Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Media Malpractice

This is gonna be good. See this link and order your copy today!
**For those of you insisting you've seen this interview, telling me how horrible and "whiny" it is, nice try. The first copy was released earlier this week on the Greta Van Sustern show, and I believe it premiered at CPAC last week. You may have seen clips, but until now, no one has seen the entire interview unless you've gotten your copy lightening fast! Mine's on it's way, so I'll be writing about it soon, but those of you claiming to have seen it online are mistaken. That's not how it's being released. 

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Tami said...

Ummm, not sure what you're talking about. We posted and responded to your last question. Took a few days, but we aren't pros who do nothing but blog. We are a mom and dad who work for a living...I know it's a funny concept.
Not gonna post the last crazy comment you left under this post since it's chock full of lies. I am positive you have NOT seen the video you rant about because it isn't even released yet!!! You ppl like to make up all kinds of stuff and make controversy where there is none and I am not going to be ANY part of it. Post crazy nutjob stuff like that, find another place to spew it. Not gonna happen here. Your messiah or the other criminals in his administration can lie and dodge questions all they want and somehow that makes them tough. Sarah Palin answers the questions and accusations the media never allowed her to answer and she's just accused of being a whiner. Your selective sexism and racism is sickening.

John posted quite an answer, however, to your last comment, so read away and quit making up accusations. It's rather unbecoming.