Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Call Your Representatives!

**Melt the phones people!! Tell your Representatives to vote no on stimulus. It will pass, but Republicans need to take a stand! See this link for the list, click on Captain America. Not much time left, so get busy!

**ALSO, to contact DNC on behalf of Rush Limbaugh, protesting how he has been treated, see this link

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Tyler said...

I understand your worries about the stimulus package, while I am in support of it I can understand how the republicans want compromises made,I feel as though President Obama has been doing a good job talking with republicans about their worries, however I don't understand how you can say Rush Limbaugh has been mistreated? Is it fair that their is petition going around? No, I don't think so. He said himself that he hopes Barack Obama fails, so in a way he was pretty much saying the a United States under Obama fails. I understand that he probably talks without thinking, and says what he says to earn ratings, but I think its wrong that he would make such slander comments about Obama, and the Country that he is trying to fix. We need cooperation from both sides. And polititians both Democrat and Republican need to realise that we will not achieve the things we need to, if we do not have party's working together.