Thursday, January 08, 2009

Sarah 2012!

This beautiful video was created by one of our readers, Seth. Enjoy!


third rock from the sun said...

I loved this.

third rock from the sun said...

I love the patriotic songs that are playing on this site.

It spurs within me a renewed love for my country every time I hear them. On the 'you tube' presentation during one of the songs, a couple of kids are wrapped up in the American flag. How precious. When I see this, what I see are two kids that are free. That freedom was bought with the lives of brave Americans willing to fight for that American freedom. The brave soldiers loved their country, and whether they perished in war or not, the flag represents their love for God and country. So, what I see those two kids wrapped in, is not a flag, per say....but they are wrapped in love.

God Bless America, my home sweet home.

And may it not go into foreclosure!

Tami said...

thanks third rock,

as for the music, this is music that stirs a passion in me for my country like no other! I'll never forget standing at my brother's graduation from Parris Island (USMC) and them playing "God Bless The USA" as they were presented with their Eagle, Globe and Anchor. Freedom is such an incredible blessing, one that too many American's take for granted.

Seth said...

Thank you for sharing this video of mine! Keep the fire alive by sharing it with as many people as you can! Sarah Palin 2012!!!

Tami said...

You are most welcome! It is very well done. Please let us know if you make more in the future.