Tuesday, March 03, 2009

The Great Depression? Really?

I'm somewhat amused as I hear people on the left like Obama, and MANY others, talk about the desperate times we are in. So desperate that we've not seen a crisis so bad since the Great Depression.  I'm amused, not because-no doubt-times are tough and growing more so by the day, but because each time I drive by the Walmart that is right by my house, or the Target that is right down the road, or the mall across town, the parking lots are packed. I haven't been in any one of these venues in the mid afternoon or evening  hours when I haven't had to wait in line to pay. I haven't been to a gas station when I haven't been able to get the gas I need to fill up my vehicle. Restaurants are packed. Folks, times aren't ideal for sure, but we are NOT in desperate times-at least not yet. We are NOWHERE NEAR a Great-Depression-like crisis, and our President is lying when he says (over and over and over) that we are. (although his tune has changed somewhat since some of the latest polls have been released) This economy isn't even nearly as bad as the recession we had in 1982, thanks to good ole Jimmy Carter! This downturn in the economy did not begin until the Democrats took back the house and Senate in '06. That's another post for another day, but the fact remains: Democrats and their supposed leader are out to destroy the American economy as we know it. There is no doubt about it now, as Obama intentionally talks down the market on a daily basis. He needs it to fail in order to destroy capitalism so that he can then continue to implement his Marxist agenda. 

Don't you think it's about time that Americans, whatever our party persuasion, start doing our homework? For far too long, we've just kind of coasted along, living life in our own respective bubbles, the vast majority of us never paying attention to what's going on around us, much less what's going on in Washington!? I believe with all of my heart that the reason Republicans lost the White House this November is because far too many of us were living just like what I described, and Republicans have moved way too far to the middle. I had so many women tell me prior to the election..."well, I just really don't pay attention to politics, I leave that to others". Well, let me ask you something moms: if not now, when? What will it take for you to begin to wake up and realize that your child's future is being threatened? Dads? What about you? What about protecting your family? Kids? You'd better wake up and pay attention, it is YOUR future that President Barack Hussein Obama is ruining. Think this multi-trillion dollar stimulus is great? Where is the money going to come from to pay this price tag? You got it: YOUR pocket and MY pocket, but worst of all, our CHILDREN'S pockets. This new budget-the one that we are promised has no earmarks and no taxes raised-baloney. It's chock full of earmarks, to the tune of $7.7 billion, and don't think for a second your taxes won't get raised to pay for it. 

I had a woman leave a comment here yesterday citing an article that had been written after the election on the subject 'we should all come together and sing Kum-ba-yah now and get along"..."give Obama a chance". I have to say that while I was (and am) sure that Obama had a different intention than those he spouted during his campaign (based on his history, character and associations), I hoped I was wrong. I was angry after the election was over. Not because we lost, that's life. We win some, we lose some. I was angry because I knew a day like this was coming. It was already clear for those of us intelligent enough to see it. I have, however, been shocked at how quickly he has taken the veil off--I thought he'd try to dupe the masses a bit longer. Some are, but many are beginning to have their eyes opened. Many are beginning to realize that this "man child", this "messiah" they all adore is not who he said he was. Many are backtracking. I hope this means many Americans will begin to think for themselves. I hope they will begin to realize that this media they all hold in such high regard are nothing more than (in Rush Limbaugh's words, not mine) "butt boys" for the Obama administration. Did you know that the talking heads at the various mainstream networks are briefed with talking points every day by the Obama administration? It makes sense! After all, why else would they all be spouting the same garbage? They are being used and milked for all they're worth, and are rendered completely irrelevant in the end. It would be quite amusing if it weren't so sad. These are the kind of antics that regimes use to dupe the masses, and the Obama regime has gotten quite good at it in short order. But to my earlier point, I'll not be putting my head in the sand and singing Kum-ba-yah with President Obama or any others that somehow believe that if we just hope and support this new President enough, he'll do the right thing! I will support NO ONE that is actively trying to destroy this great nation and all that she stands for.

I haven't done another installment for the 'What is Conservatism?' series of posts (part one & part two) I am doing yet because of a very sick baby, so instead, I wanted to post the speech Rush Limbaugh gave at the CPAC conference last weekend. It was brilliant, funny (as always), honest and eye opening--there are many great teachable moments within. I hope you'll watch it and learn from it, as many great Americans already have. 

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third rock from the sun said...

Another fun store to go into now, when you want to feel optimistic about the future after you've heard another one of BHusseino's daily speeches of how terrible things are...is Costco! You know, the store where you can buy five pianos shrink-wrapped together.

I have often thought that is what the BHusseino's mission is. Whip us all into submission that America is going to hell in a hand basket, so that we will buy into his idea that Government is our only and last hope to survive (notice I didn't say thrive).

The way I see it, is that BHusseino doesn't want Americans to share the wealth...he wants us to share the poverty.

You will remember that not everyone who belonged to the People's Temple headed by Jim Jones in the 70's, drank the kool-aid and committed suicide at his command. Some people actually caught onto the fact that he was a crack-pot and escaped and lived to tell about it.

Kind of a sick analogy, but someday, hopefully people will wake up and realize BHusseino's leading us down a path of destruction and he's doing it with a smile, his bare-armed wife and arrogance dripping off of him like syrup.

Tami said...

Girl, you know it! I get downright mad every time I go to Costco b/c I cannot find a dang parking spot, and I have to wait forever in line!!! No matter what time I go!!

heather said...

Talk about treating someone like a Messiah!

Let's just face the facts that your side will always think Obama is trying to ruin America(perhaps comparing him to Hitler should be put to rest) and the left will always think Rush is a blowhard (perhaps comparing him to Hitler should be put to rest.)

I think the reason liberals come here is because the majority of people think that the environment needs protecting, SUV's are a symbol of the greed and excess that got us in to these wars and, no matter how many times you call Obama's administration criminals, we have a quick example of Bush's administration being full of criminals.

Anonymous said...

I think that I was the woman to whom you referred with the 'we should all come together and sing Kum-ba-yah now and get along"..."give Obama a chance".... statement. Actually that was not my intent. I just thought that as a Christian, you might find the article interesting, since there is only ONE unshakable Kingdom, right? GOD BLESS!

Tami said...

Ummm, Heather? First, you think most ppl come HERE because they want to protect the environment? Sorry, I don't follow what you mean.

Second, if you're going to level charges about the Bush admin being full of criminals, how bout doing the leg work and give me a list? Please do enlighten me. No doubt there were a few, but "full of" would be quite an overstatement unless you are referring to ppl the left refers to as criminals simply because they defend our nation or were presented with what has been called "faulty" intelligence. (i.e. Collin Powell, now your boy, NOT ours) Whether there were some in the Bush admin or not doesn't make up for the fact that Obama cannot even seem begin to create his cabinet without picking seemingly almost nothing BUT criminals. (birds of a feather....)

Tami said...


I actually got several comments and I don't remember your particular one, but it may have been and I appreciate your comment letting me know what you meant.

While I believe that some in Christian circles are well meaning in their calls for the things I mentioned, it is naive to overlook what is right in front of our eyes, what is being done to our country. Perhaps you don't care for my particular writing style or my attitude, but if you're a conservative, we likely believe in the same principles that our founders believed in when they fought so nobley to bring about the freedoms we now enjoy. As Americans, and I believe as Christians, it is our duty to stand for what is right and if the day comes when we must fight for it, then that is my duty as well.
Thanks again for your note. You are right, there is only ONE unshakeable Kingdom and it is an amazing comfort to know that no matter what happens here on this earth, we have an ANCHOR, we have a SURE foundation.

God Bless

Anonymous said...

Hi Tami,
Thanks for the response. I totally agree that we have to stand for what is right - I just choose to "represent" as a Christian wife, mother (of 5 I might add), and hard-working citizen, rather than as a party member - both (all) of them are too unstable for me! I do share many of your values, I just express them differently :-). Upward and onward Christian solder!!

The Richardson Family said...

We were at the Mall this weekend just so the kids could run and play. I could not belive how packed the mall was. And everyone was walking around with bags of goods. Tell me this is a recession, I will tell you it is what your government wants you to think so they can spend your Dollars in what is important to them. They are laughing at us right now, for believing that we are in a recession. I feel no pitty for the woman who claimed on the news that Obama was going to pay her motgage, she is now homeless. She should have thought about where the money was going to come from to pay that mortgage. More powr to you, keep posting and we will keep passing your messagealong to everyone we know.

heather said...

What I meant was, the attitude of most conservatives is that the earth is just here to plunder, drill, make vasts amounts of money off of and left for future generations to sort out. Our last president, when making the decision to preemptively go to war with Iraq and then occupy that country for 5 years of his presidency, never once asked this country to sacrifice any of its material goods AT ALL. He actually encouraged people to spend and spend, giving away stimulus checks for people to go out, take their minds off the spectre of war (telling us to stimulate the economy), unemployment, and off of an administration that didn't feel accountable to anyone.
Many people sacrificed their lives (which I know your sensitive), but the rest of us weren't even asked to sacrifice one trip to Wal-Mart.

And, being that one of the biggest criminals in that administration was Dick Cheney, having only resigned from Haliburton in 2000, and somehow, miraculously Haliburton wins a no-bid Iraqi oil/infrastructure contract. Were you outraged when we were paying Haliburton 5 million dollars a day to attempt to to dig a tunnel through a geological fault zone while Haliburton workers sat idle?

Because you feel so strongly that the people I consider criminals were victims of faulty intelligence, I won't argue you with you. Not because I can't, but because when it comes to something as serious, and sometimes emotional, as war, no amount of arguiing on either of our sides will change minds. Also, being that you have said you have family in the military, you obviously are a step above the hawks in government (Cheney, Limbaugh, etc) who support war without having to deal with losing their family in the process.

I appreciate you letting me debate with you.

Tami said...

Richardson Family,

Thank you EVER so much for your comment. On a day when I wondered if my message was getting through, I get your comment, and ran into 2 other people who are just acquaintances who let me know they check the blog nearly every day, and love the links I post and the posts I write. My purpose for ever starting this site was mostly to motivate others to BE INVOLVED and to give them what tools I am able to give to help them along the way. Thank you for being involved in your corner of the world, and for helping others to learn these important principles. We're all in this together!

Tami said...


I appreciate your reply and the respectful tone in which it was left...something we aren't always used to on this site. I am always happy to debate when it can be done in a manner that is respectful with each other. So many come here hurling all kinds of crazy nonsense, and it is why you often see the responses you see. I don't take lightly, as I have said a hundred times, to being bullied and I also refuse to argue with a fool.

It seems that you have come across some Conservatives that have left quite a bad impression. The "conservative" you describe is not anyone I know, that is for sure. With reference to your first comment, "the attitude of most conservatives is that the earth is just here to plunder, drill, make vasts amounts of money off of and left for future generations to sort out."--I have never known one conservative that felt this way. Not one, and I know a lot of them. There are nutjobs on our side of the aisle just as there are on your side, but most conservatives I know believe that God created this earth and entrusted us with the duty of caring for it. Now we can argue all day long about the drilling, and all that jazz...like you implied, it's just more than can be left in a comment, and probably not much I can say will change your mind.
You suggested in your prior comment that we treat Limbaugh, or perhaps you meant Sarah, like a Messiah. I think you misunderstand completely the thinking of those on our side of the aisle and I would suggest that perhaps you read/listen and try to have an open mind. You speak of Limbaugh with disdain, and yet most of you who speak this way have listened only to the snippets that have been played for you on the mainstream media outlets--snippets that have, in nearly every case, been taken completely out of context. Limbaugh is hilariously funny, and cares as deeply as anyone I've every known about the people of this country and the freedoms we enjoy.
I would like to address your other comments but I must do it in a later comment. I didn't want you to think I was ignoring your comment or avoiding it...will come back later with more.
Have a great weekend.

Williepitt said...

If you think there's no recession, it's too bad you're not watching your investments shrink to nothing day by day. It was on the basis of those investments that I retired more than ten years ago, and now they are worth about half what they were then. And I've spent very little of that.

But I suppose you're not very sympathetic to anyone who had the foresight to save.

heather said...

Thanks, Tami! I look forward to it!

Tami said...


what a dumb thing to say. really. i am not even sure how to respond to such an idiotic statement, so I won't, other than to say that your accusations prove you read absolutely NOTHING on this blog.