Friday, January 30, 2009

Rush Limbaugh Responds To MoveOn.Org's New Smear Campaign


Carlos Echevarria said...

thanks for posting, Levin and Limbaugh are awesome!!!

third rock from the sun said...

John Harris who is a Fmr. Political Report with the Washington Post says, "...the brand of politics has intensified... in which the aim is not really to win an argument with your opponents, but to destroy them personally."

This brand of politics was tried on Sarah Palin and is being tried with Rush.

The liberals know they cannot win an argument with Rush or the conservatives for that matter. Thus, the attacks are personal.

BHussienO tries to enter his own office through a window. Was he trying to steal something? How's that for a personal attack? Doesn't feel very good, does it?

So I ask the liberal media to actually follow their own advice to move on and not keep referring back to the past. If BHusseinO acts stupid..own it...and don't try to divert the attention by saying, "yeah, but Bush was stupider." Because you look like whiners and the waaaahhhhhmbulance driver needs a break.

Tyler said...

Well, Third Rock, I can win an argument and would happily debate you any day. You wanna talk about whinging? Lets talking about all the whining that conservatives did during the election wahhhh they're not being nice to our sarah waahhh the election was all fraudulant. The republicans lost because they don't even know their principals anymore! I would gladly vote republican again (I have before) if they go back to the principals they once had. How do you excpect me to vote for someone who voted for Bush over 90% of the time, or a VP candidate who made fun of Fruit Fly research when it is that type of research that helps discover things about protein and the links it has with special needs? I better let you go, the waaaahhhhmbulance will probably be picking you up again soon.

Tami said...

Tyler, I know Third Rock can fend for herself, but I wanted to add my two cents here. Conservatives weren't "whining" that Sarah was treated unfairly...conservatives/Republicans alike were flat out ANGRY that she was treated as she was. Compare the treatment of her to even Hillary, there is none. They still will not leave her kids alone. I could start all kinds of stuff about Chelsea Clinton, or heck, even the Obama girls! But I will not even touch the subject here because it's not fair game...they are the kids, they're not the ones running for office. Do I think Sarah and even Todd were fair game? Sure, that's politics. But the MSM crossed the line. You know it and I know it. All bets are off now.
As for Republicans losing their principles? You are absolutely 10000% right for a change! THAT is something we CAN agree on! But, Tyler, I didn't. I kept my principles, and in doing so, being a conservative is what sets me apart from a regular moderate Republican. Because I have my conservative principles, I could NEVER have done what you did and crossed the aisle. It speaks VOLUMES. I'd rather have stayed home, as many in my party did. They sent a message, loud and clear. We can only hope it was heard. I have made it clear here that while I stood with the President (Bush) all the way on his foreign policy, I did not on his domestic policy.
Bottom line is, after the way Democrats have conducted themselves for the last eight years, they have completely discredited themselves in the eyes of most of us on the conservative right. Hypocrites to the core; bold faced liars. That's just a fact, and the way many liberals have conducted themselves on this blog, it has only served to confirm what I already knew.

third rock from the sun said...

BHusseino didn't vote for Bush 90% of the time like McCain. You're right...because, BHusseino simply did not vote at all. He voted 'present' most the time. If BHusseino didn't have any principals to vote yay or nay in the Senate, I wouldn't expect you, his follower, to vote your convictions either. Republicans don't need your vote, if you're going to whine and wane on your principals.

Personally, I would be in favor of fruit fly research if it could identify the missing nerve in liberal socialist dems that cause them to think killing babies are ok.

I have found that trying to reason with liberal socialist dems, is a bodacious waste of time. Tyler, I wouldn't even call the waahhmbulance for you because of your inability to stick to your principles. You have flat-lined as a Republican and have woken up on the Socialist side. Thank goodness there are 59+million Republicans who still have a beating heart and hold onto what made this country great.

Tyler said...

Third Rock, you won't need to call the whammbulance for me, I wouldn't want any service from you at all, since you are at the helm of the whiners. I am a registered Independent, whom as voted republican, do you think that I am the only person who has voted republican before that voted for Obama? I don't think so. If there are so many republicans out there, why didn't they get out and vote? They had there precious Sarah on the ticket, but they must have figured that they would just spend the next 4 years on the whine train.

third rock from the sun said...

You are right again, Tyler! We do have our precious Sarah. Boy, you are batting a thousand.