Sunday, September 28, 2008

Bailout Agreement Reached?

Well, the Democrats have strolled out together smiling. (sigh)

Harry Reid (D) spoke first and credited Nancy Pelosi (D). Since we cannot believe pretty much anything he says, the results remain to be seen. The last time it was announced by the Democrats that an agreement had been reached, they were lying. 

Rep. Blunt (R) stepped to the mic next and confirmed that VERBALLY they did reach an agreement, but that it remains to be seen if the wording will be such ON PAPER that the Republicans can sign on. I applaud the Republicans for standing their's about time. Barney Frank (D) began talking next (grrrrr), so I promptly turned the channel.  

They expect to announce the final decision tomorrow. 

**UPDATE: The "Mother of All Bailouts" bill should reach the floor Monday, says Barney Frank. So, all the "the sky is falling" reports last week about the impending doom of our financial markets if a deal wasn't reached by Friday? Hmmmm....

**To find out more: read here.

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Mandy said...

Democrats and Republicans both are responsible for the state we're in right now as Americans. Some Democrats are the bad guys, and some Republicans are the bad guys. Anyone that is so far left or so far right isnt using their brain to the fullest.