Thursday, March 05, 2009

A Civics Lesson


third rock from the sun said...

Remember the lonnnggg lines at the voting booths full BHusseino voters. Some had never voted before in their entire life. Others were willing to stand in the voting line for up to nine hours or more, just to cast their vote for hope and change (whatever that means). Still others voted for color and then there were some who just voted for the pretty boy.

Most of them, when interviewed in the lines, couldn't answer any questions correctly about any of the candidates on the ballot.

For whatever reason they voted, the long lines were just a TEST to see if they could and would be willing to stand in long lines at the ' soup kitchen America' that Obama is designing.

Anonymous said...

I really wonder how many of his voters are starting to doubt soon, this quickly, can't be possible. He promised hope and change, and he, thus far, has been good on the change.

One other note, at least Texas understands what a Republic is!!!

third rock from the sun said...

Just want to let you know that we miss you, and hope that everything is ok.

Tami said...

Third Rock,
Thank you so much! How kind!
We are ok, just have had a few weeks of sickness going on in the household...and frankly, the break has been nice. Sometimes it helps to just step away for a bit! Be assured, we have been watching/listening closely to what has been going on, and frankly, the frustrating part is knowing where in the world to start!!! We're back in the swing of things, however, and you'll be hearing from us soon.
God Bless