Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Collectivist With The Best Chest Competition!

The Drudge Report is running a nifty little survey, eliciting readers to choose between the shirtless Obama and the bare chested Putin. Presumably, there is some comparison between Obama's man-child build and Putin's KGB-hardened physique. But, what is most interesting to me are the continued comparisons between Obama and the world's radical collectivists. I suppose the liberal Obamagastic media can't help itself as it continues to celebrate B. Hussein Obama in the most radical and anti-American terms.  Oh, by-the-way, the photo of BO was staged at his rented 30 million dollar compound in Hawaii. I'm curious, where is the "service and sacrifice" during this economic crisis of (BO's words, not mine) depression era proportions? To all of my fellow Americans who are jobless, how does it feel to see your president elect cavorting extravagantly in the sun and fun? 

One final note. Bone-Head Joe Biden cranked up the gaffe machine on Larry King Live last night and back peddled on Obama's capability to live up to the world's expectations. It seems that the Messiah isn't quite as omnipotent as was once thought. 

Well, scurry on over to Drudge and cast your vote! I did. Apparently, Putin is ahead in the Collectivist With The Best Chest poll. I picked Putin, at least he has the balls to own up to his Marxism. 


Tyler said...

Well, I am just glad to see that your giving Mr.Barack Hussein Obama a chance before he even gets into office (yes Tami, I know how to be sarcastic too.)
What is so surprising to me is that you guys claim to be christians, as am I,but what I don't think that we are being preached the same things about God. My pastor told me that God controls everything, so why did God put Barack Obama in office? Is it possible that he feels Obama is where he wants him to be right now? I am an evangelical christian that was PROUD to vote for Obama, while you guy's may not feel the same way, can't you have some respect for the President-Elect? I would have had respect for McCain if he would have won. You call Obama un-american, but your disrespect for the soon to be president is VERY disrespectful and VERY un-American.

Mel said...

Why am I continually surpised by this stuff!! i may need to go vote. Leave it to the gaffe machine to let us know the facts LOL.

John said...


Think about your statement. Should the founding fathers have thrown off the chains of tyranny? By your logic, was not King George divinely appointed? Should we have resisted Adolph Hitler or the aggression of Stalin and his successors? Following your line of thought, should you get out of the way of a speeding train? If God is in control, in the way you conceive of it, then shouldn't he whisk you out of the path of the oncoming train, if it is your destiny to live?

Really absurd isn't it.

This logic amounts to tempting/testing God, which the Scriptures forbid. In point of fact, your position is not supported by Biblical teaching and is, therefore, not Christian.

Finally, dissent, as free speech, is an inalienable right and forms the core of American political ideals. It is eminently American.

Have a merry Christmas Tyler.

mpc said...

"Finally, dissent, as free speech, is an inalienable right and forms the core of American political ideals. It is eminently American."

For once, I agree with you John! Apparently this cold snap we've been having is more widespread than we thought! =)

John said...

Hey MPC!

I'm glad we can finally agree on something, whew! Have a great new year!