Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Shoe Incident

Earlier this week, as HotAir puts it, Christmas came early for liberals when a shoe was hurled at President Bush on a surprise farewell visit to Iraq. 

What I didn't hear being discussed in the mainstream media, however, was first-how quickly the President dodged that shoe! and second-how gracious he was in spite of the insult. He played it calm, cool and collected and I am pretty sure I know why. 

Here in this country, having a pair of shoes hurled at you would be a pretty mild thing compared to the treatment he and others have received since the beginning of his administration. It's been relentless and ongoing. Who knows what will happen to the ungrateful bastard who threw the shoes, and really, who cares? What goes around comes around, and if our troops are pulled out of there early like the incoming administration intends, he'll be back under a dictator soon enough, and perhaps long for the day when he had the freedom to speak his mind. If those in the media who've been so complimentary of this reporter would move to Iraq, I think most of America wouldn't know they've gone. Good riddance. 


mpc said...

"...having a pair of shoes hurled at you would be a pretty mild thing compared to the treatment [Bush] and others have received since the beginning of his administration. It's been relentless and ongoing."

Kind of like how you've been treating Obama on this blog? It's rather hypocritical of you to complain about the treatment Bush has been given when you're being far less fair to Obama than liberals ever were to Bush.

Cheryle said...

I'm surprised you didn't hear anyone remark on President Bush's agility in dodging the shoes. On both CNN and ABC his quick reflexes were remarked upon. I was, quite frankly, upset that the Secret Service seemed so slow to respond - not until after the second shoe was thrown.

I also - and I'm sorry I don't remember where - heard a commentator remark that he handled the follow-up questions with cool-headedness and aplomb. It was also remarked that, of course, a shoe does not mean to us what it means to those in the Middle East.

I know you and I disagree with how President Bush has been treated. I think he was given a lot of leeway until it became clear that we were lied to about Iraq. And, frankly, Tami, the treatment of President Bush pales in comparison to the treatment of President Clinton throughout his eight years. No special prosecutors have been appointed during the Bush administration and, despite cries from many on the left, no one has moved to impeach him.

PS: I didn't vote for Clinton either time, and he's not a favorite of mine, but fair is fair.

Tami said...

I'd be laughing my rear end off if I thought you were kidding.
Here on this blog we have never advocated the assassination of BHO. We have never put pictures up portraying an animal defecating on BHO's head. Never have we put up pictures of someone putting a gun to his head while advocating the murder of a president. Never have we put up pictures or suggested that he be harmed in any way. Your side has done this and far worse, so get over it already. We point out the truth about BHO here, and if you can't handle it, nobody's forcing you to come read.

Tami said...


Silly me, I was keeping an eye on NBC and MSNBC. I looked for print media coverage and found little. Thanks for pointing out that some of the networks did at least make mention.

In all fairness to the SS...the only way they could have prevented this was that someone would have had to "sense" this was happening. Clearly, no one did, or at least not fast enough. The SS is placed where the President tells them to be placed, and I think it's unfair to assume they didn't do their jobs. Believe me, these guys do an incredible job on a daily basis, and never get the credit they deserve. Just because we didn't get coverage of them diving in front of the shoe doesn't mean they weren't there to act. The president actually waved them off when they did attempt to intervene. (another show of his character and confidence)

I absolutely disagree with your assertion that Bush has somehow been treated fairly or given a pass by the media. Bush didn't lie about WMD. He brought forth the same intelligence that the Democrats, Powell and others did with relation to that. There have been some things uncovered in recent years that point to the fact that there were, indeed, WMD YELLOWCAKE URANIUM, etc), and it's funny how very little was mentioned in the msm. I am of the belief that one day we will know where the bulk of those weapons went, and it was probably Syria. The comparison to Clinton is laughable. Bush didn't treat the Oval Office like a whore house, and if you have never seen the list of things I link to under this post, I encourage you to look at them. The main stream media has all but assassinated the President themselves, and I feel quite certain there are those that would have done that if they could have gotten by with it.

kalynna said...

I particularly liked the small smile on the President's face as he dodged that first shoe. I'm glad he found the humor in it all.

USpace said...

Dubya got a real kick out of this. In Saddam's day this reporter would have been fed to the plastic shredder, after being forced to watch his wife and daughters get gang-raped.
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