Saturday, November 07, 2009

Wisconsin Event

From the official Sarah Palin Facebook page:
Great event last night in Wisconsin! It was an honor to meet great Americans who are working so hard to remind us of life's sanctity and value. I commend this fine state for its efforts to make our nation a more welcoming place for all children.

Let me set the record straight on the media's follow-up reports of the great event: Despite what CNN reported, decisions about not allowing cameras at the event were the prerogative of the sponsors of the event, and I, of course, respected their decision.

I am about to set out on my book tour, where media will no doubt join us at many spots. In the meantime, I ask our friends in the media once again: please quit making things up.

- Sarah Palin

PS: Attached is a photo from the event. You can read more about the excellent work the Wisconsin Right to Life does

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Anonymous said...

I can't wait for Sarah Palin to run for President in '12 and lose. I just can't wait. It will be funny when the Media talks about Levi Johnston and rehashes everything he's done and had to say since his split with Bristol.