Monday, July 06, 2009

Some Thoughts

I've had many readers visit the site in recent days, curious to see what I'd be saying about Sarah's announcement on Friday afternoon.  If I'm being honest, I was beyond thrilled to hear the news that she would be resigning as Governor later this month, and would not be seeking re-election. I've been concerned for Sarah and her family, knowing that what they've been forced to go through has been incredibly difficult. Some, who come here often just to spew their hate, like to say that I'm somehow obsessed with Sarah Palin and that nothing she does is wrong in my eyes. If they were regular readers, especially during the election, perhaps they'd realize that I'm just a mom who was greatly inspired by this woman, angered by the inept American media, and wanted to make a difference. They'd know that there have been times I pointed out differences I had with Sarah, although-admittedly-there are few, and that when one creates a site in support of a political figure, it's likely not going to be a site that bashes them at every turn. That's just a bit of common sense many seem to lack these days. 

I've been thinking a lot about the last year of my life and how it's been changed by the influence of Governor Palin. I don't know her personally, although every indication tells me we'd be the best of friends if we ever had the opportunity to get to know each other. I have met the Governor, but only in passing, along with many other supporters at a rally here in Florida. Because I have chosen to speak loudly about my support for the Governor, I have been on the receiving end of an endless barrage of hate mail, prank calls, and other actions that have been unsettling, to say the least. Don't get me wrong, I know it comes with the territory and I'd say my family has handled it well, all things considered. The reason I mention it is this: I know how old it's gotten for us, and I'm only a mom who's spoken out in support of this great woman. I cannot imagine what it would be like to walk a day in the shoes of Todd and Sarah Palin. I've said it many times before on this blog...Todd and Sarah, primarily Sarah, are fair game. When you enter the political scene, it comes with the territory. But the media didn't stop with Sarah. The attacks on her children have been relentless and ongoing. Those in the media who wouldn't dare to touch Michelle Obama or the Obama children have had no problem going after the children of the Republican VICE Presidential candidate. The mother in me swells with anger every time I think of it, and I can't begin to tell you what my husband would be driven to, were the things being said about his children that have been said about the Palin kids. It's unreal, unfair and unlike anything we've seen in the history of American politics. 

That being said, I have watched, read the news and become overwhelmed at the amount of information there has been to keep up with--and I'm just talking about news regarding Sarah! The accusations have been false, and the people filing the complaints are not being held accountable for their actions, which is why they continue to file them, costing not only Sarah and her family a great deal of money, but the taxpayers in the state of Alaska, as well. I have read many complaints by Alaskans that Sarah hasn't been able to do her job effectively since the elections because of the complaints, and so in a way...yep, the people filing the ethics complaints won. (for an interesting take on the method being used, see this link)To some, it's just infuriating that she allowed them to win. I understand that, but what Sarah did by resigning tells me a great deal about who she is as a human being. I believe it was a admirable thing she did, resigning from her position as Governor, putting the state of Alaska and her family before herself. Perhaps now, the Lt. Governor can get on with the business of the state...and then again, maybe not. It will be interesting to see if the attacks continue, only now directed at him. I will put nothing past a liberal anymore, so we'll see. I have been praying for the day when Sarah would decide she'd had enough. If Sarah's decision is to back out of politics after her last day in office, I wouldn't blame her one bit. I don't think that's her intention at all, but if it were, I'd support her just the same. The left, and many on the right who do nothing but eat, sleep and breathe politics, hate Sarah because she's anything but mainstream. She doesn't go along with the politics-as-usual kiss butt mentality of most other politicians. She stands for what is right, and that doesn't always mean supporting her own party. She loves God. She stands for life

I've been shocked at all the buzz surrounding the Governor's announcement on Friday. I find it amusing that only a few reporters were able to make it to the news conference in time, and how many national reporters were steaming that they'd not been given notice. After they've all treated her family so badly, they'd expect her to even consider notifying them? I think not! Who cares what her intentions are? Seriously! You liberals all hate her so deeply, why does it matter so much to you what she's doing next? I love hearing and reading the buzz. I find it incredibly telling. 

So, my opinion is...instead of trying to make up all kinds of garbage about what Sarah might do next, I'm not going to play that game. Instead, I'm going to wait and see. Sarah is anything but conventional. She's never been a politics as usual kind of girl, and I'm pretty sure she's not going to start now. I could care less what her next move is. It won't change my opinion of her. I respect her as a brilliant politician, I admire her stand for God and her stand for life. I agree with her conservative principles.  As long as those things don't change, I'll remain steadfast in my support of her, no matter what path she chooses next. 

So, why don't we all just settle down a bit, relax, and wait. Sarah will let us know what's next when she's ready, and I'm certain it won't be a second sooner! Meanwhile, enjoy the frenzy the media is working itself into...and ask yourself this: if she's so horrible, then why all the fuss? 


Lauren Kelly said...

Well said, Tami!!!! :O)

Bea's World said...

AMEN!!! Totally agree 100% w/everything you said. Although I was sad that it had gotten so ridiculous she felt she needed to resign, but she knows whats best for AK and her family. Sarah is a Godly woman, and I believe this decision was made in His will. Thanks for posting!

third rock from the sun said...

You and Sarah are an inspiration to all of us over here.

Tami said...

There are a great many comments being left that I've not allowed, and if yours is one of them, so be it.
I'll not publish trash talk, ridiculous conspiracy theories about "Bush lied, kids died" garbage....and some are just plain ignorant, like 'it says somewhere in the Bible (but I don't know where) that it's a sin to call a person a fool'. Wrong-o. The Bible calls certain people fools--the ones who deny that there is a God, for starters.
So, keep 'em clean and sane, and I'll be happy to publish whether you love Sarah or not. Otherwise, they get either deleted or sent to the Bellvue section.

Just Wondering said...

Can someone please explain to me what public policies (NOT personal qualities) people agree with the Governor on?

Tami said...

Just wondering,

Feel free to visit the archives section of this blog. You will find all answers to your question there.

leocowgirl8282 said...

Thank you so much for writing that note on Facebook asking for comments on your blog! I seriously laughed to myself when you made mention of how the typical conservative reads a blog he/she agrees with, doesn't comment, and moves on. That is so true! And the fact that you called it out was an eye opener. So thank you! I never even realized that I did that and...I do. haha. But anywayssss...truthfully, when I came home that evening and heard that Sarah resigned, I was floored. I was already tired and in a bad mood, thinking terrible bitter thoughts about the liberal riptide that we can't seem to overcome...and I walked in the door, and Dad told me the news. I felt like someone had kicked me in the gut. I was so disappointed and I was actually scared! Here is one of the strongest women I know of, and I just KNEW the left had finally gotten to her somehow and her resignation was a result of that. But then Mr. Zach (bless him) kept telling me to trust her and that she has her reasons and that they will eventually come to light. Sure enough they did, I totally agree and support Sarah in what she did, and I feel so much better now! :)(:
So thank you for writing this blog, I really enjoyed it, and I promise to be a more loyal commentor from now on!;)
Love ya.

Chief Dragon Lady said...

I just stumbled on your website.
Thank you for the hope your website provides.

I am also a mom and I love Palin. She has more courage than me. And I retired last year from the Navy after 24 years.

Her family should also be commended for supporting her as she fights for our country.

She is a true American in my eyes, fighting the fight all of us should be willng to fight at some level, so that our fighting personnel overseas can concentrate on the war and look forward to comming home to a free country.

I want to thank you for your website that eases the pain in my heart and gives me hope.

Tami said...

Chief Dragon Lady

Thank you so much for your comment. It is for dedicated people like yourself that I continue. Thank you from the very bottom of my heart for your life of service. If you begin to read the archived posts here, you will find that my family has a long history of service to our country and I hold people like you very close to my heart and in my prayers.

God Bless~

Anonymous said...

Sorry to disappoint you, but liberals couldN'T care less what what Sarah Palin is going to do next either. We're just glad that she's gone.

Bye, and God bless :)

Tami said...

Yep, anonymous, and that's why you came to read a Sarah Palin blog, right? Because you're not at allllll interested. LOL. You guys are really quite amusing.

third rock from the sun said...

really is so obvious that liberals are so obsessed with Sarah...they watch her every move in gleeful anticipation of something...anything...that they can dissect and bully with ridicule.

It is high school all over again...these libs never graduate I heard on TV that the social, liberal dems are just children in powerful positions. I like to modify it alittle...they are just like children with powerful positions roaming free in a candy store.

God Bless America and those who seek to protect it instead of apologize for it.

God Bless Sarah

Tami said...

Third Rock, you're right.
This comment was SO well put together I wanted to copy and paste it here. It speaks to what you're talking about.
It was posted here by a man who identified himself as Scott Schneider:
And it said this:
In matters of all of the trash and insanity that has been throw around at Sarah Palin, the 1st ammendment doesn’t give anybody the right to throw around speculative charges about a public figure based on hatred, vitriol, and paranoia about he or she because they are politically in the opposite party. Now, something fact-based or more than just speculative rumor, yes. But because and especially because someone happens to be a conservative, talks about it, articulates it, and fights back against those criticize and attack her and her family for it, these conservative-hating liberals now have to rip and tear Sarah Palin down on a daily basis because you are so obsessed with the fact that someone who is a conservative woman, the very anethema of everything they believe, can possibly be IN CHARGE in a State in the US in the 21st Century and just a whisk away from the presidency. Just the act of someone being different than all of them being in charge in this capacity, is a criminal act according to those who persecute in this manner. Communists, socialists, liberals, and marxists are supposed to be tolerant, peace-loving, harmless well-cultured "individuals" who want nothing but the best for their children and are supposed to be so open minded about people of diverse thinking and cultures. Well, except for the white conservative successful woman or the white conservative successful man or the black conservative successful man or the Hispanic conservative successful man. Then they have to destroy them because they’re not like the elite cultural class and they don’t play by the same insufferable rules. And all of these people then still claim to value freedom, democracy, and the rule of Law. Their actions of baseless persecution both in their daily live and through the media speak louder than any of hollow words. They hide behind the constitution, make it out to be whatever they want it to serve their self-aggrandizing political agenda and then punish those who simply aspire to follow their own beliefs to the best of their interests and ability, then make up vicious things if they can’t peg those same people in some real scandal or political mayhem. This is not politics via the constitution, this is the politics of criminalization and personal destruction.

--thought it was brilliant.