Sunday, July 19, 2009

Gov's Chief of Staff Releases Statement

“A week ago today, the governor told Alaskans that she was about to step down as governor in large part because of the campaign of harassment against this office, in which the Executive Branch Ethics Act has been repeatedly abused. Incredibly, since then two more ethics complaints have been filed against the governor, including one today.

“Typically, the first action by these complainants has been an illegal one – to announce the filing of the complaints to the news media, in clear violation of the mandatory confidentiality in the law. Unfortunately, unlike the legislative ethics act, there is no provision in the executive ethics act for a complaint to be automatically dismissed when it is publicized prematurely. Regardless of that, it is breathtakingly hypocritical for anyone to violate the ethics law in the very act of making an allegation against the governor."

“Although the governor would not have thought it possible, the latest complaint rises to a new level of absurdity in alleging that she has been paid for interviews that she has given to the news media. It is amazing to me that anyone could think that, let alone put their name behind it and once again seek to distract state officials and needlessly increase their work load. The state is losing the value of some of its expenditures when public servants are pulled away from important assignments to deal with far-fetched and mean-spirited allegations.”

Governor Palin issued the following statement:

“The only saving grace in this recent episode is that it proves beyond any doubt the significance of the problem Alaska faces in the ‘new normal’ of political discourse. I hope this will be a wake-up call – to legislators, to commentators and to citizens generally – that we need a much more civil and respectful dialogue that focuses on the best interests of the state, rather than the petty resentments of a few.”

Of the ethics complaints against the governor or her staff, 15 have been resolved without any finding of wrongdoing, and four are now pending.

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Anonymous said...

I was wondering why Sarah Palin hasn't responded to the latest allegation that she used or attempted to use her official position for personal gain because she authorized the creation of the Alaska Fund Trust (set up by supporters) as the "official" legal defense fund in order to help pay off $500,000 in legal fees owed do to all all the so-called 'frivilous' lawsuits previously filed against her? She's always quick to issue a detraction. Now mum is the word.

I know what the answer is on your end. Everyone's beating up on the poor little pit bull and soon-to-be ex-Governor and Saint Sarah can do no wrong. Look up Narcissistic Personality Disorder in the DSM-IV. There's a group photo of all of you.


Tami said...

I shouldn't bother to post your comment or reply, since if you really wanted to know you could do the digging yourself, but for the benefit of others who may come here for information, here are the responses from the Palin camp. Next time, do the legwork yourself if you want to know so badly, ANONYMOUS.
Left today at 6:03 p.m.-"I cannot verify the validity of this claim. There is no final report. The Investigator is still confidentially reviewing this matter. It appears suspect that in the final days of the Governor's term, someone would again violate the law and announce a supposed conclusion before it is reached."-Meghan Stapleton,
Palin Spokesperson

Left today at 7:03 p.m.-"The resolution of the Trust Fund is not final. I have been working with the investigator regarding supplemental information. The matter is still pending. Whatever you have seen was released in violation of law. There has been no Board finding of an ethics violation and there is a detailed legal process to follow before there is a final resolution."-Thomas Van Flein, Private Attorney for Sarah Palin

Anonymous said...

6:16 PM: Sarah Palin is obviously your worst nightmare since the left is terrified of her.

What are you afraid of? That Sarah actually is a REAL person with personal integrity, intelligence, honor and belief in her country?

Why don't you go back to the daily kos. Sarah is going to be a person who will influence the 2010 election and she's going to stay front and center on the national stage in 2012.