support of Sarah Palin. I believe she is an asset to Senator John McCain. For those who are concerned about experience, let me remind you that the president and vice president do not act alone. They have a Cabinet. There function is to advise them on all matters of government.

The truth is our liberal media hates conservatism. They will attempt to destroy anybody who lives and defends the original intent of our Founding Fathers.

Sarah Palin's conservative lifestyle still reflects the majority of men and women in this country, and the liberal media hates that fact.

Ira said...

Sarah Palin believes in Abstinence education - look how well it works. She believes in forcing women (and young girls) to having children concieved out of rape and incest, I find that cruel and horrible. On her record... is it sexism to ask a pilot for her credentials before she flys a plane? What are her credentials? When she took office (Mayor) her town had a budget surplus, when she left it was millions in debt. She only withdrew her support for the bridge to nowhere AFTER Congress killed it and it became a national disgrace. Don't fool yourself. Just because she is a women, she doesn't stand up for women. Just because she claims to be for responsible leadership she doesn't have to be responsible. Look at the facts, not the image.

Tami said...

If it is true that Joe Biden's son ships off for Iraq later this year, by all means we will pray for him, as we do all of our heroes at home and abroad.

Dilligas said...

Why does everyone keep overlooking Palins political experience. She spent six years on the City council, and another six years as Mayor. And then two years as Governor. That by it self is more experience than Obama has.

But regardless, she is not running for President. She is running as the Vice-President. And as for McCain being too old, his mother is 93 and still going strong.

pray4america said...

i totally understand that you people want to support her but she is not running for president.... mccain is. she is the vp candidate. she is not i repeat she is not qualified for the job. be honest. She is just like Bree Van de Kamp on desperate houses. she has taken her unwed-daughters first child (down syndrome baby) and claimed it as hers and then the girl gets knocked up again and now they want to have a shot gun wedding. you right wing conservative republicans....obama is gonna take florida & the white house! Obama )*

Anonymous said...

Every time I see Sara Palin on TV she has her pit-pull attitude and her gloves are on. As Christian women and moms you should know better than to support an antagonist. Don't get me wrong, I fully support a fighting spirit but I don't not believe Sara's fighting attitude is based on good values. She continually bad-mouths the democratic team...where is the toughness in bad-mouthing another person? What are the republicans going to do to change the world. McCain keeps saying "my friends, I know how to do it" but tell us! I am truly amazing you buy into it! Put the gloves down and start asking and answering real questions.

Anonymous said...

Clarify something for me. As Christians, I was raised to be tolerant and that it isn't my place to judge. As Christians, how can you support a woman that is so blatant in her spreading of fear and hatred. To stand by and hear members of the Republican crowd say "shoot him", where is the Christian in Palin. She claims she doesn't hear it, but the media and others are hearing it. Does she stand up, try to put on lid on the violent chants in her rallies, NO. Is this what this country wants in it's leaders? If she can't handle tensions in a crowd of 8,000 people, how will she handle the tension of the nation, if she's elected. Evidently, Christianity is not her strong suit, and I don't see how you can support such a campaign.