Monday, September 15, 2008

The Ontology of the Blog

by J. Nantz

I have been greatly amused at all the furor surrounding the Sun Sentinel article discussing this blog.  In particular, several professional journalists have taken great umbrage to how much attention this blog and other blogs are garnering.  It would seem that these journalists have been engaging in a group pout, since precious attention is being diverted from their professional scribbling.

It has been said that nature abhors a vacuum.  A vacuum exists within the main stream news venues, a vacuum of credibility and veracity.  The increasing incidence of journalistic bias and political pandering has risen to grotesque proportions during this election season.  For many, the notion of credible journalism in the main stream media is dead.  Therefore, Americans seek new sources of information.   From the successes of the Fox News Network and Rush Limbaugh, to the increasing popularity of internet based blogs, Americans are deserting traditional media outlets, leaving them to rot in solitude. People are listening to individuals outside of the main stream media, people not associated with the traditional and monolithic media establishment.  Since the substance and intellectual verve of honest journalism has been cast aside for staid liberal dogmatism, is it surprising that people are turning to bloggers with something authentic to say?


Anonymous said...

I have never been so happy to find a blog in my life! I am a Palin lover. When I first saw this woman step on stage I felt her spirit! She is so full of love.This is just what our country needs. I sit here this morning with a empty place in my heart because my son is in Iraq fighting for the freedom of people that want to talk McCain an Palin down.It hurts and I just don't understand!Thanks again,Brenda in Mississippi

elizabeth said...

My heart and admiration go out to you Brenda for you son's service to our great nation. I am what most viewers of this blog would call an America hating liberal. How easy it is to just box each other up with little phrases that don't really carry the true meaning of what we are. I love my country and I'm proud and blessed to say that I am an American. It's the best country on the planet. Even after the past eight years I can still say that. My fear is that if McCain is elected, then our position and standing in the world will continue to slip into the gutter. I have patiently waited out the past eight years and I don't think I could handle a McCain/Palin administration and still be as proud of my country. I feel that Obama can help restore America. He can begin to fix what Bush has done to us. I feel the dems have been cheated on the past two elections and I fear that Rove is somewhere behind the scenes fixing things to make sure the gravy train the Republicans ride is still in effect.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

It's unfortunate, Elizabeth, that your candidate doesn't have the same sentiments you do about this awesome country.