Thursday, January 22, 2009

Oval Office Wet Nurse

Today, B. Hussein Obama, appearing dazed and confused, signed four executive orders designed to impede the further prosecution of war efforts against terrorist powers allied against the United States. Obama's ignominious orders command the suspension of intelligence collection techniques which have contributed to the enjoyment of unbroken peace in our nation since the 9/11 attacks. Also, Obama commanded the suspension of prosecutorial activities against terrorists held at Guantanamo Bay and has set in motion his design to close the facility within one year. What is to be done with these enemy combatants is not known. Obama, at this point, doesn't seem to have a clue. Nevertheless, Obama is committed to dismantling military apparatus that have played integral roles in our national security. Naturally, this give rise to the question, "whose side is B. Hussein Obama on?" 

Additionally, Obama's rank amateur status was on full display. During the signing ceremony, Obama can be seen receiving tutoring, regarding his own executive orders, from his attorney. It seems, that the messianic deliverer requires a wet nurse when it comes to the details of his own executive orders.  Obama appears to be incapable of regurgitating the content of his own policy without first being guided to the teat of leftist dogma. Not a very inspiring start from the man-child or for the Obamastocracy. 


Algebra said...

Oh My God, what have I done?

I am a Christian Conservative.

I chose not to vote this election because I wasn't excited about electing either McCain or Palin.

Now I realise the full extent of my stupidity.
Obama is about to destroy our Country, our way of life, and our families.

And I have only myself to blame for this.

DP-snapple said...

A Javelin missile costs about $75000
A Javelin launcher costs about $125000

Ever thought to think why America is in recession now?

It's called making money disappear on weapons and war, it's called money squandering lobbyists, it's called over-paid politically inept oligarchies, whose main concern is power instead of the plight of their own people.

I figured since this blemish was made on my IP address and your blog tracked me, I'd leave my mark.

This whole damned blog is a disgrace. Sarah Palin has no place in government, and it's really depressing that there are people with the power to vote who advocate that woman's idiocy, mainly because she's a woman. You, and all those who agree with you, a disgrace to the American people.

John said...


Another slobbering idiot! Hey, retard, how much is B. Hussein Obama spending on his "porkulous" program? I'm sure you haven't a clue, so I'll tell you: a Trillion dollars. Not a fraction of that amount has been expended on the entire Iraq war. The pervert Barney Frank and the dolt Chris Dodd are responsible for our recession. B. Hussein Obama will preside over our depression. Including the cost of the previous "porkulous" program (TARP), which hasn't fixed this recession, the total cost of Democrat socialist programs will be over TWO TRILLION dollars. And you want to bleat over some Javelin missiles and launchers which are employed to destroy our enemies and preserve our liberties? Possessed of such profound stupidity, how do you manage to maintain respiration? You are dismissed. I'm done with you.