Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Terror Attack In Arkansas **UPDATED**

Let's be abundantly clear. The killing of Pvt. William Long on Monday was the first act of terror perpetrated on American soil since 9/11/01. Until today, President Obama was completely silent on the issue, which speaks volumes. 

Our sincere condolences to the family of Pvt. Long. May God bless them for the sacrifice they have made for this great nation. Their son never had an opportunity to fight for this country, but his willingness to do so speaks volumes about who he was. May his death not be in vain.
For funeral plans see this link.

**Soldier slain by domestic terrorist laid to rest with honors. See this link for more details.**


Comradio said...

That was only the first act of "terror" until you stop and think about Radical Christian terrorism. Unitarian church shot because of "liberal teachings". Planned multi state rampages aimed at the President. There is a guy in the news today oh the loose with 85.000 dollars who has said he is going to kill him.

In fact, only one day before this very real act of Islamic terrorism in the shooting at the recruitment center, a Christian is Kansas committed the exact same crime with the exact same "political and religious motivations".

So, why are we only counting Muslim terrorist attacks?

John said...


You're quite confused. First, Christian doctrine does not countenance the use of the "sword" to further the propagation of Biblical principals. Nor does Christian doctrine approve of wielding the coercive power of the state to enforce matters of conscience. Conversely, orthodox Islam does teach, specifically, that unbelievers should be conquered and made to bow before the pagan Mohammed upon pain of death. This jihad doctrine is implicit in orthodox Muslim teaching. Therefore, there is no comparison between Christian teaching, which requires that men come to the Cross of their own free will, and Muslim orthodoxy which claps men in chains if they fail to bow to Mohammed and his false god. If a man claims to be a Christian and murders another man in the name of Christ, he is an infidel, an apostate, a common criminal. If a man claims to be a Muslim and commits murder in the name of Mohammed, Allah, and jihad he is proclaimed to be a hero of the faith. Islam is a scourge and a blight upon the earth.

That human scum, murdering in the name of Mohammed and sanctified by Islamic teaching, is a self-proclaimed jihadist. Why are we focusing on Muslim terrorism? Were u asleep during 9/11? Or, were you in a opiate induced coma? The question is absurd.

Quite simply, the jihadist dog, Carlos Bledsoe, committed the first act of jihadist terrorism on U.S. soil since the 9/11 attacks. B. Hussein Obama has FAILED to protect the homeland. Despite what else you think of Bush, he prevented or deterred jihadist terrorist attacks on the homeland, during the 8 years of his presidency. Obama's weakness and naiveté embolden punks like Bledsoe. There will be others to follow in his cloven-hoofed tracks.