Friday, February 13, 2009

Are YOU Proud To Be An American?

Comments are left here often by recently as this morning...suggesting that conservatives are no longer proud of our country, and that they, liberal Democrats, can finally be proud of America now that Obama is in office. 

I felt the need to write about it here, because I see this as one of the fundamental differences between liberals and conservatives. We all heard the now infamous comment by then wife of the Democrat Presidential nominee, now first lady Michelle Obama: "for the first time in my adult life I am proud of my country because it feels like hope is finally making a comeback." I find it incredibly pathetic that one would base her pride in her country on whether or not a Democrat or Republican is in the White House.

So, just for the record: because we have a socialist in the White House doesn't mean I, a conservative Republican, am no longer proud of my country. Embarrassed by the lack of leadership we now have in the White House? Yes. Sorry that we now appear weak to the entire world? Yes. Proud to have been born in the greatest country on earth? You bet I am! No matter WHO occupies 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, I am still in awe of this great nation and all that she stands for. My pride in my country is not based on a "single snapshot in history", but rather on her nearly 233 years of rich and amazing history. I could list for you countless reasons as to why I am PROUD to be an American...the list is endless...but I'd like to hear from you, the reader! Why are YOU proud to be an American? Click on the comment icon below and share with us why it is that you are thankful, and PROUD, to have the great privilege of being an American. 

**By the way, if you're a liberal, and you plan to leave the usual snarky comments, which I am already getting, know that your comments will be posted in their rightful place, at this location, and not under this post


Mel said...

Wow there are numerous reasons I am proud to be an American, among these is my freedom to choose how I will live my life. I have the liberty to make mistakes. I have the right to state my beliefs freely without fear of being jailed. My rights and liberties are protected by the most amazing all volunteer military in the world. Those are just a few of my reasons.

Lori D from CA said...

I am proud and will always be proud of my country. For the first time in my life, however, I am afraid for my country. Because of the misguided ideology of the left we are in danger of destroying everything that this country stands for and has fought for...DEMOCRACY. I thought electing our leaders was based on character and honor. Now thanks to the mainstream media we are reduced to conducting our elections like the swimsuit competition for Miss America. We all need to hit our knees and pray that our country survives the next 4 years and we can bring our country back to the values and ideals that made our country great.

reland1 said...

I am absolutely proud to be an American! I have the Freedom to say what I want, when I want, and where I want. I have the Freedom to meet with whomever I want, whenever I want. I have the Freedom to worship as I please, wherever I please. I have the Freedom to cross this great country any time I want. I have many brave men and women who lay down their lives on a daily basis to defend my right to be who I am, and say what I want. AND I HAVE THE FREEDOM TO DEFEND MY FAMILY AND MY HOME, WITH THE SAME FORCE THAT MAY BE USED AGAINST ME. I AM PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN.

Ileana said...

I am very proud and have ALWAYS been to be an American. Now, I might now be very proud at this present moment at some of my fellow Americans, but that's besides the point. This nation is by far, the best nation and strongest nation today. We have freedom some countries would kill for and we take it for granted sometimes because we are afraid to be the minority speaking up against the majority. This country is and will always be great in my opinion.

Tyler said...

I have always been proud to be an American, I didn't always agree with Bush, or Clinton, but I have always been a proud American, I was especially proud to be an American this year because the candidate that I wanted to win won. Conservatives have actually said they weren't proud to be American's anymore, actually it was on this site. Here's the quote

"He is so in love with himself and has anyone noticed how much he loves to hear himself talk. Blah...Blah....Blah

For the first time in my adult life, I am not proud to be an American with BHusseino as president."-Third Rock.

That was said on the Republicans Melt the Phones post. I know you probably won't quote it here though, because that would actually be hypocritical on your part.

Ken Watkins said...

I was privilidged to serve America in a foreign country. I Visited some others. When I returned home I could have kissed every rock and tree. The greatest gift America gave me is the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. She gave me a home, family, friends, a job, and freedom to worship as I see fit. America gave me the knowldge that freedom comes through the God that our founding fathers passed on to us. America gave me secure borders growing up. Protected the freedoms we so cherish by sending many great men into combat. America stood for the Bible, morality and decency. Stood for truth. Refused to compromise. I am proud to be called American and I vow to pray until America returns to those Godly principles that I and others grew up under. I will work, sweat, pray and trust until everyone knows what true freedom really is all about. So help me God!

Tami said...

The brain cells must be lacking, as usual. Third Rock may have said that, and she's very much entitled to her opinion in this FREE country of ours. (did you know that as conservatives we ARE allowed to have an opinion? Just checking, because most of your party does not) But Third Rock is not a writer on this blog, she is one of our faithful readers/commenters, and I am thankful for her. So, saying I or the other writers on this blog are hypocritical because a COMMENTER said this, is nonsense, as usual.

Jensmere said...

Having lived in eight foreign countries, and on three different continents, I can agree with Ken Watkins. Every time we landed on US soil, I felt like falling to the tarmac and kissing the ground! I am PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN!
I am grieving for my country as I see her headed down a dangerous path of socialism. We are a democratic republic and I hope that as people pray and stand up to protect our constitution we can remain the greatest country on earth!

third rock from the sun said...

I thought the input of the previous readers were touching. I agree, with all of the reasons why we as American would and should be proud to be citizens (citizens is still a word isn't it?).


One person states that she has the right to state her beliefs freely without fear of being jailed. I know a 22 year old female who was afraid to wear her McCain/Palin button or admit at a club that she was for McCain/Palin in New York. Jail actually would have been a safer place for her compared to the treatment she feared she would receive on the streets if she didn't shout Obama and gaze in awe at The One. She remained silent...for her safety. Her button hidden.

Another person stated that our elections are like the Miss America pageant. True, however, you can't buy votes with foreign money in the Miss America pageant like BHusseino did.

For the person who feels freedom to protect his family and home is why he is proud...not so fast...An Arizona American citizen was protecting his land against illegal aliens and the aliens got a lawyer and sued him.

Atleast my comment stirred something within, and produced some action. Action is the only thing that will cause us to reclaim America. The America that we have all grown to know and love. Oh and proud of.

History buffs, correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't that why this country was founded in the first place?.....because our forefathers (BHusseino refers to them as founders) were tired of taxation without representation. Greed. I guess the more things change, the more they stay the same.

So to remain relevant and be pun about Michele Obama was understood by Tami...

I really am proud to be an American, but the definition of America is changing.

'false HOPE' and 'pocket CHANGE'. That is the new America, folks. Just make sure you are doing all you can to preserve it, because I assure you, the new administration is doing all it can do to destroy it.

Justin M said...

There is no more powerful motivation for my national pride than the existence of this very blog. Don't misunderstand....I am not a fan. I disagree with almost every single word I read here. I find the arguments lazy and logically tenuous at best, suggesting little if any insight into even the most basic questions. I find the moderator's attitude to be at once haughty and naive. I sincerely hope that the supporters of this site and others like it will soon become an anecdote, lost to history, as opponents to progress inevitably do. However, because of the wisdom and foresight of the founders of this country, I can do nothing to silence these opinions with which I disagree so fiercely. No matter my political clout or connection, no government official has the right to remove "Moms 4 Palin" from the public sphere. And this, in turn, guarantees my right to say the things I've said without fear of government interference or recrimination. A truly ingenious, unbelievably brave, and absolutely necessary ingredient for America's unprecedented success.

sandra said...

Lately I have been travelling around the US. I am so proud that we continue to have diversity in life styles, thoughts, and dreams. We certainly have stumbled a lot during our history, but somehow we manage to pick ourselves up and continue.

I am so glad that my grandchildren have been born here and will continue to keep our culture and our government alive. I hope we will save some of the natural beauty and resources for them.

Thank you for providing this forum and reminding us of what we have to be thankful for.

sandra in oregon

comradi0 said...

I'm grateful that I was lucky enough to be born in the country I was born in, America. I'm thankful our county and constitution were crafted in such a way that it has been able to continually adapt and correct itself. Even in the face of rebellion and seccession, civil rights conflicts(all of them, it was never just the sixties), assassinations, and multiple bouts of god-awful leadership. It truly is amazing and impressive that we as a people have come(or made it)as far as we have. In no other place on earth do you actually have many of the opportunities we have here, everywhere. Its something to be thankful for being lucky enough to experience. We should not though, stand by and just admire it. It should be preserved and bettered. Its America's history. I daresay, it's our role. I'm proud to have the opportunity to be a part of that in this historic time. We truly are the hinge that history will rest upon.

But seriously, nationalism is a bad thing. It's history is another thing all together but I'm sure you can read about all that just as well as I...

I'm LUCKY to be an American. I'm PROUD of our capabilities. I'm not ashamed to admit there are things about our country and its history and trajectory that I'm NOT proud of though. America is not infallible.

So watch the Nationalism, please. There really IS a line.

Tami said...

Justin M

You and I can agree on one thing. You're right, I do have the freedom to express my opinion, and those in my family and circle of friends have fought and died for my freedom and for yours. Where you are sadly mistaken is that there are those in government that very much intend to silence those who share my opinion, and there are those who have done all they can to shut this blog down. I disagree with you with every ounce of my being, but I would never try to silence you or others like you who believe so fiercely that I need to be silenced that they would threaten the lives of my family and other readers who comment here. You see, the beauty of freedom is that you and I are free to express our opinions, yet many, if not most, on the left believe that I do not have a right to express my particular opinion. We are quickly heading in a much different direction, and this America we all cherish so deeply will soon be unrecognizable.

Tami said...

p.s. Third Rock,
yes, I did get that pun. :-) thought it was a good one.

Anonymous said...

I feel that Tyler has illustrated a point and would truly like to hear your opinion.

Below is your quote (with Mrs. Obama's nested quote):
"We all heard the now infamous comment by then wife of the Democrat Presidential nominee, now first lady Michelle Obama: "for the first time in my adult life I am proud of my country because it feels like hope is finally making a comeback." I find it incredibly pathetic that one would base her pride in her country on whether or not a Democrat or Republican is in the White House."

Now here's Third Rock's quote:
"For the first time in my adult life, I am not proud to be an American with BHusseino as president."

I went back and read Third Rock's remarks in full context. In my opinion, her explanation that it was intended to be a pun is nonsense.

For the record,I have NO problem with either woman expressing a lack of pride in their country; I think many people feel that way at one time or another.

Here's my dilemma:
Based on your quotes above, it clearly bothers you when Michelle Obama expressed her lack of pride of being an American; you have an entire post based on the subject. But it doesn't seem to bother you when Third Rock states exactly the same thing.

Is it because (and I quote you again) Third Rock "is one of our faithful readers/commenters, and I am thankful for her"? Or is there another reason I may have missed.

I truly am curious.

Tami said...


Why be anonymous? I'm always curious. No matter what site I go on, if I am going to express an opinion, I certainly am going to have the guts to say my name or at least in some way identify myself. JUST my opinion, you are free to be 'anonymous' if you wish.

I AM bothered by what Michelle O continues to say and what she has most blatantly asserted in her thesis that most have not read. She is a racist, there is no doubt in my mind about that. She makes constant comments letting America know she is or has been ashamed to be an American--her value of America is based on her blackness and it's association to everything, make no mistake about that. I would ask her, if given the chance, WHY she stayed here? There are many countries who very much share her opinion, and I am sure they would welcome her with wide open arms!

I am assuming that you have read very little of what Third Rock has said previously in the comment sections on this blog, but there are MANY comments written by her, and she has made many a pun with regard to this subject and others. I do not know her personally, have no idea who she is, but I do know that she is a proud American who has concerns over the current situation we now find ourselves in--and I get her humor or "puns". To compare her to the current woman who occupies the white house is insulting, at best.

So that's your answer. I do not make it a habit to answer all comments left here, or I'd never have time to do much else...but wanted to give you your answer since you asked respectfully.

lonestar said...

Well said. I was raised in a military family and have always been proud to be an American. We are blessed with freedom and liberty, our Constitution is an inspired document, and although we may be far from perfect, we strive to be the best that we can be. When we stumble, we get back up and keep pressing forward.

What makes this country great is what we believe and the principles we stand for. Not only do we believe in freedom for Americans, but we try to promote liberty around the world. Many Americans have willingly given their lives to defend the freedom of others. As Colin Powell once said, all we have ever asked in return was enough land to bury our dead.

SarahB said...

Proud and ready to fight to maintain the freedoms that make this nation great. Even as this administration turns this nation toward Socialism, I will be proud...because I know that the sleeping bear will rise up and VOTE to bring back this nation it's freedom loving and free-market potential.

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