Monday, December 29, 2008

Congratulations to Bristol and Levi!

Bristol Palin gave birth to a son, Tripp Easton Mitchell Johnston, on Sunday. He weighed 7 pounds, 4 ounces. (AP via Yahoo! News)

UPDATE: In a statement released today, Sarah Palin undoubtedly addresses comments like the ones that have been left here regarding her family. "You need to know that both Levi and Bristol are working their butts off to parent and going to school and working at the same time," Palin told PEOPLE in a phone message Wednesday. "They are certainly not high school dropouts." To read more, see this link


Cheryle said...

Wow! A big, healthy boy! Congratulations to both families; becoming a grandma is one of the great gifts of raising children!

Is Levi still planning to work in the oil fields? And have they set a wedding date?

I wish them all the best and am so happy to hear of the safe delivery.

Praise and Coffee said...

Yes, congratulations!

Williepitt said...

Wow! And congratulations to Sarah for doing such an excellent job in teaching her daughter such things as morality (fundamentalist style) and the risks of taking chances.

sherlockman said...

Any sense of if and when Bristol and Levi will actually get married? Where is he now? Thought he quit school and moved far away from Bristol. Thought perhaps readers of this blog might have some information.

Tami said...

Well, Sherlock man, since you seem to think you are a detective, perhaps you can find out for us.
While I love Sarah Palin, I don't pretend to know all her business....I just pass on what I find. In Bristol and Levi's case, it's their business how they proceed, and certainly no one else's.

Tami said...

You mean the same way your mother failed miserably at teaching you not to bully others and how to have manners?
Thought so.

heather said...

I'm curious about how understanding you folks would be if Obama had a pregnant, unmarried daughter.

Not that you will post this. The question is too difficult!

Tami said...


Clearly, you haven't read much at all on this blog or you would very much know how understanding we would be. A human being is a human being, no matter who the baby is born to. I would hope and pray that Obama's daughter would choose LIFE, and allow that child the same opportunities she has been given. Her father, by his own admission, would feel very differently.

Tami said...

By the way, to all you liberals...what incredibly unbelievable HYPOCRITES you are. How dare you, when you would rather dispose of the child rather than have a teen give birth, criticize Bristol Palin? You all make me sick. Literally.

third rock from the sun said...

Someone said we who support Sarah Palin, would not be as understanding if Obama had an unmarried, pregnant daughter.

First off, we possibly will never be put in that position because he believes that his girls should not be punished with a baby (his words) if his girls make a mistake. You see, he will probably call the doctor himself to schedule the killing of his grandchild who he views as a mistake..a punishment before the public even knows what happened.

Therefore, we wouldn't even have the opportunity to pass any such judgement or have the opportunity to be understanding if Obama had a pregnant, unmarried daughter.

If he walks the walk, like he talks the talk...that is what he will do.

In Sarah Palin's family. They walk the talk, and at the end of the day, Bristol and Levi have a blessing-not a punishment.


Cheryle said...

Tami, I'm a liberal and I've never said that I would rather Bristol had an abortion. I don't like abortion at all. But I also don't like abused and murdered babies. So my prayer - now and always - is that all babies be wanted and planned.

But, as you've said, it's your blog, so if you want to lump "all you liberals" as "incredibly unbelievable HYPOCRITES" then I guess people will have to figure out for themselves who's being fair.

sherlockman said...

We can certainly disagree as to whether the President-Elect should have used the words "punished with a baby" when talking about young (persumably) young women having children. Remember please the fuller context of what he said just before this --

""When it comes specifically to HIV/AIDS, the most important prevention is education, which should include -- which should include abstinence education and teaching the children -- teaching children, you know, that sex is not something casual. But it should also include -- it should also include other, you know, information about contraception because, look, I've got two daughters. 9 years old and 6 years old. I am going to teach them first of all about values and morals."

Do readers of this blog disagree with these statements about inportance of teaching children about values and morals?

Do you think Bristol Palin would be better off had she not become pregnant and interrupted her schooling and taken on responsibilities of raising a child? Given that nobody I know (including the President-Elect) suggested Bristol abort her child, does anyone here care to address the issue that Todd and Sarah Plain may have failed in some respect by perhaps by with teaching their child to abstain from sex or perhaps gain access to appropriate contraception if she were to be sexually active?

Tami said...


Since, when I say "all liberals" I am speaking of the Democratic party, I would assume you know that I am addressing someone besides JUST you. You seem to take every statement I make like that as a personal attack and I am, frankly, unconcerned with you or what you think after the way you have threatened me.

There have been literally hundreds of people who have left comments here who HAVE, indeed, suggested that Bristol is an idiot for not having aborted her baby, and they have said the same about Sarah for giving birth to Trig. Let's stop trying to sugar coat it or do what libs are excellent at doing--revising history. Google it. You'll find plenty who have put it in print on both counts.

As for Sherlock Holmes up there, anyone care to take him on? I don't respond to his blatherings, I've had quite enough. I will say this: Sherlock Holmes, if you'd take the time to actually read the blog, you would find the answer to your questions which is precisely why I choose not to respond to most questions that you libs ask. It's already been covered here, so exercise your finger by using the scroll function on your computer and you'll most likely find your answers....if you're actually looking for answers. I'm fairly certain, in most cases, you aren't interested in anything other than picking a fight and spewing irrational thought.

Tami said...


I am really growing tired of wasting my time answering questions, so here is my final answer to you. Once I say this, I'm finished responding to you.
I really have much better things to do, like be a wife and mother, and focus on writing meaningful posts and other projects rather than spending my time answering those who care very little about what I actually have to say.

There are verses in Proverbs that deal with trolls like you:

"Do not answer a fool according to his folly, Lest you also be like him."
-Proverbs 26:4
"Answer a fool according to his folly, Lest he be wise in his own eyes."
-Proverbs 26:5

You see, I've been the fool for responding, silly me.

You have threatened me Cheryle, in several ways...but the one that stands out is how you have repeatedly tried to lead me to believe that you know all about me, that you are closer than I realize, and that you have done a lot of digging. Something I highly recommend you don't do, because then, Cheryle, you may not find things very pleasant. So why don't you go on about your life, and find something better to do? See, as much hell as your friend Jennifer gave me, I respect her. She was woman enough to see what she had done, own up to it and move on with her life because like me, she has better things to do with her time. We may never agree on the issues, but we are both human beings who have experienced the act of trolls on the internet with very little else to do besides hide behind a computer screen and hurl foolish comments at others who don't agree with us. Perhaps you should learn from her, and move on. There really is more to life.

third rock from the sun said...

Before my blessings roll out of bed, I do have alittle something I would like to mention about a particular mother who believes unborn babies deserve to be slaughtered if they are not wanted. Michelle Obama.

I happen to know something about fashion, and it was tasteless for Michelle to wear a 'power red' dress to the White House when they were there as a courtesy from the First Family. BO's should have been humbled to be invited and 'power red' does not show humbleness. When worn in the appropriate circumstances, it is dynamic and a wonderful color for women.

The fashion industry should have frowned on her wearing that color, that day. You could tell Laura Bush (who has alot of class) was taken back by Michelle's dress color and tried to play down her shock at the audacity Michelle had, by wearing it. Laura was polite and hid her shock at Michelle's fashion faux pax, by saying 'beautiful fall colors'.

It didn't surprise me at all, because in Michelle's thesis that she wrote at Princeton, (which was pulled off the Princeton Library shelf until after Election Day) she notes how she feels powerless among white people.

By wearing red on that day, it showed she still has insecurities, even after nailing the White House, and had to feel powerful on the outside. On the inside, though, she is and always will be insecure and painfully racist. Read her thesis.

So it has been noted that one of the things she will have to work on is her attitude. That is something her party is concerned with and quite frankly...I am concerned with it as well. She can pretend to be for all Americans and not just the Blacks who think Black. That platform was necessary to get hubby elected. I hope she will be able to keep a lid on her hatred for four years.

Which brings me to the Palin family. They have class and humbleness. God Bless Bristol. She has taken verbal abuse from liberal socialist dems when all she did was humble herself and put selfishness aside by giving birth to her baby. She supported her mom running for VP when it would have been easier to hide. She took care of her brother and sisters on the campaign trail instead of plotting to kill the baby that grew inside her. Sarah Palin has taught her kids values and morals. Bristol made a mistake (what human hasn't) and she 'values' life by giving birth and her 'morals' are intact because she is marrying the baby's father. BO is going to teach his kids values and morals too, but values and morals kick in when things go wrong, not when things go right.

Tami said...

Very well put, third rock. Thanks, as always, for your insight.

Cheryle said...

Third Rock is too cowardly to allow people to have a way to contact her and Tami is too protective of her sheep to allow this message to get through. However I have to say this is the single most bigoted post I've ever read on this site - and that includes John's.

Third rock can say she knows something about fashion, but what she knows about red is common knowledge. I'm not at all surprised if Michelle Obama feels powerless among white people - she's been dealing with bigots like third rock all her life. Third rock may not feel powerless, but she IS powerless, which is why she hides behind Tami's skirt. What a coward!

You may be a mealy-mouthed sweetie, third rock, but you're really just another racist woman who can't stand that an African-American woman will sit in the White House while you whine at home.

What a waste of oxygen you are.

Tami said...

Cheryle, I've never been TOO protective of those conservatives you call "sheep". In fact, I have allowed your comments here more than ever, because someone like third rock has the guts to debate you. However, you will no longer be allowed to comment on this blog. Move on. I'm done with you. However, third rock, if you care to respond, have at it. I'm quite sure you can handle yourself.

As for Michelle Obama, until third rock pointed it out I didn't realize they had released her thesis...and I am sure those commenting like Cheryle just did haven't read it. I just got done reading it, and it's incredibly clear to me that Michelle Obama is a rabid racist woman who wants nothing more than to wallow in self pity because of the color of her skin, not WHO she is. You see, I look at people of all races, and I don't see the color of their skin. No, I see the person for who they are on the inside. For their character. When I look at Michelle Obama, I see a hate filled racist liberal woman who will show herself to be who she is very soon. She is NOT in the White House to look after anyone except herself...and I pity those who have put so much trust in her and her husband. They are bound to be disappointed when the truth is on display for all the world to see.
What's sad is, half of Americans voted for a president based on the color of his skin, not based on the quality of his character. As happy as I am for those who have been "held back" by the color of their skin, mostly due to the leaders in their own party, I fear they will suffer even more setbacks due to the condition most people think this country will be in once BHO gets his hands on it, and it will have absolutely nothing to do with the color of his skin, and everything to do with the quality of his character, or lack thereof.

sherlockman said...

For whatever reason, the moderator here has dismissed my postings here as "blatherings" though several of my postings have, I think, tried to provide a certain element of fact checking or extra information that may perhaps help inform whatever constructive argument (meant in a positive sense) might occur here.

I have to say that this particular post seems to have drifted way of course to discussion of Michele Obama wearing red to the White House (I can't claim to be a judge of fashion, but do recall Nancy Reagan wore a bright read dress when her husband received knighthood from Queen Elizabeth - was that appropriate?). The one bit of fact checking I would like to point out is that Michelle Obama's thesis was released back in February of 2008, shortly after media complained the University was not granting access to it (see for a quick reference). I haven't read her thesis and personally don't care all that much about what she may have written when 21 or so.

Before Tami or others write this off as the rantings or blatherings of a lunatic liberal (some who know me might agree with the lunatic, few with the liberal), I have to say I was put off by Cheryle's last response -- She had seemed reasonably civil in most of her postings on this topic, but seemed to go off the deep end.

I do find this blog to be of interest, but am sorry/saddened to see the "them against us" mentality so strongly shown here and elsewhere. If nothing else, this blog has shown me how polarized we are. I am going to keep reading the blog and hope that there are constructive comments on both sides of issues -- it seems like sometimes though this and other blogs degenerate into too-predictable name calling, insults, and generally 24/7 demeaning of public figures and bloggers. This is too bad when there are so many challenges out there and we should be having serious, constructive discussion and argument (and perhaps not worrying about color of a person's dress as it may reflect on personality)

Thanks again to Tami for creating this blog -- there have been many good comments (from all sides) on differetn issues amidst the noise. I will continue to read it with interest, but probably will save my (bad) typing if what I send along really is considered "blathering."

Happy (and healthy) new year to all.

Tami said...


I have to humble myself and make an apology. There was someone else with a similar username that had left comments here for quite sometime and I was not able to publish them because of their content. Only after your last comment did I realize that was not you. I appreciate your usually civil comments, even if we disagree on the issues.

I'm curious as to who you think is polarized? It certainly isn't liberals!!! You guys, and by that I mean Democrats in general, go on blogs such as this and MOST OF YOU--I do agree not all of you--swamp these blogs with pure nonsense. If you actually said (and again, I am not speaking of you directly) something in a civil or kind way, you would find you would get published!!! I don't publish some comments that are left because of language, others I don't publish because of length...if you are going to write a book, get your own blog instead of filling our comment section! Some I don't publish because they make no sense, others because I have grown tired of the "blatherings" and that is my perogative as the blog administrator. Libs have not been polarized here either! I have given them more than their fair share of space here to be heard, and somehow they think because I've done that that they can tell us how to run things around here. I don't take kindly to that. Those same people likely would be afraid to make a wimper face to face, but hide behind a computer screen cyber-bullying I guess because it makes them feel better.

As for Michelle O...perhaps you are different, but I stand true to the beliefs I held in college. I also agree with the doctrine taught in the church I attend. I would go so far as to say that everyone I know who goes to a particular church, or spent that much time writing a thesis, holds true to the beliefs held within. Otherwise, why waste your time? Sure, you can change your mind on some things, but the things M.O. writes about are things that show a clear hatred of whites. There is absolutely NO doubt in my mind the woman is a racist through and through. She is insecure in her own ability as a human being, using her skin color as a crutch. Read it, you'll be shocked I bet.

So, anyway, Sherlockman, I apologize for hurting your feelings. It was my bad, and it was why I came back atcha with the catty comment...

Happy New Year

third rock from the sun said...

I love coming here!

I don't hide behind anyone's skirt. Tami just provides a platform that I can stand on and boldly speak my mind. This site also believes in freedom of speech for people 'other than' liberal socialist dems., which is a novel idea in America today.

I should give Cheryl the website that I used to chat on. It is full of liberal socialist dems. It really was like regressing back to kindergarten on that site with all the childish playground fights. She would probably love it there. If you're out there Cheryl...keep looking. There are websites out there for people like you. You might try watching Sesame Street first though, as it might be helpful to communicate some social skills geared to your level of immaturity.

I, however, am an adult, and thrive on intellectual, stimulating, thought provoking, fact finding, news worthy, non-fiction, knowledgeable, rational and a sophisticated approach to research and current events.

These reasons are why I visit and comment on this site and probably why Cheryl feels so out of place here.