Wednesday, September 03, 2008


Ok girls. It's like this: I'm a Christian, I'm a happily married wife of one husband, I'm a mother of one precious daughter, and I believe in choosing life. I love my God, I love my country, I adore my family--and in today's world, at least in the liberal media--I guess this makes me a bad person. (p.s. guess what? I have also had a J-O-B while being a mother! SHHHHH!)

To be honest, I was on the fence about McCain. I am a lot more conservative than he seems to be and I hadn't been all that excited about the McCain ticket. I love his story, I admire the man greatly, but just wasn't excited. Fred Thompson was my man! When word got out that he had chosen Gov. Sarah Palin of Alaska, I was beside myself with excitement! It was a BRILLIANT move on his part! I don't care if he just made the final decision at midnight the night before or if he'd planned it all along, it blindsided the liberals and their friends in the media, and it was nothing short of the best move EVER in modern day politics! I believe I echo many American women out there who may or may not be moms--the bias is unbelievable and I, for one, am sick and tired of it! I am ready to stand up and make a difference. I am not sure how that will happen yet, but I plan to figure it out!

I was shocked to wake up Saturday morning and hear the things that were being said about Gov. Palin. The first thing I heard was that the democrats were questioning her ability to be a mother of 5 and V.P. Next, I heard them accusing her of being a horrible mother because she would run for this position while having a handicapped child. I was shocked. The very women who claim to be behind women getting into politics at any cost are now the ones attacking her! Now I am hearing that certain media outlets are demanding a DNA test to make sure this baby is hers! Oh my goodness!! I have never heard such blatant sexism and bias in my life, and I have never been one to bring up such issues.

Today, what sent me over the edge and sent me here to begin this journey was this comment by Sally Quinn (of the Washington Post), an extreme liberal feminist on CNN: " I've been a working mother for 26 years and practically every friend I have is a working mother and works full time. So, uh, I think we are so far beyond that issue of whether women should work or not, in -- uh, certainly in your world and my world. But in the world of evangelicals, that's not the case. Women are supposed to be subservient to their husbands and they are meant to be stay-at-home moms. And women, in fact, are not allowed to be pastors in the Southern Baptist church."

Look, I am a stay at home mom. I homeschool my daughter, and I am proud to hold the title. However, the choices Sarah Palin has made with regard to her career in no way merrit the kind of attacks that have been launched against her. No matter how you feel about working outside the home, surely you'd admit the attacks have been vicious and uncalled for! This issue even crosses party lines. Some in the democratic party are standing up to the radical liberals that have seemingly taken over their party--I say it's about time.

Please feel free to send me your comments...I'd love to hear from you!


Kristin said...

I, like you was not too excited about John McCain. I think that what he did as a prisioner of war is extremely impressive but I thought him wishy washy on the abortion issue which is my vote deciding issue. Wow, did he floor me with his pick of Sarah Palin! I am so happy!!!! I have a yard sign up and bumperstickers on my cars. I am praying like mad too~
I am going to add your blog to my favorites and will pass it on to friends. My blog is
Nice to "meet you!

Patty said...

I am happy to finally have found another mom blogger and stay at home mom who is tired of the Palin bashing. I was not excited about McCain at first either, adding her to the ticket was a bold and smart move!
Things are exciting and I have never been that into politics, but it is so discouraging to see all the bashing, especially by moms/other women who supposedly stand for equal rights cut Gov Palin down. See my post at

Hope to hear from you and nice to meet you ☺

Michelle said...

Thank you for having the courage to run this blog!

I am a mom of a son. A working mom. I've worked a job because it makes me a better more rounded person.

What gets me is that all the women's lib people say that women should be allowed to work and do anything they want.

I guess that's true except in Sarah's case. It saddens me, but it also excites me because she is energizing the Republican base.

I too, wasn't that excited about the McCain campaign until he nominated Sarah. I actually get chills whenever I hear her name brought up.

Sad I know. My husband laughs at me, because whenever she comes on tv, I turn up the volume and squeal with excitement.

Karen said...

Most people erroneously think that the Lord expects "good" women to be quiet and submissive and never have an opinion of their own. If they would take the time to read the Bible, they would see that the Lord has used women in mighty ways throughout history and holds women in high regard. Here is something that one of my friends sent to me. I thought it was great.

"Since Gov. Sarah Palin was chosen for John McCain's running mate, we have heard criticism of her, as a mother, 'who should be home taking care of her children'... Here is how I feel about this statement:
Have you read the book of Judges? It is very interesting, and I think it applies to us in these very days.
Here is the story (paraphrased):
God called Deborah out to be a judge in those days of trouble in Israel. This was not the norm. This was the exception, because this was the need of the day. It is interesting to note the capacity in which God used Deborah to bring His people back to Him, and to victory.
According to Deborah, the streets weren't safe for people to go out, without being mugged, murdered or assaulted (sound familiar?).
So Deborah called God's combat General, Barac, and she said 'Didn't God give us victory? Why aren't you standing up and conquering the enemy'?
Barac said 'You are right, I'll do it if you will go with us'. Deborah did go with him, but she didn't actually go into battle. She sat on a hill, and Barac knew that as long as Deborah was there on that hill, God's presence and power would also be there.
Interestingly, when Deborah sang her song of praise for victory, she didn't boast and say 'we had a victory when I arose as a champion', or 'we had victory when I arose as a leader… or when I arose as a judge'… In Chapter 5, verse 7, she praised God for the victory saying 'When I, Deborah, arose as a mother'…. Deborah was humbled at the power of God that took the heart of faith, of a mother, and changed a nation of captives to a nation of victors!
Therefore, in view of so many American men, who have been emasculated by liberal American women, and who are afraid to stand up to these hate-filled women... (these are the same women who advocate for other women killing their own unborn children, for sexual promiscuity, and much more that is against God), how do we know that God isn't using Sarah Palin, a mother of five, to bring this nation back to God? It would not be an unprecedented act for God to have used the heart of a mother to change the heart of a nation which had rejected him! In the evil of a nation which has turned it's back on God, and specifically the things I just mentioned, I believe that it will take a woman (who has the heart of a mother) to bring us back to God!
I believe that this is exactly what God is doing, and that through this mother, and through His mercy, he is giving America another chance (not that we are deserving of another chance)!