Sunday, November 08, 2009

What Now?

I've gotten a few emails from readers asking "after this health care bill vote, what now?" So many on the right feel such defeat after Speaker Pelosi shoved this health care bill right down our throats under the cover of darkness Saturday night. As most of you know, Pelosi promised last week that the American people would be given 72 hours to review the 1900 page bill. As we all know, that was just another lie. So, to those who feel a sense of defeat, chin up! This should only serve to energize us MORE as we look to the 2010 elections and beyond.

So, what now? First,
get informed. There isn't a source out there that is more full of information on ANYTHING you need to know than the Heritage Foundation. It's INCREDIBLE. I suggest you pick up a few good reads, such as Liberty and Tyranny and others. Research brilliant conservatives like Thomas Sowell and Mark Steyn and read what they have to say. Listen to Rush Limbaugh, Hannity, Beck and others. Even if you don't like their style, I assure you the substance is there and you'll learn a wealth of information as you listen. Research conservative'll take you a year just to get through the ones I have listed on the blog roll at the middle right side of this blog! My point your homework. Don't let one source be your only source. Research information, find out what those on the left say about any given issue. Make certain you are well informed on the issues, especially those about which you are most passionate.

Second, find out who your local and your state representatives are. Most of us, myself included, pay little attention to local and state politics. Because the media focuses primarily on the national scene, this is what we tend to pay attention to. What we fail to realize is that our involvement is most effective at the local level...that is where it begins. Are your representatives Republican or Democrat? Moderate, liberal or conservative? How do they vote? What are their big issues? Hold their feet to the fire. Email, call, write, fax...nag them to death! If they are conservative, thank them and urge them to continue to stand true to the constitution. Use facts. Quote the Constitution, the Bill of Rights...our founding documents. (if you haven't read those, I suggest you start by doing that) Hurling insults only hurts your credibility.

When election time starts heating up (as if it hasn't already), get involved. We desperately need honest people working the polls. Not only that, get your kids involved. We're training tomorrow's leaders. I think it's vital that we get them involved YOUNG. We don't often give them enough credit. My eleven year old was explaining inflation to me the other day. I laughed in complete disbelief! I was shocked that she'd been paying close attention when my husband was explaining it to me a long time ago!

So, join and actively campaign for your local and state representatives. Attend tea parties, town hall meetings, help others who may be uninformed and looking for answers....but most of all, as you well know....VOTE.

More importantly, pray. II Chronicles 7:14: "If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land."

Lastly, several have asked for talking points to help them as they call or email their respective representatives. I know it might come as a shocker, but I am not a talking points kind of girl. When CNN called for the interview about this blog last fall, I called the McCain campaign and asked for talking points because I wanted to stay on message and make sure I represented the ticket as accurately as possible. I was shocked when I got them, and it taught me to recognize them quickly. All the pundits out there on the major networks say very little from the heart and follow talking points almost exclusively. (the Rush, Hannity and Beck kind of guys/gals excluded and I'm convinced it's why they're so effective). I always tell people to speak from the heart. Tell your representatives why you believe this health care bill is going to be destructive. Certainly we want facts first, to be able to speak somewhat intelligently on an issue, and those can be had at the Heritage Foundation. (if you donate a min. $25 you gain access to even more information) Please understand, I'm not somehow "scolding" anyone for asking for talking points. I thought I needed them too. I didn't, and neither do you. IF they're going to listen, they listen more when your plea is from the heart...

So, that's some general information to at least get the ball rolling for those of you who have no idea where to begin. If you have specific questions, don't hesitate to ask. I'm always digging for answers, so I'll just add your question to my own growing pile. In addition, please feel free to leave a comment adding your favorite site or author to the mix. We can never have too much information.

Here is a link with contact info for your representatives. It's a nice starting place.

Now, go do the right thing and get involved! You'll be so incredibly glad you did.


Dan Seifert said...

Overall this is an admirable post, as the primary threat to our democracy has always been apathy.

My concern is that you seem to be taking the same misguided approach as the Republican leadership on the Hill: doing everything you can to defeat the current bill without proposing a viable alternative.

I haven't yet heard any intelligent argument that our healthcare system as it is right now is acceptable - but if that's your position I'd be interested to hear why. And if you do have an alternative to the Pelosi bill that you think would be better, could you share that here?

Tami said...

With all due respect, if you haven't heard the Republicans present a viable alternative, it's because you haven't been paying attention. They HAVE indeed presented many alternatives, but most least those who exclusively watch networks such as CNN and MSNBC wouldn't know that because the Democrats made a joke out of it rather than considering it in any way. If you watch Fox, you already know that the Republicans were given an opportunity on that network to talk about their alternative plan. Republicans have spent MONTHS attempting to present alternatives, only to be shut out of the discussion by not only the house and the senate, but also the white house.
There isn't space on this blog to present "a viable alternative" to you. That isn't my job. I can, however, point you (as I did in the post) to the Heritage Foundation. There you will find what you may be looking for.
In short, we have the greatest healthcare system in the world. Does it have areas that need improvement? YOU BET it does. So, instead of bankrupting our country with a plan that is already a failed plan (i.e. Medicare/Medicaid/struggling Veterans healthcare), we should fix what we already have and save the extra cash. That would be the common sense approach. (something few in our Government seem to have these days)
So, follow that link and you should be able to find the answers to your questions there.