Thursday, January 29, 2009

Get Those Finger's A Dialin'!

Let's shut down the phone lines in the Senate, Republicans!! Follow this link to find your Senators and urge them to stand with the House and vote NO on this stimulus. It will pass, but Republicans need to take a stand, and NOW is when it needs to start. Spread the word, let's don't wait until the day before!

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third rock from the sun said...

Obviously, the purpose of having a cocktail party after BHusseinO's stimulus package passed in the House, was to celebrate.

It has been noted it was a win, but it was a bad win. No support from the Republicans and 11 Democrats to boot. Ever wonder what the chit chat was like at that party? Was there gloating? Was there ---- kissing? The fact that he invited a select few from both parties in the Senate and House shows that he can be bi-partisan when it comes to tipping the bottle. Shall we never let the desire to get invited to the BHusseinO's crib, cloud our desire for a free America.

An invite to the White House crib is a rare thing. However, with the stack of parties to be had in the next few years (at our expense), it won't be as rare as it used to be. One Republican said BHusseinO was afraid his legacy was going to linked to debt. Well, fancy that? He does realize that this stimulus package has the potential to fail.

These are the chosen few Republicans that went to that celebration party. Let them know we appreciate their vote in favor of the American people and not the stimulus package that stimulates one thing and one thing only.....DEBT.

Republican House Representatives
John Boehner R-OH House Minority Leader
Eric Cantor R-VA
Mike Pence R-IN
Cathy McMorris Rodgers R-Wash
John Carter R-TX
Thaddeus McCotter R-Mich

Republican Senators
Mitch McConnell R-KY Republican Senate Leader
John Kyl R- Ariz
Lamar Alexander R-Tenn
John Thune R-SD
John Cornyn R-TX
Jon Ensign R-Nev