Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Melt The Phones, Republicans!

Follow this link to find your Senator and then please call or email him or her, and encourage them to vote "NO" on the "stimulus"...then, pass the word to everyone you know!


comradi0 said...

Block it. Stand on you're principals. If it all goes sour, you're "movement" will be done. It's a small price to pay to avoid the civil war that un-elected leaders of the social conservative movement have been playing with as of late.

I read ALL opinions, I know history, and I can read between the lines. The tone out there is getting dangerous from the right.

Tami said...

really, COMRAD? How about you check out what your party has been doing for the last eight years, and then stew on that awhile. We're simply exercising our right, AS DID the radical left for the entire Bush presidency, to disagree with the current administration. The fact that your side of the aisle thinks that is something I am not free to do speaks VOLUMES about who you really are.

third rock from the sun said...

"The higher they rise, the harder they fall'

The world doesn't slow down to let presidents learn. The world moves at a very fast pace when you're in the White House. Which goes back to the fact that BHusseino is inexperienced. The only reason he won is because he spoke with the "I Have a Dream" theatrical speeches.

Ron Reagan had to deal with a recession that was deeper than the one we are in right now, but since Ronald Reagan had eight years experience as a WORKING governor, he did his learning at a state level. He had a disciplined, calm, optimistic, steady approach to the problem at hand. Even 13 days after he was shot, he appeared strong and steady to the American people.

BHusseino bragged that he flew into the lavish resort on Air Force One, yesterday and gave another 'fear monger' speech. He shows no inward strength...only arm strength with his democratic candy store employees who are stealing candy on their shift. He is showing anger and impatience, which is expected from inexperience.

One of the arguments of the American people is that the proposed bill is a spending bill and not a stimulus bill and BHusseino arrogantly replies, "What do ya think a stimulus is...(laughter and clapping among the dems), that's the whole point...(more belly laughing from the dems), no seriously..(as BHusseino smirks), that's the point!" So he admits right there that it is NOT going to stimulate the economy right now, which is what we need. It is a bill that is going to SPEND more than we have spent on the Iraq and the Afghanistan war the past seven years.

BHusseino is threatening the American people when he 'fear mongers' with words like grave and immediate consequences to the economy if this isn't passed soon. Well, if they were so grave, why isn't he calling bi-partisan leadership meetings in the White House to work out the details instead of making partisan speeches to a partisan audience and attacking the people whose votes he's going to need at a lavish resort. It may be grave, but it doesn't excuse trying to RAM through a 920 billion 'spending' bill, unthinkingly.

We expect our Representatives and Senators to try and make the bill work.

On a final note, BHusseino continues his downfall with hiring a bozo who didn't pay his taxes for 4 (four) (that's 1, 2, 3, 4) years. If we don't pay our taxes, it's called tax evasion. If government officials don't pay their, it's called an HONEST MISTAKE!

third rock from the sun said...

...can I add to my last comment? I have to mention that the government official that didn't pay his taxes for 4 years in now the head of the IRS.

Way to go...BHusseino.

I never thought about the concept of hiring someone who doesn't pay his own taxes to actually govern over the American tax payer. Now that is a CHANGE, and BHusseino HOPEs we won't notice.

Maybe if the dems would actually pay their taxes, they wouldn't be so eager to raise them.

comradi0 said...

The fact that you believe the lines of un-elected leaders that what you're doing is just letting your voices be heard is what is shocking.

Is that what all this is though, revenge because you're guy turned the whole word against not only him but the US as a whole, so now it's payback time? It seems to be the regular justification.

The left were "evil people"(your words in past posts)for questioning the policies of the social conservatives that have brought our country to this brink but you're just exercising your patriotic duty to obstruct anything and everything before anything has even been done?

"Oh but who was in charge of congress the last two years?" is the usual reply after the fact is stated that your ideas, policies, and actions got us into this mess. Yes, the dems had a majority, but a majority and a VOTING majority are two different things and when you republicans were filibustering more in this session than in any other time in US history and Bush was vetoing everything that came across his desk, its pretty east to figure out why nothing got done.

A minority of the republican party are obstructing our democracy. 68 filibusters in one session?! That's stopping a vote on something that WOULD pass if voted on(and without a VOTING majority, being able to pass means republicans supported it too, just not the extremist conservative sect). That is a subversion of our democracy. Your throwing a wrench in the spokes of the way things work in this country. Purposefully stopping things that would pass, then you LIE and say the dems did nothing. Now, you can't handle the fact that you guys lost. The people, in an even and fair contest(no supremem court required), voted for something other than your ideas.

That's called democracy. Dissent is fine. Anger is fine. But there is a fine line between disagreement and obstruction of our way of life. Between being upset people who lost and dont want their voices just drowned out and toying with the ideas of civil war.

And civil war is what your un-elected leaders(who collect paychecks from all you listeners for selling products at peak listening times, by the way)who's main concern is audience size, not the consequences, are putting out there.

I say this, if it does happen, you're side will be firing the first shot, you will regret it, and you'll suddenly realize you're not as big and powerful a movement as you're un-elected leaders want you to believe. And rush won't be on the frontlines with you, neither will glen beck, or hannity. All they want a ratings, Rowling people up is an easy ticket. Its the consequences....

I'd watch it and consider the ramifications. But, its not as if you'd listen to me, I'm not speaking to you from inside you're narrow world-view.

I admit, I had hope, it fades with every passing day. But I'm prepared for what comes after hope dies.

You're side only knows what showmen tell them. Block the package. Filibuster the thing. The collapse will happen either way, I'd prefer it be on your head.

BTW, MY party is NOT them democratic party. I'm a minority like yourself. But I AM the one you'll find on the other side of the frontline, and I know the TRUTH about why I'd be there.

comradi0 said...

You have a right to speak you're mind and dissent, it's the obstruction and subversion of our democracy that you lack the right to do.

Filibusters, vetoes, and charges of socialism are all you guys got. You're side has block every attempt at anything in this congress and where they failed Bush pulled out his veto pen. The people voted, you're obstructing the rights of the American people to the government that freely and fairly elected. THAT'S un-American.

Tami said...


You bore me with your nonsense, and I'm tired of arguing with fools, lest I become one myself...so I will just say this. You on the left want "open and honest debate, tolerance", and all the rest as long as it falls on the side that agrees with you. Anything in opposition to your opinion, you can't handle. That's just the fact, and it's why now your President is whining and crying about the Republicans not supporting the spending bill that does virtually nothing but line the pockets of those he owes for getting him into office.

By the way, in reference to your last statement, don't forget the half of the American people DID NOT vote for this socialist, and they do NOT agree with this stimulus.

Anonymous said...

Here's the question? How do we stop anything?

My two Senators - Wicker and Cochran - vote against it...so now you know there will be some p'od Democrats in my State about that. But truth be told, Republicans outnumber Democrats here.

So what about these other states that keep voting in Collins and Snowe and Spector. PA has tried time and time again to vote out Spector, doesn't seem to work.

So what now! What now?! We light a fire under the arse of our State GOP members to find the good candidates of true conservative value.

This is a call to arms! THIS IS A CALL TO ARMS!!!

Tami said...


I couldn't agree more. Perhaps Republicans/Conservatives will wake up and realize that our country is in trouble...BIG trouble...with this socialist at the helm. BUT, actions have consequences, and unfortunately for us, Americans will get just what they deserve these next four years and then, as always, we'll have to go in and spend years attempting to clean up the mess.

JCBowlin said...

I sent the e-mail to Sen. Kennedy. He wrote back and said he is voting YES anyway. There you have it.

OK. I'm all for stimulating the economy. The problem is how do we do it? It looks like both sides agree that the Treasury Dept. needs to inject hundreds of billions of dollars into the economy to stop the bleeding and create new jobs. The differences come in when you ask 'who' should be the recipient of the cash and how long should it take for the money to hit the system. When you take a hard look at the bill and separate what will immediately help the American people from the 'wish list of pet project spending' that politicians want to bring home to their districts, you find that there really are billions of dollars of our tax money going to districts that does not have one iota to do with stimulating the economy. That part of the bill is what has Conservatives up in arms.

It looks to me like the Left wants to increase their lock on power by railroading this bill through Congress and bring home the bacon to their districts so in 2010 they can say brag about what they did for their constituents rather than what they did for the US economy, in a bid to get votes and stay in power.

Someone mentioned that the tone on the right is getting dangerous. I think it is much more dangerous to play politics with tax payer money in ways that does not help Americans help themselves, but makes Americans dependent on their government for handouts. That is by definition: Socialism.

In the mad dash to grab a piece of the Stimulus pie, like hyenas ripping at the carcass of the zebra, the Dem's forgot an important fact. That 59,934,814 people voted against Barack Obama's Change agenda and the extra 10 million votes Obama did get, were mainly in states where economies had already spiraled out of control. This demonstrates that when people are desperate, a slick politician can come along and make promises of a grandiose world and get voted into office. That's how Europe got in so much trouble in the early 20th century.

The bottom line is that the middle class and the small business owner are the engines that drive the US economy and this is where the stimulus money should concentrate. Give a guy a job for a few years building a bridge does help our infrastructure. But after the bridge is built the guy is unemployed again without creating a product or service that can be taxed by the government. History has shown that public works projects do not stimulate growth over the long term. That must take place in the private sector.

Oh, I find it humorous that some on the Left confuse this economic issue with the social issues they hold so dear, and rail against Conservatives at a frightening frequency with a hateful and sometimes even dangerous tone.

third rock from the sun said...

I really can't believe I am actually hearing BHusseino say that by doing nothing is worse than doing the wrong thing.

I can think of a 1 billion things we could do tomorrow that would stimulate the economy, can't you? Why must it be so hard for a politician! Why can't we turn our affairs over to the Trump, Forbes, Gates and Buffet and let them brainstorm at a resort for a day. Can you only imagine how they would turn something out of nothing.

I also like how BHusseino thinks that he can bypass the representatives and senators and go straight to the American people by means of airtime. Who does he think voted in those representatives and senators? I am sure he would absolutely love to run this country by himself. He put down his own vice president, Biden, the other day at the White House press conference. Atleast we agree on something.

Did you see HBusseino campaigning to a class of 2nd graders the other day? He was talking to Matt Laueer, bragging about his blackberry. Now he thinks he is 007.

He is so in love with himself and has anyone noticed how much he loves to hear himself talk. Blah...Blah....Blah

For the first time in my adult life, I am not proud to be an American with BHusseino as president.

Cheryle said...

Well, 3rd Rock, you're not proud to be an American, so those of us who are proud after eight years of a disaster named Bush/Cheney would like to say this: Don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.

Yeah, Tami, I know. You won't publish this because I've been banned for life. But you still know I wrote it and how I feel. Too bad 3rd Rock and her cute little "Bhusseino" won't publish her contact information. It would save you the trouble. But she's not smart enough to have a real conversation with me -- and she knows it. Typical of your supporters.

third rock from the sun said...

Curiosity killed the cat, Cheryl. You will never get personal information from me, because liberal socialist democrats can't carry on a conversation without attacking people with different opinions, personally.

I don't troll the internet for friends and acceptance like you do.

And by the way, the waaaahhhhhmbulance is on it's way to pick you up, because your "Yes, we can" attitude has changed to "No, we can't, because......(and the list is long).

On a lighter note...I can't tell who is president...BHusseino or Abraham Lincoln.