Friday, July 10, 2009

All Things Sarah **UPDATED**

In this advance copy release, Matthew Continetti at The Weekly Standard has given us an excellent picture of what life has been and will be like for the foreseeable future for Governor Sarah Palin. 

Out of Alaska by Matthew Continetti

July 20, 2009 Advance Copy

In early July, while most Americans were preparing for a long weekend of cheesy parades, charred meats, and noisy fireworks, Sarah Palin made some plans of her own. The Alaska governor had been the object of endless media attention and assorted calumnies since she became John McCain's vice presidential nominee last August. Now she wanted to try something new. So, on July 3, in a speech delivered from her home on Lake Lucille in Wasilla, Palin told her constituents that not only would she not seek a second term, but she would also be transferring authority to Lieutenant Governor Sean Parnell on July 26, abdicating her office with about 18 months left to go. The announcement, as one might expect, received global press coverage, dominated the weekend headlines, and gave stories about the late Michael Jackson a run for their money. Meantime, the political world went into sustained convulsions. Read the rest of the story at this link...

**In addition, Sarah wrote an op-ed piece for the Washington Post today (7/14/09): The Cap and Tax Dead End


Anonymous said...

There will soon be a change in the public's opinion of Governor Palin. Please read my latest post about the effect of the ongoing media criticism.

mpc said...

Palin had an op-ed in the Washington Post today, thought you guys might want to check it out.

Tami said...

Thanks for the heads up, mpc!