Saturday, January 24, 2009

A Few Thoughts

Hi all. Happy Saturday! 

Wanted to share a few things. First, this site. It will also go into the link list on our sidebar, but I wanted to highlight it here first. It's a site created by a military wife and daughter that gives you the opportunity to email your messages to our troops. I highly recommend that those of you who support our guys and gals in uniform take some time to visit this site and get registered. Registration requires filling out and printing a form, enclosing a $2.00 processing fee, and mailing to the address given. As you well know, I am an avid supporter of our military and would ask that only those serious about actually supporting them take action. Others need not bother. 

On to another subject...I heard on the news this morning that our own President is now telling us who we should and should not listen to on the radio. He has suggested that if this stimulus does not pass, he may not have a good chance at re-election, and has said that Americans shouldn't listen to Rush Limbaugh. Now, last time I checked, this is a free country, and if I want to listen to Rush Limbaugh I still have the freedom to do so, along with anyone else I choose to tune in to. So, King Obama may want to mind his own business since he seems to be having a tough time with that so far, and refrain from telling free Americans who they may or may not listen to on the free airways of this great nation. I'm not sure it's a battle he wants to get into. 

Have a great weekend all! God bless. 




third rock from the sun said...

Does the wind always blow in the same direction?

I have seen trees in an area where it does. The tall pines are grossly deformed. They have no branches on one side of the tree. The side of the tree that remains to have branches looks sickly and doesn't give the appearance of lush and vibrant growth. They look ugly, compared to a tall gorgeous pine that has been exposed to changing wind patterns.

Where am I going with this?

I remember BO, infamously pretending to be self confident and announce to a rally that, "We have the righteous wind at our backs."

Well, if the wind continuous to always be at his back, he will become like those ugly trees. No branches on one side of the tree and the other side looking sickly.

He has not been tested and it is showing. The smug look that he has when he holds his chin up high, mouth pierced closed and a steely stare, is all but lacking his arm stretched out as Hitler would have done it. Telling the GOP not to listen to Rush is alittle dictatorship-like, isn't it? Hitler abolished the presidency status over in Germany and issued in a dictatorship. BO is the American president for now, but is it really his wish to be a dictator? Telling people what to listen to, certainly would fall into that category and not the Free America that I have come to know and love.

third rock from the sun said...

oh and by the way...Germany was in serious war debt and they were looking for someone to save them. A messiah of sorts. Enter-Hitler who was allowed to do whatever he wanted and the first thing he did was make himself a dictator. (a leader does not tell critics what to listen to and what not to. A dictator does.)

Sound familiar?

Anonymous said...

You're aware that Obama never said anything about nobody being allowed to listen to Rush Limbaugh, right? You're aware of the difference between advice and orders?

He's simply saying that Rush Limbaugh's militant stance on a lot of issues isn't necessarily going to be helpful in Congress.

You of all people should know that Americans should unite, rather than divide. You're the one invoking the dreadful losses of 9/11, so why not remember the spirit of unity that America felt during those troubled days? Being hateful never helped anybody (and in fact hatred is what caused the Towers to fall), and if you were truly a good Christian mother as you claim to be, you'd know a thing or two about love.

Markl said...

No, it doesn't.

John said...


In a phrase, you're an idiot. I'm sure you're unaware that President Nixon was pilloried for having a list of enemies, which was never vocalized. Now we have the divine Obozo specifically targeting a private citizen for purposes of official censure. B. Hussein Obama's clear intention is to bully Republicans into relinquishing the last few shreds of conservative doctrine that they espouse. His intention is to pin his future failures on republicans who bow to his regal authority. What a usurpation! There is no bi-partisanship apart from submitting to the Obamastocracy's radical liberal ideology. The republican party seems all to ready to bend over and grab their ankles. There can be no unity with socialist fellow travelers or conspirators. Not for conservatives. You're an absolute moron to try and analogize the events of 9/11 to republican acquiescence to socialist programs. Hey, screw you and all you insipid liberal buffoons. As to hate. Yes, I hate those who would slaughter Americans. I hate the enemies of the Constitution. Our founding fathers engaged in bloody and desperate combat with those who's arrogance set themselves against the very foundations of natural law. They hated the enemies of liberty. Hate serves a critical purpose. One must possess the wisdom to exercise this emotion properly. Evil is to be despised, reviled, and shunned. And, when men, through their wantonness and perversion, become the embodiment of evil, then they may become the proper recipient of hatred (or would you coddle Osama Bin Laden and his lackeys?) What you mean by "love" is a quiet submission to your authoritarian dogmas. Your connotation of the term is patently ludicrous. Conservatives will not submit to the liberal erosion of inalienable rights. You represent the party of authoritarianism, of oppression, of central planning, and of an aristocracy. What is most amusing is that you liberals fancy yourselves to be antiestablishment when, in fact, you are the establishment. You are the ultimate in conformism. Silly, empty headed fools. You'll get what you asked for. Your "savior" will prove to be your tormentor. Peddle your sophomoric scribbling elsewhere.

third rock from the sun said...

It was not an It was not advice. It was a threat. BHusseeinO's dictatorship of saying you can't listen to Rush and get things done. What?

He DOES NOT NEED the Republican vote for this absurd stimulus package (the most ridiculous part being $200 million to beautify the mall where he plans to make his dictator speeches in the coming years. He just WANTS IT. That way, if it fails, it can be blamed on both parties. See, he just lead. He didn't earn the office of Presidency. Even in Miss America, the girls have to bring something more to the table other that a smile and a good speech.

BHusseinO's definition of bi-partisanship is when a bunch of Republicans cave on their own principals and agree with him and give him what he wants. He wants Republican vote on this, so when it blows up-BOTH parties get blamed. BHusseinO doesn't want Republicans saying in 2010 or 2012, "We didn't support this boondoggle that cost more jobs, raised inflation, and raised unemployment."

What president has ever been fearful of a private citizen more than his opposing party on Capitol Hill? Why would this fearless leader (ha) need to target-isolate-and polarize Rush, a private citizen. BHusseinO is either a dictator or a bully...but by doing this, he is certainly NOT a leader!

Go Rush!
and it never ceases to AMAZE me when the L-burg's of this world like to teach us to love when we have watched them for the past eight years perfecting Hate. Bush stood eight years against the Hate, but it appears BHusseinO can't even stand up to the opposition for even a week without whining.

"Waaaaahhhhh, don't listen to Rush. It will hurt my re-election....Waaaahhhhhh....I won't be popular if we don't pass my stimulus....Waaaahhhhh....I won....Waaaahhhhhhh...I'll trump'll see....everyone will like me....sniffle...if they will just keep focused on me...sniffle...and me alone...Waaaahhhhhh.....Oh, it helps to cry and sit in my White House crib."