Wednesday, February 18, 2009

WAKE UP Conservatives!

I've refrained, for the most part, from commenting much on the stimulus here other than asking you to call your respective Congressmen and Senators and voice your opinions.  I haven't said much because, frankly, I'm mad as hell and there isn't space enough on this blog to express all that I would like to say. The President who now inhabits 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, in his first three weeks in office, has managed to practically (as promised) destroyed capitalism. In an administration that ran on "hope" and "change", an administration that promised a "new transparency" in government cannot even manage to appoint a cabinet that isn't a former Clinton administration official, or one that isn't a criminal. To me, this speaks volumes about Obama's character--he is incapable of caring or perhaps even being able to see that these criminals he has nominated to hold cabinet positions are just that! Criminals! Liberals, do not DARE comment here saying that isn't true. You try not paying hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxes....or even hundreds of dollars in taxes...and see what happens. I can assure you, you will not be nominated or elected to office of a cabinet position unless you have Chicago or radical liberal left connections. You will end up owing enormous fines, and likely, doing jail time depending on the circumstances. If you are a connected Democrat, you get a free "get out of jail" pass. You are above the law. As for the Clinton holdovers...who cares, except that it is hardly "change we can believe in".

Obama and the Democrats sound like a bunch of kindergartners these last few weeks: "Hey! We won! Ninny-ninny boo-boo! We can do whatever we want!" And Republicans, guess what? They did, and they can, even if it means that most Americans don't want whatever they are trying to push through. There's one thing, however, they seem to have forgotten: we do still have the freedom to voice our opinions. DO NOT FORGET THAT. I was in a Barnes and Noble just after the election here in my home state of Florida. I was purchasing one of the latest books written about Sarah Palin. I wasn't wearing all kinds of Sarah Palin paraphernalia or speaking loudly and obnoxiously about how horrible Obama is (and I assure you I have encountered MANY Obama supporters who have done quite the opposite)...I was simply standing in line waiting my turn, leafing through my book. When I walked to the counter, the sales lady began to loudly huff and puff about how stupid Sarah is and what an idiot she is and how she couldn't believe I would buy such a book. (something tells me had I been buying a Bible she'd have had the same reaction) I looked at her and I said "are you joking?" She then told me emphatically (and quite loudly) how she was NOT joking, and proceeded to insult Sarah, and me for voting for McCain Palin, even though I hadn't said a word to this point. My young daughter was with me, witnessing this scene. I did answer her, kept my voice even (though I wanted very much to reach over the counter and teach her a lesson), took my purchase and walked out of the store with my head held high--listening as she badmouthed me and my vote as I exited the store.  I stopped, pulled my receipt out of the bag, my cell phone from my purse, and called her manager before I left the property. He was extremely kind and incredibly apologetic. I suspect, as an immigrant, he very much appreciates the freedoms we enjoy and knows what is means to live without those freedoms. I have never once seen that woman again in that store, and I have to say I hope she got fired. My daughter later asked, "Mom, why are they allowed to act like that and you can't even buy a book about Sarah?" What arrogance! We live in a free country where we are afforded the opportunities to make choices about all kinds of things in our lives. I may disagree strongly with your political views, or perhaps the way you choose to live your life, but I can assure you that I believe that you have the same rights that I do to make those choices. I have heard multiple stories of people experiencing similar situations as mine, or worse. One thing conservative Republicans need to learn: WE DO HAVE RIGHTS, and we very much need to exercise them. Our tendency has been to lay low, not be obnoxious or overbearing. We simply live our lives, stand by our principles and mind our own business. The time has come to do more. We must fight for what we believe in, because folks, our country is no longer recognizable. Those idiots who commented here, even as recent as a few weeks ago, saying we were dead wrong when talking about socialism and marxism--we were right. Those idiots who have come here and left scathing comments telling us how wrong we were on so many points with regard to how Obama would govern--insisting he would be a moderate--you were dead wrong. Conservatives...Republicans...wake up. The time to start acting has long since passed. 


reland1 said...

I thinks we ought to continue to "smile real big" at all Dems and "pat them on the back"! The NAACP and the ACLU, says "it really CREEPS them out"! They even issued a press release asking "white" America to quit "smiling" at African Americans!


Mike said...

Amen. Time to stop whining and start fighting.

heather said...

Oh, man. Tami, I know you will probably not publish this, but:

The article about African-American's wanting white Americans to stop smiling at them comes from a parody newspaper called the Onion. It's a all a JOKE. Read the and you will find satire.
Like this 'article" about members of the senate being sent home with head lice:

Hey, Reland1, you should get some critical reading skills and a sense of humor.

third rock from the sun said...


Campaigning season ended back in November of 08. We already know that you are good with your tongue deceiving people... Now get to work! I know, that would be something new for you...but at least read the bills you sign. Or are you too busy reading Harry Potter with Sasha? Hey, I'm all for you wanting to spend time with your girls, but because you are careless with tax payer's dollars, we will have to spend less time with our kids to support your campaigning and spending habit.

Four more years of that's change.

BHusseino complained to a class of second graders how lonely it is at the White House, but, seriously. Air Force One was not meant to be your office. Maybe you can't get into the Oval Office....someone show BHusseino how to get into the Oval Office through the door. Maybe that's why he didn't sign the bill in the Oval Office, he doesn't know how to get in. (That's a pun, anonymous..I'm sure you saw him trying to get in through the window because he thought it was the door)

Why did BHusseino have to push this bill through and then take 4 days to sign it? Couldn't those four days have been spent by being creative and bi-partisan. Stimulate more than spend by swiping the WTP (We The People) credit card? He justifies traveling in Air Force One by saying he is going to go straight to the American people to sell his ideas. Dude..what do you think we have representatives for? That's why they have offices in their state and an office right next to you, BHusseino. It would be prudent (please be an example) to meet with them in Washington. The Americans can't vote now unless it's through their representative. But, I have a feeling, the vote BHusseino is concerned with is the vote for 2020 and 2012...not to sell any stimulus or housing bill.

It is said that $225,000.00 is now being spent to create ONE job.

Maybe BHusseino thinks he IS Harry Potter...waving a wand and pulling rabbits out of hats and pulling quarters out from behind his ear (with ears like his, he could probably use a fifty cent piece). Which is what I think he is using.

Tami said...
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Tami said...
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Tami said...

Heather, and others: ENOUGH of the "you probably won't publish this, BUT...." already. If you guys want to have a discussion, and can be civil about it, I will probably publish it--though I'm making no promises. I have been MORE than fair to you libs, so stop the pity party already. You may get published, or you may not...but I have been MORE than generous with what I have published from you guys!

While I'm at it, let me point out that it is RARE that any of you libs ever come here with anything of substance to say. All you can do is hurl insults, point out grammar errors, etc. How about discussing ideas??? Are you capable? I'm thinking not. I have yet to see it.

reland1 said...

Well Heather, oops! ( Tami I know you will probably not publish this, but) are absolutely right, I need some critical reading skills and a sense of humor. Thank you for your sage advice. However, I have encountered the same reaction from African Americans. Also the Liberal sneering is quite pervasive, but with my new found sense of humor, I find it funny as hell.

Postergirl said...

I would be interested to hear what you, Tami (or even John), think SHOULD be done to help the economy. I haven't been reading up on politics as much as I did in the weeks leading up to the election, so I don't know what Republicans such as yourself suggest in place of spending lots of money on infrastructure, etc. So, if Sarah Palin were president right now, in 2009, what would you like to see her administration do to stimulate the economy, halt the slide, help the middle class, etc. etc.? In this scenario, visualize your ideal administration, Senate and House.

I don't know that Obama is doing everything right, that he hasn't asked for way too much money - only time will tell. I do think that he's right in copying some of the New Deal practices. So what DO Republicans think would be the best route to get us (and the world economy) back on track?


heather said...


That seems strange that you would have encountered that. I live in a dense urban area and my neighborhood is predominately African-American and I've gotten no impression like that. It seems like you might be defensive if you're concerened about liberal sneering and supposed African-American reactions to you.

One thing that Tami has never done in her blog is race-baiting, and it's kind of upsetting to see someone do it in her comments section.

Mel said...

I agree but then you already knew that..keep speaking up and out!!!

John said...


Thank you for your thoughtful question. One fundamental difference between capitalist thought and socialist ideology lies in what economic unit produces desirable economic activity. The capitalist asserts that the producer must be stimulated, that those who achieve should enjoy the fruits of their labor. The socialist model, that espoused by the Democrat Party and by King Obama, asserts that the consumer must be stimulated, that achievement must be lowered to a common denominator, that money (power) must flow from those who have (the possessors of ability, achievement) to those who need (the consumer, the idle, the grey masses who wait in dependence.) This state of affairs is most desirable for the authoritarian, the autocrat. A fawning, impotent class of serfs is perfect for the maintenance of power in a centralized authority. Hence, Obozo and the Democratic Party seek a permanent mass of serfs who depend on government to provide. It is evident that this tactic is working. Who does America look to in this alleged time of crisis? To the captains of industry? To men of great vision and innovation? No, the fawning class seeks resolution from the Federal Government, from the loathsome figure of King Obama and his court of aristocrats. It is sickening. Whether people want to admit it or not, these are the two diametrically opposed philosophies which are now at war with each other. And, this is why true conservatives have nothing in common with moderates or liberals. This is why there can be no compromise. The issues at steak today are not just matters of opinion but are the essential units of philosophy that make us a free people. Relatively few understand this today. Therefore, most do not understand the resolute stubbornness of conservatives.

In any case, I would propose that the capital gains tax be suspended. Money would pour back into the stock market, dramatically raising the value of 401K's and providing liquidity to businesses. I would suspend the income tax, providing households with the power to choose where to invest their money or to spend it as they please. I would allow the proper regulatory authorities to finally reign in Fanny Mae and Freddie Mac (as the Bush administration tried to do.) But aside from essential regulatory functions, I would get the Federal Government out of the American entrepreneurs' way and let them work their magic. Oh, and I'd drill in Alaska and anywhere else where it would benefit Americans. Oh, for just one day when I could be King B. Hussein Obama.

King Hussein Obama's mad spending is devaluing the dollar, amassing mind-boggling amounts of debt, and will drive the economy into depression. FDR deepened and lengthened the depression. WWII, essentially, saved our economy. FDR was a damn fool. Obama follows in his ignominious footsteps. Check out The Forgotten Man, by Amity Shlaes, for a good history on the Great Depression. The Democrats did indeed inherit a deficit, a deficit they voted for. Their only regret, during the Bush administration, was that the spending was not profligate. That street gangster thug Obama has spent more money than all the money spent during WWI, WW2, and Vietnam COMBINED! There is no excuse for this. There is no equivocation possible on this point! Obama's actions are morally reprehensible and will require the industry of generations to repair. If you care to cast aspersions on Bush, King Obozo has thrown away more money than Bush spent on Afghanistan and Iraq combined! What colossal hypocrisy! What a naked power lust and Marxist zeal! I cannot fathom how anyone who voted for this Obama or who calls himself a Democrat cannot but help to hang his head in shame and disgrace. Last evening, the Liar-In-Chief had the gall to claim that there is no pork in the spending bill! There are over 8,000 documented instances of pork barrel spending, including 200k for tattoo removal, 6 Billion for a maglift train to no where! And, it goes on and on and on. You suckers. You ignorant buffoons. You've all been punked! The stock market plunges and I'm laughing my butt off! You're out of work! I told you so! You're getting just what you asked for. You're messiah is leading you into the wilderness and you follow ignorantly and meekly, trusting in the man child and wondering why you have nothing to eat and nothing to drink. You will wear chains of your own forging. Your socialist utopia will, as it always does, crumble around you when you run out of other people's money to spend. On that day, I will mock you liberals and laugh you to scorn.

The power to tax is the power to destroy. It is just that simple. Relieving the tax burden fosters prosperity for all social classes. Deficit spending leads only to economic bondage, as any victim of socialism can tell you. Obama is merely keeping one campaign promise: to spread the wealth around. Most aren't smart enough to see that what he means is reducing everyone to the lowest common denominator. That is socialism. In that environment, nobody wins and everyone is a looser. The malaise of "fairness" will spread as the achievers find it undesirable to achieve. There will come a point when "Atlas Shrugs" under the weight of the impotent. Then, America will see Obozo and his court of aristocrats for what they really are: small, grey creatures who only lust for power.