Saturday, January 03, 2009

Happy New Year!

I hope this finds all of you, our readers, well rested after a wonderful Christmas and New Year's holiday season. Happy New Year! We all know it will be an interesting one, that's for sure. 

I've been a.w.o.l. for a while, other than posting a few newsworthy items and commenting here and there, and wanted to finally post and share my thoughts on a few things once again. 

Our last post congratulated Bristol Palin and her boyfriend Levi on the birth of their precious little one last week. I never cease to be amazed at the responses we receive, although by now, we have come to expect them. Let me be clear on how I feel, in case you're a first time visitor to this blog! Bristol and Levi's mistake was NOT the baby Bristol just gave birth to. Let me say that again: the baby is NOT the mistake. The act of premarital sex was the mistake. She knew better, she'd been taught better, and is sharing that with anyone who cares to listen...this is the difference between most conservatives I know, and the liberals who comment here, and the ones I see on the major news outlets. You see, in my opinion, the baby is never the mistake, and Bristol Palin should be commended for her willingness to do the very difficult, and very right thing, and allow her baby the same chance at life that she has given. I admire Bristol. I admire her for her willingness to do the right thing, no matter how much it inconvenienced her. So many young women today take the easy (or what they think will be the easy) way out. Never mind that actions have consequences. They choose to dispose of the baby, who was the result of a mistake, not THE mistake. Bristol chose to grow up, as difficult as it was, very quickly. It would have been far easier to abort the baby without the knowledge of her family, knowing full well she would soon become the focus of the American left and all it's fury. 

Todd and Sarah Palin, just like most parents, have done the best they know how to raise their children to do what's right. Because Bristol chose to make different, unwise choices, is not their fault. Perhaps those who have so much to say about the Palin's parenting abilities should tend to their own children, if they have any, before crucifying Todd and Sarah. What goes around comes around, and I have a feeling a whole lot of people are going to eat their words one of these days. 

Some girls choose to take the very brave route of giving their baby up for adoption. While I cannot imagine the pain this causes within a mother's heart, there isn't a group of women I admire more than those who have been willing to give so much of themselves so that their baby could have a better life than they could offer. I've witnessed first hand the pain a mother goes through when going through this process. I can't think of a more selfless act, and these women, too, are to be commended.

My point is that in many circles, even in Christian circles unfortunately, others who have no idea what it is to walk in their shoes are often the first ones to point the finger. No offer of a helping hand, no compassion, no regard for the emotional ramifications of their words. Instead, just cruel, heartless finger pointing, whispering behind the back feeding the rumor mills with often made up stories. I've often seen those who do this end up having their own daughters face the same fate...In Bristol and Levi's case, it wasn't enough that they made this mistake, and as a result were having a baby. No, instead, the eyes of a cruel and heartless sect of our nation were upon them. Imagine being that age, being with child, and being the spectacle of many major news outlets, magazines and comedians. I know, I know...many will leave comments and say it is ALL Todd and Sarah's fault, as though she forced Bristol into the act, or **gasp** to have the baby. Bristol and Levi made it crystal clear, it was never their intention to "dispose of the mistake" as many have put it. That would have been the coward's way out. Bristol is better than that, and again-she is to be commended. That her family has been so supportive has been an extra blessing. Many are not so fortunate. 

In other news, we have Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg being considered as the replacement for Senator Hillary Clinton's New York senate seat. The hypocrisy within the liberal media, and in the Democratic Party is astonishing, albeit predictable. With little else on her list of accomplishments except family name, Schlossberg appears relatively UNenergetic, and certainly unprepared for the media attention being thrown her way. What a pathetic joke, and they ranted for months about Sarah Palin being unqualified?!

Finally, let me just defend my friends over at Team Sarah. It seems when liberals have absolutely nothing else to grasp onto, they have to scream racism, and our friends over at Redstate have uncovered an attempt by liberals to try and take down Team Sarah in this way. Get used to it, folks. They'll stop at nothing. NOTHING. This is only the beginning. 

So, it's shaping up to be an interesting start to the new year. Israel knows it will get little support from us, so they have taken things into their own hands. BHO promises more gas taxes, in addition to getting rid of those Bush tax cuts (as predicted--therefore, raising our taxes). But hey, we'll get a stimulus check to fund our vacations this year, so we should all be happy! The latest accusation is that if you criticize BHO, you are unAmerican, so get ready for that one too. Never mind what they've done for the last 8 years to President Bush. (I even had one commenter claim that the liberal media had been VERY fair to Bush!) Wow...the next four years will be full of surprises, no doubt...or will it? We've already got the Clinton team back in office, so maybe not. We'll see. Hmmm, that's CHANGE we can believe in!


lovechilde said...

If the average inner city teen gave birth instead of having an abortion, would you admire that person for their courage? Because teen pregnancies and births occure daily. I agree with you that the baby is not the mistake, the premarital, underage sex is the mistake. But you kind of go to far to say that you admire this young lady. She and her boyfriend have dropped out of high school and had a baby. Although I don't think they should be judged or bashed or ridiculed for it, it goes a little far to admire. Give them 5-10 years to grow, mature, get their lives together, get an idea of what they will be or become before you say you admire a teenager who chose not to have an abortion.

Tami said...

Absolutely, I admire them! What, do you think someone who lives in the inner city isn't worthy of admiration because she chooses life over murdering her unborn baby? I don't admire Bristol for her bad choices that got her her baby, but I do admire her for making the choice to give her baby life, a choice that seems quite unpopular these days among many. Should she have waited 5-10 years to grow, mature, and then get pregnant? ABSOLUTELY, once she was married would have been the wise choice, but that isn't what this post was about.

Mel said...

I agree it is difficult road Bristol and Levi are on, however the road otherwise would be worse I believe. There are consquences for each of our actions good or bad and I respect the job Gov. Palin and Todd have done with Bristol. She and Levi have chosen to do the right thing and that goes to the parenting she has recieved as well as he.

I have no doubt the left will work hard to discredit anyone who speaks the truth but that is ok too.

third rock from the sun said...

Did you know.......

Norma L. McCorvey is a now a Christian woman.

In the present day, she is an activist who speaks out against legalized, willful abortion.

She was once Jane Roe of Roe versus Wade, the court case that gave abortionists legitimacy to perform the monstrous act of abortion. At the time, she was a lesbian and claimed she was raped.

Pretty astounding to have the very person who sought to have abortion legalized, take a stand for Pro-Life. She is no longer a lesbian and admitted she lied about the rape. McCorvey has tried to get it reversed, but unsuccessfully.

It is worthy to note that the Roe vs. Wade court case took three years, and in that time, Jane Roe gave birth to the baby in question. That baby is almost 40 years old. How do you think she feels about getting a stay of execution merely because the court case took so long.

Liberal Socialist Dems have so many excuses why abortion should be performed, but this is the first time I've heard that "inner city" excuse.

phillipe said...

you didn't respond to the question that lovechilde raised. she in no way insinuated that inner city women did not deserve admiration. what she meant is that statistically speaking, when pregnant inner-city teenagers choose to keep their children, they tend to be unfit mothers who do a poor job raising their children due to economic malaise or simply lack of maturity. that or they dump their child on their parents so that they do not have to deal with them themselves. is that worthy of admiration? to bring to light a huge responsibility which often ends up on the street because its mother had no idea what to do with it? that was the question raised.

Michael O'Conner said...

Do you realize that many innocent men, women and CHILDREN die in the act of war, with the Iraq War being no exception? When the U.S. conducts military air strikes, those bombs, missiles and bullets don't just hit the "bad guys." It's completely hypocritical to be both pro-life and pro-war, and you know it, Tami. Wait, let me guess; war is different, right?

I went overseas when I served four years in the Air Force, but I never had to go to war because I served from '93 to '97. My best friend is in the Army, and he's done three terms in this war. He tells me that most of the Iraq people don't even want democracy, so even he has a hard time understanding what this war is all about. Is it worth losing any more lives on both sides when that's the attitude of a majority of the Iraqi citizens?

I'm not anti-war; although, I think this war was a mistake. I'm also pro-choice. If you're going to be pro-life, that should mean war too. It's hypocritical any other way -- no exceptions.

Tami said...

And WE are accused of bias and racism? I find it incredibly insulting to suggest that inner city women are unfit! Their circumstances in life may be different than those in middle America, but that in no way means they aren't deserving of the blessing of a child.

Because someone cannot properly care for their child doesn't mean the child, then, should be murdered. I know many families who would give just about anything to have one of those "inner city babies" (who the libs commenting here think should be disposed of) no matter what their race or family background may be. Those children deserve an opportunity at life and love as much as you and I do.

Tami said...

Oh, and by the way, there is a thing called PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY. Something you libs like to overlook. Whether a woman lives in the inner city or in the prestigious neighborhoods of Chicago, she is still responsible for her actions.

Seth said...

I LOVE the site! I'm now a huge fan. Keep the fight for Sarah alive. I was wondering if you could help me in promoting this pro-Palin video that I made. It is a remake of another video that I made about her that was featured on the official John McCain website. Hopefully you can put it up on your blog and send it out to your contacts. Thank you!

Tami said...

Seth, impressive to say the least!! Please keep me posted as you do more, I'd be happy to give them exposure here. Thanks for sharing, we're all in this together!!

John said...


I've been confronted with this infantile question on many occasions. So, what's the inconsistency if one is pro-life and yet supports a war, specifically the war in Iraq (though this is a thinly veiled politically motivated contention of yours)? Well, the answer is really simple.

The Bible forbids the act of murder, codified in the Ten Commandments. Abortion is the premeditated act of killing another human being. Yes, human being, not fetus. Mary was what? Great with CHILD. Not a fetus but a CHILD.

The Scriptures do not forbid the act of killing, only murder. "Thou shalt not kill" is actually, in the Hebrew, "Thou shalt do no murder." A just war is but an act of national self-defense. I'll not take the time here to debate the justness of the Iraq war since it really doesn't touch upon your primary query. War is a meat grinder. War is bloody, messy, and unpredictable. Civilians die and sometimes in great numbers. These are the consequences of wicked regimes who embody evil in the world. The Bible countenances war. God, in fact, commands the Israelites to engage in it. Therefore, war is not, inherently, morally reprehensible. But, murder is morally reprehensible, unquestionably so in the context of abortion. So, Mr. O'Conner, to conflate the two issues is absurd.

There is a paucity of thinking in this country, promulgated by our insipid public school system. The result are questions like yours and the election of an amateur to the White House.

Justin said...


Could you once again explain to me the difference between abortion and war without invoking a "God" or the Bible? The crux of your argument was religion, which i do not believe in, so your logic is fundamentally flawed to me. Can you please provide a secular argument?


John said...


Apart from the presupposition that God is and that He has spoken, there can be no logic. All logic and science are based on this notion. I know this will come as a shock to you, since these concepts are not taught in our pathetic state-sponsored schools. Indeed, it is preposterous to assert that "secular" arguments exist. It is an absurdity. The "logical" end of your position is Nihilism. For, without accepting the above presupposition, nothing can be be known, empirical data cannot be evaluated. Your senses cannot be assumed to function logically and no basis for rationality or objectivity exists. No ultimate truth means nothing is true, all is mere illusion and madness is the result. Sorry, Justin, you can lay no claim to logic. And, we have no basis for debate.