Friday, February 13, 2009

Palin's Go On The Record **UPDATED

You can see the Bristol Palin/Greta interview at this link

See Grandma Sarah and baby Tripp at this link

Sarah interview at the snow machine races can be seen at this link


We've had some commenter's, who always like to come here and only point out those "gotcha" moments of conservatives in the MSM, who are saying "AHA!! Bristol said abstinence is not realistic, so what do you have to say about THAT?" Well, I do have an answer. Two, in fact. First, whether Bristol, or the Pope himself, said abstinence isn't realistic, I would still say ABSTINENCE WORKS EVERY SINGLE TIME IT IS TRIED! A person putting themselves in a situation to have sex outside of marriage simply needs to remember that keeping her legs together or keeping it in his pants is the best way to prevent pregnancy! That's just a fact! It's a little thing called personal responsibility, something fewer and fewer people seem to know anything about these days. We've passed laws against murder, but that doesn't deter some people from committing murder. Because some people still commit murder, does that mean that we are wrong to discourage others from doing the same? NO! The same logic applies in both cases. Secondly, I watched the entire interview, aired two nights. If you heard the interview in its entire context, Bristol was saying that it isn't realistic that every teenager is going to abstain from sex...not in this day and age. The context (something I know you liberals known are incapable of utilizing) in which Bristol was speaking on this subject was directly related to the subject of "okay, I'm pregnant, what now?" I still stand by my comments earlier this year. Bristol is to be commended for taking the tough road, though unpopular in today's world, and choosing LIFE. Many take the cowardly route and kill the unborn child to cover up their mistakes or to erase the mistake as if it never happened. Now, Bristol seems to have been forced to grow up very quickly, face life, finish school, and be a mommy. She is very blessed to have a family who has pitched in to help her during this time: that's what strong families do. So, what do I think of her statement? I think I heard exactly what she said, and in the context in which she said it, I agree with her. It's a sad fact: teens have been duped into believing murder is a better choice than abstaining from sex. The sad fact is, they will pay dearly, mentally and physically, for the rest of their lives for the choices they have made. Abstinence is ALWAYS the best choice. Wait for marriage, kids. You'll be SO glad you did. 


Andy B said...

I'm wondering if Moms 4 Sarah Palin have read this.

Headlined, "Exclusive interview reveals: Palin’s church fire was attempted murder by a professional"

Marfa said...

That's so late...10pm. I'll try to make it! I'd love to see their family...especially on a President's Day, a day where I am trying to remember those who have done America good and not feel dismayed about the poor choices that were made recently.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

You have a fine blog here.

You would not believe how hostile to media were to Sarah Palin over here in Britain, where Obama was seen as a saviour.

The man was elected because of the colour of his skin, not his ability.