Thursday, November 05, 2009


Ever wonder how people can live their lives sleep walking? I don't mean literally. You know the type. They're oblivious to news, politics, danger...and are absolutely blown out of the water when tragedy strikes--if they happen to notice. Today, as the news broke about the shootings in Fort Hood, my family sat in a restaurant surrounded by televisions, each tuned to a different news network. We watched as people saw the news, then turned and continued to laugh and chat it up as if nothing was happening. No regard for their fellow citizens. No notice that a U.S. Army major had just murdered 12 of his fellow soldiers, many who were either just leaving for Iraq or Afghanistan, or just returning home. No notice that, by all accounts, the Major was quite vocal about the fact that he thinks Muslims should rise against the U.S. and force us out of Iraq and Afghanistan.

All during the elections of 2008, those of us who write for this blog were urging our readers to wake up. To quit sleep walking. To be vigilant. We urged our readers to find out the truth about the candidates who were running. We did our very best to provide the facts here on this blog, and often were scolded for making things up or assuming the worst about Barack Hussein Obama. We were inundated with hate filled comments for daring to utter the middle name of then candidate Obama, even being accused of making up his middle name by those too uninformed to learn for themselves the truth. And yet, all that we dared to utter about the character of Obama and the policies he would likely enact-- based on his little bit of political history, his own words both from the past and present, and his associations--turned out to be accurate. More accurate than we ever imagined.

The election results on Tuesday, primarily in Virginia and New Jersey, are more telling than Democrats would like to admit. The frequent protests, Tea Parties, and town hall meetings attended by regular Americans that have previously been uninvolved in the political arena reveal a turning of the tide in these United States. People are beginning to notice that their country as they knew it is quickly being changed, as promised, but it's not the change they expected and it's occurring with alarming speed.

I hope today's shootings won't cause people to begin to turn on our brave men and women who give so much to fight for our freedoms both at home and abroad. Time will reveal what the real circumstances surrounding this shooting are, and I suspect we may find out that there is a lot more to this story than meets the eye. Families lost their dear loved ones today in this massacre. Let us remember that, and support them with prayer and encouragement. In supporting them, let us also honor them by taking notice of the world around us, getting informed, getting involved in our communities...let us honor them by making a difference like they did.


Marfa said...

My husband was in the Army, and although I saw some very good men and women, I saw a lot of lazy people who signed up just to get that $, who didn't want to deploy or do ANY work...and they got away with it. There's a lot of work to be done and I think America is sadly falling apart! We need to stand for what is morally (work ethics, pride in our country, defend our freedoms, and life) right.

Tami said...

Marfa, thanks for your comment. I am so thankful to hear that your husband served, and appreciate his service.
If you're a frequent reader of this blog, you know that I come from both a military and law enforcement family. There are going to be those in any organization who fail to perform, are lazy, etc, and there are going to, unfortunately, be those who attempt to infiltrate. I would be surprised to hear this isn't a case of that. We'll see.
However, to my point, the vast majority of those who serve our country do so honorably, and deserve the utmost respect and honor.