Monday, September 08, 2008

Kudos to our awesome Republican MEN! (not girly-men, REAL MEN!)

You know something that ocurred to me this morning as I watched the news? Have you noticed who is seemingly MOST behind Sarah Palin? OUR GUYS! Democrats like to throw accusations about Republican men being behind the times, saying they aren't for the women's movement and so forth, but I haven't heard ONE Republican male make a sexist remark about Sarah Palin and her ability to govern, parent, or anything else. (okay, yes, plenty of them have commented how beautiful she is, but if we have eyes we already know that!) You know what else I have noticed? The liberal feminist organization N.O.W. (National Organization for Women) is ANYTHING BUT being up with the times! They are a bunch of bitter old hags whose only interest is killing babies! If you are pro-life, they hate you and will attempt to destroy you at any cost. Furthermore, Oprah, to put it in Jason Lewis' words "has chosen her blackness over her sex". The woman who has been the face of "women's rights" is denying Sarah Palin the opportunity to have her voice heard on the Oprah show because she is a conservative white woman--that's the truth girls, lets face it. Now, truth be told, Sarah Palin could probably care less about going on the Oprah show, but these are the same folks who want the "fairness doctrine" in media. Clearly, they only want it when it applies to the other side.
I am sick to death of the media thinking they are owed ANYTHING. If Sarah Palin's nomination has done nothing else, it has exposed the American left for who they really are.

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jen crane said...

girl, i am LOVING your blog - i, too, am a Christian, proud mom & wife and conservative republican and i have been HORRIFIED by the treatment of this amazing woman by the left-wing media and others... thank you for taking the time to get this information together - i plan on letting all my mommy friends know about your blog so we can get the truth out! we NEED sarah palin as VP (prior to her nomination i was pretty apathetic towards mccain - he hasn't been the best representative for conservatives lately...) BUT i so love sarah :) the hypocrisy of the left is staggering and, in addition to emailing US weekly and cancelling my subscription, i will in turn NEVER have oprah on in my house again!!! after her eckhart tolle book full of new age CRAP i pretty much wrote her off anyway... :)

so THANK YOU - you have my full support and i look forward to checking back often! you rock, sister!! :)