Friday, July 03, 2009


Governor Palin, in a surprise appearance made today from her Wasilla, Alaska home, announced that she will be resigning as Governor on Saturday, July 25th and will not seek re-election. See this story for complete details. While we do not yet know the full reasoning behind this move, we can only hope we know what it means--and that will be change we can believe in! So, stay tuned...Either way, we support the Governor. She has been treated worse than any political figure in the history of American politics. I wouldn't blame her one bit for just walking away. We'll see. Either way, we love you Sarah!

**To read the full speech, see SarahPac.


Anonymous said...

"Winners never quit, and quitters never win." In a bizarre, disjointed, meandering speech today, Alaska Governor Sarah Palin announced that she is resigning from her office effective July 25. She gave no decipherable reason for quitting. Only one question remains. Will Tina Fey make a surprise appearance on SNL tomorrow night???

Donna said...

hello, I was not a Palin supporter, but I am appalled that she has heard ADULTS making cruel remarks about her son Trigg!!! the Bible says, If I know all mysteries and all knowledge...but do not have love, I am nothing ( 1Cor. 13:2) I do not have a down syndrome child, but we all know those children have lots of love to give, some of these SO CALLED intellectuals could learn alot from these precious children...recently in my town I heard a republican boasting at how he helped put down syndrome adults to work, so that they pay taxes, and contribute to society, so that their no longer a "disraction" it is my understanding these adults don't usually live past age 30, and I wondered, did it occur to this man maybe these down syndrome human beings are put on this earth to teach us more about love, and not be put to work, as he so boasted! SHAME ON ANYONE WHO SAYS CRUEL THINGS ABOUT TRIGG OR ANY OTHER DISABLED CHILD, GOD HAVE MERCY ON US, Donna

third rock from the sun said...

It has been already being said that she can't stand the heat, so she is getting out of kitchen.

Heat? You call what the press is doing to her...heat? I call it a friggen inferno! And all frivolous...I might add. The state has had to spend 2 million dollars to defend fraudulent claims on her. And she will not allow that to continue.

She is showing that she has priorities...Faith, Family and the great state of Alaska. Her opponents are trying to redefine her priorities and she is saying NO. She is not going to let them boggle her down with attacks. She will do what any great ball player does...NOT BE A BALL HOG like Bhusseino. She is passing the ball, so that she 'We' will win.

It is called strategy...not running away...(as some would wish) look out Dems

Go Sarah...we are behind you all the way!

third rock from the sun said...

Alan...who said she is quitting? And if you notice, her head wasn't bobbing to the left and then to the right in robotic fashion like Bhusseino does when he is giving his boring speeches.

You weren't listening to her reason for 'handing the baton' to the Lieutenant governor. It is because she, along with Alaska, was being bogged down with frivolous ethics violations. NONE OF THEM FOUNDED, I might add! So, in order to do things her way, she has the confidence that allows her to continue without needing a title...and believe me...she has the following to do it...

Tina Fey retired her stint as Palin's impersonator. Haven't you heard? So if she does go back on...she is just like a democrat...'say one thing-do another'.

Lauren Kelly said...

Gooooooooooooo Sarah!!!!!! O)

House of Brat said...

She's quitting because she's a criminal. Get over her. She's about to be indicted for embezzlement.

Tami said...

you people will stop at nothing. you just can't help yourselves, can you?

Praise and Coffee said...

Sarah is a class act. Anyone who reads that speech realizes how messed it is to keep attacking her in these ways. It's not about being "tough enough" she's plenty tough, however she recognizes that others are hurting and that is why she is stepping down.

My husband always says-Sue (me)can take the attacks but you touch her kids and you'll see a mother bear defending her cubs!

That's what I see happening here.

I pray this family gets the peace they deserve. She has a lot to offer this country and women as a leader, we'll see where God leads her next.

House of Brat said...

Ha! Ha! Palin only has herself to blame for her current problems as we will all be learning in the next few weeks. Get over her. She is a fraud and always has been!

Croft Randle said...

It makes one wonder what she would do if, Heaven forbid she were elected POTUS, what she would do if it got a little hot in the White House kitchen? Walk away from it? Probably

Donna said...

The problem with the GOP is their lack of concern for the environment, and Sarah Palin is no exception. We can debate global warming, but there is no denying fossil fuels are contaminating our fish and air quality with mercury. My husband and I miscarried a daughter due to chromsome abnormalities with my husband, determined to be caused by mercury toxicity, because my husband ate tuna with coworkers. He was treated and is fine. Their are countless stories of these miscarriages, and other serious health issues caused by pollution. Recently the Catholic Church added new sins (they haven't added sins in 1500 years) pollution is now one of the mortal sins.
Recently I had a discussion with a prominent republican, I mentioned my state has a radon problem, and laws that many states already have aren't being passed in my state, because of a republican senator who is on a builders commitee, can you say SPECIAL INTEREST OR PUTTING ALL-MIGHTY DOLLAR BEFORE LIVES!!! the prominent republican shamed me for wanting to impose radon passive pipe laws on an industry already at its back!!! this same man has a pro-life statement on his web site that "everyone deserves a seat at the kitchen table"...what about the father who never smoked, and died of radon lung cancer, who no longer has a seat at the table, or the child who suffers from childhood lukemia caused by radon, who is to sick to be at the table??? wake up GOP THE AMERICAN PEOPLE ARE SICK OF ALL-MIGHTY DOLLAR BEFORE LIVES, and were tired of our intelligence being insulted, many liberals are against abortion, but the GOP likes to flaunt pro-life, then allow these other things to hurt chilren including the unborn! thanx,Donna

Recreational Land said...

You have seen NOTHING yet, until we all hear from "Citizen Sarah". She knows what she is doing. You're just not used to a politician of principle. She's putting AK first. But just wait, she will be so much more effective as a private citizen and then you will NOT shut her up with your frivolous assaults. Just wait, ain't seen nothing yet! Go Sarah!!

Tami said...

House of Brat

You are a fool and a liar and I will be adding your name to the growing list of bloggers who have been foolish enough to leave comments here accusing Sarah of a federal crime. I hope and pray that they will add you to their growing list of people to sue for defamation. Your accusations put you square in the middle of a camp of people who are scared to death of Sarah because of what she stands for.

I have published your comments for that reason, and that reason, please, send your friends here to make the same accusations. I welcome it. I'd love nothing more than to send a huge list to the Governor's office.

Thanks for the help, foolish one.

marilyn said...

Do you think that you can scare people for defaming Sarah Palin? If the president had a list you and many of your friends would be on it. Anyone in politics (of any kind) could tell you that it is rough and if your skin isn't tough enough you might as well get out. Look at what Hilary went through, but she could take it and Sarah can't. Sarah Palin can't take the heat. Too bad for you. She is definitely not presidential material. She is a quitter for Alaska and for you.

panet said...

Please, send my name in too. The longer the list the more ridiculous you look....there is no libel or defamation. Look at the truth

This doofus is going to take her "fame" and make herself some big bucks out of it. She's got the ability to con people and she will now do it big time with a talk show or something similar.

BTW, the biggest lie is that people are making fun of Trig. No one is. But Sarah is a professional victim so she had to get that one in there.

Tami said...

Why thank you panet and marilyn! Nope, I'm repeating what her attorney's released this morning. Part of the reason she's leaving office is to be able to pursue fools like you. Criticizing her is one thing...she's fair game, she's in public office. Her family is another story. Panet, you are a fool and make yourself look terribly stupid saying no one has made fun of Trig. I've heard it and seen it with my own eyes and it only takes a little computer saavy to find it. Crawl out of your hole and get a life.

Tami said...

Oh, and by the way, before all of you lib bloggers go thinking you're all that important, I'm fully aware that it would be a waste of time for Sarah's attorney's to try and find your blogs--the ones that get no traffic and have no readers. Their focus will be on the well known liberal bloggers who have engaged in defamation of character--you know, the ones all of you copy and believe without doing any research of your own. So, don't go getting a big head! LOL

House of Brat said...

Ha! HA! Tami, you make me laugh. You don't get it, do you? Palin is having her lawyer work the refs in the media by releasing this letter. She's not going to sue anyone.

If she was going to sue anyone for defamation, she would have started suing people for claiming that Trig wasn't her son a long time ago. She hasn't.

Palin is doing damage control because she knows what's coming.

Tami, the fact that you can't wake up to the fact that Palin is a crook is your problem, not mine. But get ready to eat some crow this month because I'm not the fool. You are.

And after she's indicted, I'm going to come back and ask you what crow tastes like!

Donna said...

Hello, once again, I'm not a fan of the GOP right now, but I will tell you that I have heard comments about little Trigg that are cruel and sophomoric, from Bill Mahr who like I said in my first email, these so called intellectuals could learn alot from down syndrome individuals, and their are other atheist types calling her son names, this is low, I'm ashamed of democrats for doing this....Ann Coulter made her fair share of remarks, she once made a comment that John Edwards should wear a shirt, "ask me about my dead son!!!" and lets not forget Rush's comment about Chelsea Clinton "there is a new dog in the white house" this is so unchristian and horrible, especially for parents of disabled or deceased children, both parties need to wise up!!! Donna

Tami said...

Thanks for your comments, and like you, I'm not always proud of some of the things that people on my side of the aisle say.
THat being said, I must tell ya...the thing about Rush was fabricated by Al Franken. NOT true.
Here's one blog that talked about it...I pulled it up on google. I'm sure you can find many more.
Just wanted to set the record straight.

Debbie said...

Sarah Palin is what this country needs as our leader. Go Sarah!!!!

third rock from the sun said...

Someone commented here about the GOP not being concerned about the environment.

I believe her name was 'donna' and I quote her, "My husband and I miscarried a daughter due to chromsome abnormalities with my husband, determined to be caused by mercury toxicity".

Donna...I moved into a subdivision that is "green"! That's right. There wasn't one light that wasn't the new efficient 'bulb' in the 200 homes that were built . Later I find out (from watching the Glenn Beck program) that those bulbs contain mercury and have a 12 step clean-up if one is broken. One of those steps involves using rubber gloves. Another step warns you to keep children and animals away from the clean-up site. Yet, another one of the steps to get rid of the broken bulb is to find a special facility to discard it. We weren't notified of this and none of the other home owners were. If these bulbs break...MERCURY is spilled and contaminates anything it touches. Efficient?...maybe. Ugly light?...yes. Safe?... astounding NO! Yet, the environmentalist put their stamp of approval on it. My question is this. How many un-educated people are throwing these bulbs in our land-fills across America?, simply because they weren't aware of the toxic ramifications. In some cities...exhausted land-fills are being turned into huge baseball complexes. Are those bulbs environmental enough for ya, Donna? In our house, we had 30 of those 'so called' green mercury lights...not any more!

Also the bio-fuel made from corn? It takes 2 gallons of non-environmental fuel to make 1 gallon of the 'green' fuel. Get real...donna. We will be padding the pockets of the democRATs and EPA with no real effect on our environment. Meanwhile, ...the people in China (four times the population of America) are churning pollution into the sky and waters at record levels, as our meezly 300 million people are busting our pockets to go green...(that is if you call MERCURY green.)

'Conserve'...I believe in that. That's why I am a conservative. 'Crippling' America only to make environmentalists rich without founded results is not American. Making me think I am conserving energy with a toxic bulb is like making a Toyota Prius as a car that conserves energy with a toxic battery to be disposed of in 5 years. These are not eco-friendly cars...they are ego-friendly cars.

Sorry to hear you miscarried, Donna...but it is crazy talk to blame Republicans for the death of your child. Do you realize how silly you sound. You sound like a democrat though, and I am encouraged that you didn't kill your baby. Have you heard that Democrats believe in killing healthy babies? Babies with absolutely no mercury poisoning at all?

As far as the Radon thing...pulleeze. If an American citizen is concerned about radon...move to another state. We have lived in 2 states...with Radon. It is a gas produced in glacier areas. Both homes, we had mitigated with systems that piped the gas out of our homes. Cheap? NOOOOOOO. But we paid for it and didn't rely on the 'state' to continue to change our diapers and hold us to it's breast. We educated ourselves about the radon gases and sought the remedy that best suited our comfort level of living in a state with that problem. No one holds guns to our heads here in America...yet. We can move if we deem our lives to be in jeopardy.

An unborn baby, however, can't move. It is trapped and helpless. No voice in the womb...and because of the voice outside the womb-either.

I only responded to Donna, and not the others in this post, because she seems to have a shred of human left in her. I won't respond to people's comments who clearly just want to get a rise. I will say this, though. The same people who sought to defame Sarah so she won't "get in their way of life", are the same people who would kill a baby so it won't "get in their way of life", either.

Nuff said....

Donna said...

Third Rock, they have changed those bulbs now, i agree i don't know why they did that, but fossil fuels are and always have been the biggest polluters, the U.S. AND CHINA THE LARGEST FOSSIL FUEL CONTRIBUTERS, there are solutions clean coal and oil alternatives...KING GEORGE could have ban 2nd tri abortions and said if he can't ban them all, then he won't ban any!!! so what have republicans done about abortion? i see you are a TRUE REPUBLICAN with your cavaliar attitude about radon...sorry, we don't live in a perfect world, some of us are uninformed, Christ teaches us to be our brothers keeper, another quote from the ALLMIGHTY "love you neighbor as yourself"... don't hospitals have mandatory test for infants for the sake of their health? radon should be the same, requiring realtors test, and builders put in passive pipes....about Palin, read the palin lawsuit blog, Tami and i are going back and fourth...the best to all of you...stimulating conversation...thanx, Donna

Donna said...

Third rock, radon is every where except california (its bad only in santa barbra) and its not in most of the pacific northwest, and the deep south...its all over colorado, the midwest and parts of the southeast... oh in this economy just up and move, since jobs are around every corner these days....and who said the state should pay? no, the state should pass laws requiring realtors test and builders put in passive pipes...we don't live in a perfect world and some folks are uninformrd, read your bible, Christ teaches us to be our brothers keeper, and love your neighbor as yourself, how can you call youself pro-life and be against life saving radon laws....spoken like a true republican....

Donna said...

Third rock, one more thing, why do republicans flaunt a pro-life agenda, but oh their not so quick to want to protect the unborn from pollution, like mercury or radon, why? because they don't loose money fighting for the unborn in reguards to abortion, but oh protecting the unborn from pollution would cost them all-mighty dollar, SING IT... M-O-N-E-Y M-O-N-E-Y M-O-N-E-Y... NUFF SAID.....

Donna said...

Third rock, here is a little more food for would be your world ran by only republicans...a FEW sprawling mansions for those who were fortunate enough to MAKE IT BIG, but no middle class, because the RICH would see to it they pay workers SLAVE WADGES, and ofcourse there would be no unions to fight for the working class...but republicans would tell them they have the good life, BECAUSE THEY PAY NO taxes, so roads would be shot, education pathetic, no health care for people, so infant mortality rate would be worse than ever in the history of the modern world, and our beautiful America would be raped and plundered (no environmentalist) whole mountains gone for stripping pludered for oil, and strip malls as far as you can see!!! toxins fill the air, many of the wealthy class where special mask problem "the good life" all the while republicans claiming to serve Christ who teaches, Defend the poor, feed the needy, be good stewardes of creation, but in this world there are 2 sins focused on, gay marriage, and abortion, because FOCUSING ON ONLY THOSE SINS won't cost republicans their money...there you have it...

third rock from the sun said...

We put in our mitigation system and our neighbors watched and asked questions. Did they put a mitigation system in, I don't know why. I am not their keeper, That is the beauty of living in America.

Donna, I interpret you to be comparing apples and oranges. You are throwing unborn babies in the same basket as radon gases. It would appear to me that you do not revere life and cannot distinguish a baby from a gas. Perhaps that is how the Dems can do the horrid things to unborn babies...because they view them as radon gas which can be eliminated if you want, or simply not do anything and live with it.

Radon gases concern some people and not others. Killing babies concern some people and not others.

I just love how you compare a baby to a gas, Donna. Gas does disappear into thin air, though, and according to Dems...babies do too...thanks to your abortion laws. You see, radon gas is not the leading cause of death in America. But abortion is the leading cause of death in unborn babies.

I am glad to see that you can spell the word money. With a Dem prez, Dem senate and Dem house, that is probably all we will be able to do...spell the word money, because there certainly won't be any left to spend.

Sarah, selflessly, stepped down because the Dem opponents were forcing the state of Alaska to spend millions to defend frivolous complaints. Which brings me back to the question that we are all asking and no Dem has ever answered.

Why do you care about Sarah, if you think she can't do anything?

At Michael Jacksons memorial service, a speaker told the Jackson children..."wasn't nuttin strange about yo daddy, it was strange what yo daddy had to deal with" and later a friend said that he was a perfect target and everyone wanted to pick on him.

Same could be said for Sarah.

Tami said...

I'm very saddened to see that you consider fighting the environment a more valuable use of resources than saving a human life. You can hurl all the insults you wish to hurl, but when I stand before my God, I will do so knowing that I have spoken loudly in defense of the precious ones who cannot speak for themselves. I'd give all I have to save even ONE baby from the hands of those who do them harm.

In regard to your comment about gays, it is Democrats, not Republicans, who speak so loudly against gays. Check out the media blasting any Republican gay, for what? Being gay. My stand on gay rights is this: you can be gay all you want, that is your freedom given to you by God, and also given to you as an American citizen. All I ask is that you not flaunt your gayness in front of my children in public. I don't make out with my husband at the table in a restaurant or on the street corner, and I'd ask you to pay me the same respect. What a person does behind his or her own doors is between them and God. Every life, gay or not gay, is loved by his or her Creator. I wish no gay person harm. I do believe that we are honoring God by not allowing gay marriage. The Bible speaks very clearly about marriage being between a man and a woman, and it also speaks very clearly about sodomy.
You are a very troubled individual, Donna. I pray you will someday be open to the truth.

Croft Randle said...

Ah yes, conservative logic. Insist that an unwanted fetus be born so you can hang him in 20 years. What fun.

If you want the "Government" out of our lives, why fight to give that same 'Government" a front row seat in our bedrooms and operating rooms?

I could never understand why anti-choice people who exhibit such great respect for life also believe so fervently in killing (capital punishment, Iraq, Afghanistan, the list is endless).

We have drifted off subject. This is old news, not "Breaking News".

Donna said...

Tami, Third Rock, hold on...stop and read my mails again, i'm not saying i'm putting environment before politicians do this, and you do it to...radon is a seious "CLASS A" carcinogen that kills more than drunk drivers each year...20,000 or more, i'd have to check the American lung association, IT IS ALSO LINKED TO CHILDHOOD LUKEMIA, because radon laws interfere with GOP special interest (building commitees) and this cost money, which they value more than life..they play the abortion card, BECAUSE ABORTION IS NOT GOING TO BOTHER THEIR WALLETS...ITS EASY FOR POLITICIANS TO BOAST PRO-LIFE, THEN DO NOTHING ABOUT IT, AND FOCUS ON SELF-INTEREST OR GREED, AND POINT TO DEMS ACCUSING ALL OF US OF BEING PRO-CHOICE ABORTION...TAMI HONEY, I'M NOT TROUBLED, I'M TRUTHFUL, YOUR LOVE OF PALIN BORDERLINES IDOLATRY, HAS THIS "QUEEN" LOWERED HERSELF TO EVER WRITE TO YOU AND THANK YOU FOR YOUR UNWAIVERING SUPPORT? HAVEN'T YOU GUYS BEEN ON CNN??

Tami said...


You're lucky you're even getting to be heard on this blog, with all your nonsense. I'm only allowing it because I have another commenter engaging you. Get smart with me again and you're getting cut off. I don't have to publish--that's right, I don't HAVE to publish ONE comment I don't wish to.

You have indicated that you get your primary source of news from CNN, Huffington Post, and the New York Times. Again, this tells me all I need to know. You are one of the American sheeple who have, sadly, been duped by the left wing statist media who is nothing more than a mouthpiece for the Obama administration.

See, here's the thing, for those of you who keep asking. Sarah Palin is generating such strong reaction because the truth always polarizes, no matter who the messenger is. Sarah stands for traditional American principles she stands for morality, she stands for absolute truth. Those who oppose her have no logical argument, thus...the attacks.

Someone just posted a very enlightening article to which i have linked in my information section.

Donna said...

Tami, I believe most Christians feel the same way you do in reguards to the gay community, I have that same view as well that you beautifully stated in your prior blog...however, some prominent republican politicians have focused on abortion and gay marriage, to the exclusion of all other issues, the Catholic Church reconizes pollution as a mortal sin now....also "obscene wealth" and "causing poverty" (unfair wages), and there are more, the Cathlic Church recently added these new sins haven't been added in 1500 years... the Catholic Church reconizes how pollution harms our born, and unborn children, and our reproductive systems, i prayed for this political change, to elevate environmental issues with the moral issues of the day, which are abortion and gay marriage, God answered my prayers through the catholic church. I believe this will bring about the political change, so that the tender fetus can also be spared the assaults from pollution...thank you again, DONNA

Tami said...


What you're suggesting is just simply not true, that Republican nominees have exclusively focused on only gay issues and abortion. In fact, I've been very upset with many who DIDN'T focus MORE on it!! I'd love to see where you are getting your information from, because I follow politics extremely closely, and this is something I definitely have NOT seen.

third rock from the sun said...

Donna, it is standard internet language that when you capitalize your words, it means you are yelling.

When you calm down and talk in a rational tone, we can converse like adults.

But if you continue to yell paragraphs at a time, it only tells me that you have lost control and there is no reasoning with someone that yells at the top of her lungs.

... in order to get my attention, you must start making sense and not throw Republicans under the bus with wild accusations without any names or examples or facts that substantiate your yelling.

I picture you stamping your feet and getting red in the face...calm down and express yourself in an adult manner. This will command attention instead of turning people off from listening to you, like you just did me.

third rock from the sun said...

to the croft man with the hat...

Today, there was 115,000 abortions performed. In one day. Tomorrow, another 115,000 will be performed and the day after and the day after that. Everyday. It is breaking news...somewhat of a holocaust. Babies being slaughtered to the tune of 115,000 a day.

....and you call this old news? It just happened today. I like your hat, but not the thinking that is under it.

Kinda makes Donna's 20,000 a year radon gas figure seem small. Not insignificant, but small in comparison.

Donna said...

Good morning,THIRED ROCK YOU AND TAMI ARE THE "RUDEST" (YES I SAID RUDEST IN CAPITAL LETTERS) PEOPLE I HAVE EVER COME assume my primary source of news is times and post, because i just on a blog mention them (i notice you didn't post my refering you read Pat robertson's book, the greatest virtue "humility") you make TRASHY desrespectable remarks,
"at least you didn't kill you baby" after reading i had miscarried, due to my husband having mercury issues that had damaged is repro. system, and about your abortion talk, you are just another "Khristian" who uses the abortion issue... you don't care about babies, or you wouldn't talk to me like you many babies are killed or damaged due to shaken baby syndrome? should we condescend those families tring to bring awareness, because it not equal to how many abortions there are???

Tami said...

I have no idea what you're even talking about. Do you READ the comments you have posted here? I have disallowed some because of your rantings! You sound like a disturbed individual in some, and fairly normal in others. I got from YOU that you get your news from Huff Post, NYT and CNN. That is what you told me.

As for the other remarks, it was NOT this moderator (me) that said them.

You come here disrespecting the unborn, me, Republicans in general, and as most other lib bullies, you expect not to get it handed back to you. Only, guess what sister? We're sick of you people treating us this way because we believe what's right. You like to quote Pat Robertson a lot. My husband went to his school, so I know a lot about the man, and he can say some pretty whacked out things more often than not. Most of us who went there just roll the eyes and move on...he's like the Grandpa who says too much too often. Problem is, he's got a big microphone. So, again...your quoting him doesn't give you much credibility, especially when out of the other side of your mouth comes all the yelling and disrespect.

This is MY blog. YOU came here and started disrespecting me...and now you're whining. Spoken JUST like a true liberal. Same old tired, typical arguments.

Please, by all means, scurry on. No one's forcing you to come back. Go bully someone on, say, a liberal blog. I think you'll find much different treatment there, like maybe getting cussed out or, like some have done to our readers here, called and threatened, swamped with hate mail, etc. So, don't bother coming back here calling us rude. You have NO idea what rude is, oh...wait...yes you do. You're one of them.

Tami said...

Let me give you a little lesson in how blogs work. I can allow all the crazy comments, or I can moderate. And I moderate. Guess what? Unlike yourself, I don't sit at home by the computer waiting breathlessly for the next comment to come along so that I can click "allow" or "reject". So, if you post 4 comments, several of which say the same thing, they aren't getting posted any quicker than if you had left it once, because I have a life outside of the blogosphere.

You've said plenty, and now I'm telling you this: no more comments will be allowed by you. There comes a point where one appears the fool when arguing with a fool. Yep, that's what I said. Now, go along on your merry way, and don't trip on the way out.

Oh, and Donna? You will NOT threaten me like you did in the post I just rejected from you. You brought your crazy here, and have left your little threats, so that is why you are banned. Goodbye. Take your crazy someplace else. It will not be allowed here any longer. We've dealt with your kind for far too long, and just when I think I can allow some of you some leeway in commenting, you get all crazy on me and I have to quit.

Tami said...

to all commenters who have been leaving comments on this post:
The comments have long since drifted FAR from what the subject was in this post, so I am closing comments on this post, and from now on, I will be adhering to this policy, unless someone with some sense (like some of my conservative commenters) brings up a good point that I feel like publishing:

Reader comments are moderated before publishing. (yep, that's right. So leaving multiple comments that say the same thing do not get published any quicker, and, in fact, probably will get rejected) Comments must be relevant to the post. Profanity is absolutely NOT allowed and will be summarily deleted. IRRATIONAL COMMENTS are subject to rejection. Spam, copied statements and other material not comprised of the reader’s own opinion will also be deleted.