Sunday, December 07, 2008


Cheryle said...

Is there a reason you're posting this video from last month? The election is over. You need to move on. I think it's absolutely correct that Republicans are continuing to post videos such as this and dredging up old news in order to try to gain sympathy for a failed candidate and keep her name in the public eye. Let her go home and recover from the campaign; she's earned that and the people of Alaska would probably like to have their governor back.

You could at least be honest enough with this video to make a statement that it's been around since right after the election; otherwise it looks like you want everyone to think it's still going on. But that wouldn't play into your "agenda," would it?

(Oh - and I know you won't post this, but I just want you to know that not everyone is easily deceived.)

Tami said...

You know, Cheryle, this is MY blog. And on MY blog, I post whatever I please, even if the video were a year old.
Truth is, I just found the video, loved it, so I thought I'd share it with my readers.
Just because you guys on the far left wish to play the deception game doesn't mean that everyone else plays it too. My readers, the conservatives at least, are intelligent enough to click on the video and find out any info they wish. They also realize that the election is over, many, in fact, have already been laid off. They are painfully aware that we will have a new President soon, because their employers are already preparing for the disaster he will make of this economy. So, Cheryle, my conservative readers (we do have readers that visit this blog) are intelligent enough to figure some things out for themselves.

Additionally, this blog is in support of Sarah Palin. Guess what? That means we will continue to discuss Sarah Palin, and any other issue we think is important that relates to all things political. If you don't like it, please....go find someone else to hassle. It's fairly clear who's angry. I mean, good grief, your candidate won and you guys are still acting like a bunch of angry, bitter, blithering misfits.
The MAINSTREAM MEDIA has kept Sarah in the spotlight...that would be why Joe Biden, aka "The Gaffe Machine" is complaining nobody's talking about him! So, get over it Cheryle, we will continue to TALK ABOUT SARAH PALIN ON A SARAH PALIN BLOG. If you don't like it, go back to the land of the misfits and throw your fits there. They aren't welcome here anymore.

Tami said...

I will leave my one comment for Jennifer under this post since it seems to be the place they want to comment for some reason.
Jennifer, you have been trashing me for months now and I have said nothing, primarily because I could care less. You HAVE used profanity, I have saved many of the comments in my word file. I have personally been to your blog 2 times. I do not live in Pompano Beach, by the way. Out of the other couple hundred thousand people that live there, perhaps one person has visited your blog, I don't know. Wasn't me. You and your "writers" have trashed me on other blogs, I have said nothing. I say something ONE time, and you come whining to me telling me to back off. You do an entire pathetic post whining about me saying you used profanity, saying you didn't, while using profanity in the post. Jennifer, if you're gonna dish it out, you gotta have the guts to take it. I stopped publishing your comments on my blog because you had nothing to say, nothing original at least. You did nothing but hurl accusations, and yes, on occasion, you used profanity. I have no time for bitter women like you. I'm sorry you aren't happy, but that isn't my fault or my problem. That you choose to take it out on me is something I fail to understand, but I guess that's my cross to bear. (a little humor there...if you know how to take that) I don't respond to you because I could care less what you think. You are a bully, and I never took too kindly to your kind.
So Jennifer, if you can't take the heat from ONE rather mild post (by the way, with all you've written about me you should be thankful it was mild), then get out of the kitchen. Go find somebody else to pick on, it isn't working with this chic. While you're at it, be original for once.
Now, I've wasted a good 15 minutes of my life that I can never get back responding to you two...
I'm getting on with my life, and I suggest you do the same.

Tami said...


Seriously, are you stupid enough to believe that people are so gullible or so lacking in discernment that they cannot figure out on their own that this is a video that is a few weeks old? That they cannot follow a link? OBVIOUSLY this is not a new video!

You will find your comment where it belongs.