Sunday, September 07, 2008

Just some thoughts:

First, the media seems to think Sarah owes them her time and they continue to bloviate about why she isn't out there giving them the time they think she owes them on all the weekend shows. As the sister of a U.S. Marine who did two tours in Iraq, I think we need to be patient with her. Her 18 year old son leaves for war in just four short days. I feel certain she will give all she can give once this week is over, but as a mother, I imagine she needs this time with her son and family. Perhaps none of the liberal media who seem to suddenly be so concerned about her ability as a mother have thought of this yet. Perhaps we should pray for his division (and all of their families) as they head for harms way instead of spreading rumors about him being conceived out of wedlock, and him going to Iraq to avoid jail time. These are the latest attacks the left has launched on her very normal American family.

Second, I have been reading a TERRIFIC book this weekend that I highly recommend! It is called "Sarah" by Kaylene Johnson, and it will tell you all you want to know about this new "star" of the GOP. (I have placed a link to Amazon at right of this page, you can order it used, but Amazon has apparently sold out! YAY!) I love this VP pick even more after reading her story. She really is just a normal gal who has done extraordinary things with God's help and the support of a loving husband and family.

That's all I have for today. Thank you to all of you who continue to visit here. Please leave comments with your ideas and thoughts, I welcome them. Thank you to all of you who have gone straight to Oprah's site to let them know how you feel-many of you have done so. It's time for conservative women to speak up and make our voices be heard! We've been silent long enough!

God bless.

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Anna-Paraskeva said...

As the Mom of 2 Marines, and MIL of a soldier - all of whom have been to Iraq (& back, thank God) - I relate deeply to Sarah Palin. She has joined a huge sisterhood as a military mom. A sisterhood that overcomes all political lines for the sake of the mission... so see our loved ones through and back... all the way back.
The McCailin ticket is the BEST one, bar none, for the best interests of our military, and of ending this war in a way that we won't have to go back again in the next decade. I know they want it done... but they want it done RIGHT.