Wednesday, January 21, 2009

They Just Cannot Help Themselves...

Yep, that's right. He won the White House, he and his crowds successfully disrespected the parting Commander In Chief yesterday multiple times, and now the White House website wastes no time slamming President Bush. Read it here, under Katrina. Perhaps President Obama should follow his own advice given in his Inaugural speech. So, to those liberals who believe I am not allowed to have the opinions I share on this blog, where is that unity? Your party has seemingly had a "come to Jesus" moment, but where is it? I get's only unity as long as it's us bowing to your doesn't go both ways. 

President Bush orchestrated the most successful transition in American history, and this is the thanks he gets. Remember, eight years ago, President Bush was welcomed into the White House in quite a different manner.


yaheardme said...

People DIED in New Orleans because of the failed disaster response by the Bush administration. Bush is not a child whose feelings need to protected by his Mom(4 Palin). Holding our government accountable is an important right and value in this country. This is why you are allowed to maintain this trite, irrelevant, and divisive blog, and why a new incoming government can post the shortcomings of the previous administration on the white house.

Tami said...


It is people like you that are in the democratic party that make it such a failure. The only reason your party is in power now is because there were too many wimps in the Republican party to take a stand. We will see sooner than we want just how UNsuccessful your party is capable of being.

My husband was there in New Orleans after Katrina serving in a law enforcement capacity, so let me tell you a little thing or two.

PEOPLE DIED IN NEW ORLEANS because they lacked the basic ability, those who were capable of physically walking, to help THEMSELVES, to get off their butts and WALK out of that city or get creative and find another way. All they had to do was to THINK for themselves. The ones that stayed behind to loot...they killed MANY who stayed behind because they were incapable of helping themselves. They robbed them, they took advantage of them, then when law enforcement came in to help those who couldn't help themselves, they tried to kill them too.

So don't you come here telling me that people died because of our President who did everything he could do to get the feds in there to help those people. 30,000 people were pulled off rooftops in a matter of a day, yet all the while, the thugs on the ground were shooting at those trying to pull innocent people out. Bottom line, there isn't a darn thing our President could have done that would have gotten him praise from the pathetic people in your party that we call politicians, much less the mindless numbskulls that suck up every word they say without thinking for themselves.

No one invited someone like YOU to read this blog, assuming you didn't have to have someone read it to you, and I suggest if you don't like it, you take your sorry self back to where you came from and perhaps talk about something you can actually discuss with some small shred of intelligence. This blog is for MOMS/DADS/WHOEVER who SUPPORT Sarah Palin. You don't support Sarah Palin, my poor dad, brother and husband fought/fight for people like you to have that right--but you will NOT come here spewing your garbage and have it posted anymore.

Tami said...

Might I remind those coming here for ammo to use on other may want to read the copyright notice posted on this site. Permission is granted on a case by case basis.

John said...


Hey bone-head. I was there. I saw the entire mismanaged debacle perpetrated by the Democrat, dolt mayor. He should have been incarcerated for malfeasance in office. I don't care to waste much time on your idiotic ramble. So, I can say with authority that any able bodied minority could have slipped on a pair of Nikes and walked out of that disaster of Democrat bungling. The crippled could have easily been aided by the able bodied. The real tragedy was the manner in which minorities conducted themselves, e.g. robbed, raped, and left the weak to die. Your wretched community bears the ignominy and shame. Bush responded in a timely and efficient manner. Your city and state officials, as well as your fellow vagabond citizens, have blood on their hands. Pull your head out of your buttocks, step out of the soup kitchen line, and develop a little personal responsibility.

third rock from the sun said...

Not to mention that FEMA (BUSH) stepped up and paid cruise ship cabins and lodging in hotels for these displaced Katrina victims.

I just happened to be at a hotel in Southern California that some of the 'victims' were at. We shared an entire wing right on the coast with them.

These victims decided that if they were going to get free lodging, they were going to 'vacation it up' and stay in some of the most desirable places in America. Victims somehow are owed a better life than survivors, right?

Yet, Bush gets land blasted for laying out the red carpet for these people?

Anyway...I paid my $7000.00 hotel bill...and BUSH paid theirs. I left the hotel before they did. So I am sure their bill was alot more than $7000.00. I remember seeing the victims kicked back in their sun chairs and soaking up rays and government money while I was busting my --- at my job during the day.

It bothered me then and it bothers me even more after reading 'yaheardme's' comment.

Sure, they lost their home...but don't all of us have a sob story of some sort in this journey called LIFE? I'd like to share my story why I was in the hotel for that long, but I don't want to appear like a whiner like the Katrina victims.

I just have a whole different view of the game the Katrina victims were playing. They weren't blaming BUSH back then. They wouldn't dare. They were livin' the good life after Katrina and it appears they were too good the free continental breakfast, I might add.