Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Let's Mourn The Real American Heroes

I sat down at my computer this morning to write a post about the grotesque manner in which our media is once again behaving itself this week, and was notified that Michelle Malkin had already written a beautiful article doing just that. 

Please take the time to read it here. 

While you're at it, please say a prayer for the Casillas, Fairbairn, and Bradshaw families, who lost their loved ones this week in the fight for freedom, for they are the real heroes.

1 comment:

Josh Painter said...

"Soon we'll only hear about Keith when his creepy e-mails using his mother's death to hit on chicks start making the rounds again. (Tip to Keith: When a girl refuses to give you her phone number, her assistant's phone number or her personal e-mail address, and only gives you her assistant's e-mail address, you're not halfway in the sack.)"

Now that's just GOT to leave a mark!

- JP