Monday, December 08, 2008

Some Thoughts

There are few in this world that are as well spoken or as accomplished as the author and senior fellow at the Hoover Institute,  Thomas Sowell.  His writings continue to educate both my husband and myself, and his latest article over at Townhall  is one of the best explanations I have ever seen of "Freedom and the Left". I encourage you to follow the link and read. You will be very glad you did. 

It's been a crazy month since the election. Many of us were so relieved it was over, whatever the outcome. We all worked very hard, and someone had to win. Unfortunately for us, it wasn't our guy/gal...there's always next time. Elections have consequences, and because our party failed to deliver, we must suffer those consequences. I fear there will be many. Our focus here, and on the various networks we've become a part of, is on rebuilding the conservative movement. Yes, this is a Sarah Palin blog to the core, and since Sarah is a conservative, I think it's pretty important that we cover all things conservative and take a look at the opposing side pretty often, as well. I believe that's just what Sarah would like for us to do. So, to those of you who frequently comment that we shouldn't talk about anything but Sarah, that's just...well....ignorant. There are many among the masses (who have been foaming at the mouth since she was nominated and suffer a serious case of PDS) that wish to know what makes Sarah Palin and other conservatives "tick". We intend, over the next couple of years, to try and enlighten our readers who wish to know more, and to help strengthen those who already think like we do. I am very excited about the future of this blog, and more importantly the future of our party. I encourage you to stay tuned often. We are always adding new content in some way. We won't be posting several times a day most days, like we were during the election, but we are always finding new articles for the "Informative Reading" section, getting new comments for our "Bellevue" section (for those few who have written--as expected--to criticize that section: Bellevue is a place that treats the mentally ill in NYC. Since many who comment here seem to fit that category, we made a special place just for them. If they are going to come here and leave the crazy comments we have seen, then they deserve a special place all to themselves), and adding noteworthy blogs to our blogroll. 

As always, we thank you for taking the time to stop by, and we hope that you will take the time this holiday season to ponder the true meaning of Christmas.  

Until next time....


Mel said...

Merry Christmas to you guys!!! I love your site and the fact you have a Bellevue section cracks me up!!!

John said...


And a very merry Christmas to you too!! Glad you are enjoying the Bellevue section. It's driving the Obamabot crowd nuts!! Yeah, the pun is intended. Thanks for the comment!

third rock from the sun said...

My daughter told me about this site and I always thank her whenever I think of it. She works in NY and was for McCain/Palin.

This site is the best I have come across. Intelligent and fair to both sides. How creative to have a special place for the word vomit that erupts from BO's entourage. Keepin' it nice and tidy. (pound it).

Merry Christmas to you, the administrators and God Bless America.

third rock from the sun said...

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BO make have finagled the votes (with money) to make him number 1 in the US. Globally, Palin is. Thanks to Googles fastest rising searches of '08. The world knows who Palin is! Palin makes number one list as BO asks for his home state's governor to resign due to corruption. Hmmmmmmmm

third rock from the sun said...

the following comment is for the administrators to post where they feel fit:

December 11, 2008 press conference with BO
I don't want to appear as having nothing better to do with my time, than to count the number of times BO says 'uh' when responding to a question from the press. However, when in the case of Gov. Blagojevich, BO's 'uh's' were obsessive. Since I have blogged before how BO appears to be a bumbling idiot without a teleprompter, I thought this would be a perfect example off how I arrive at that conclusion.

The question from the press Philip Elliott to BO was, "Have you or anyone in your transition or campaign been interviewed as it relates to the criminal complaint and who is the transition advisor referenced in the complaint?"

Bo's response starts out like this..."UH, I have not been contacted by, UH, any gov-UH, federal officials. UH, and we have not been interviewed, UH, by them. UH, as is reflected in US rettorneys (I'm sure he meant attorneys) report, UH we were not, UH, I think perceived by the governor's office as, UH, UHHHH, ameanable to any deal making." He goes on to finish his 50 second response with a total of 19 'uh's'.

Reporter Brian Ross noted that BO didn't answer the question as to how Gov. Blagojevich knew BO wasn't ameanable to any deals to fill his vacant senate seat. Ross also said it was strange BO would need 2 to 3 days to find out who on his staff was talking to Gov. Blagojevich.

The key question is: While there was no deal from the BO camp, how did Gov. Blagojevich know that and BO 'ducked' that question.

In the same press interview, BO touted that he was straightforward and that is what got him elected. That's it ladies and gentlemen, we have a delusional president elect. A truck load of 'uh's' and evading questions are not my idea of straightforwardness.

Report Jake Tapper said, "There is nothing unusual about the fact that the president elect would speak to his own governor, especially about the senate seat. The unusual fact is that Gov. Blagojevich was trying to make a deal."

Here is where BO is looking like the 'see no evil, hear not evil, speak no evil' monkey, again. I think we all know, UH, that he knows more than he is telling us. So much for 'straightforward change' Could the 'change' be Chicago corruption. Well, seeeeeeeeee

Tami said...

Third Rock,

First, thanks for the kind words. We enjoy reading your comments here, and enjoy having your input. Merry Christmas to you as well, and Happy New Year!

Second, thanks for the heads up on that Google list. I will look that up--

Am posting your last comment in JOhn's last post on BO as well. :-) Very enlightening...I always enjoy hearing the montage Rush puts together after a BO press conference.

Jennifer said...

Tami, I'm only commenting to give you this link.

You can post it without giving credit.

It's just a good way to support the military.

People can send thank yous, donate, or just spread the word.

This is a really good thing Sears is doing.

This is strictly a common cause that I know we both support whole heartedly.


PS. I did not make the link clickable because I know you don't trust me. You'll have to copy and paste the code into your browser.

PSS... For what it's worth, I have had a very small sampling of what you put up with from "us".

Some creepy guy has started sending me harassing emails, leaving me comments on my blog, digging around on the internet about me...He's harassed some other female blogger for three years and is now targeting me.

I have altered many of my posts regarding you. I haven't yet gotten to the older ones.

Anyway, merry christmas and God Bless.

Tami said...

I appreciate the link Jennifer, I have used it and others like it myself.

Jennifer said...

Heroes at Home Wish Registry

There, people can click on this link and give thanks to the military.

(The whole URL didn't show up in the post, Tami)

Thanks for posting!