Friday, June 12, 2009

Calm, Cool, Collective: Our Next President!

Thanks to Van Guard, at Smart Girl Politics, I came across these videos of the Governor, in an interview with NBC's Matt Lauer, discussing the HISTORIC agreement to move forward with the Alaska Gasline Inducement Act. (among other things) As Van Guard points out, no teleprompter, intelligent, focused, dynamic, and courageous...this woman should be our next President! 

And, another smackdown on the Letterman issue:


Marmee said...

Did you hear Matt SIGH in the middle of her response in the second video. What a rude man!

Sarah Palin speaks clearly and "um" in the entire interview! Too bad our current president isn't as brilliant as she is!

Tami said...

yes! what a jerk. I have come to loathe these blowhards who think they're celebs because they report the news.

Lisa Graas said...

Go Sarah!!! Great interviews today at CNN and Today. I thought both Blitzer and Lauer did a good job......and Sarah nailed both interviews.

third rock from the sun said...

Did you see the NBC segment about Bhusseino's teleprompter. TOTUS is what they call it. (teleprompter of the United States).

Bhusseino is hailed as this great orator! That is, if he has the teleprompter.

Take it away and all he can do is talk with a ssllooww, choppy speech with hollow spots every other sentence where he is clearly searching for the right word (what he reminds me of is someone that is trying to find the right word that would have rolled off their tongue in their younger years) or perhaps the hollow spots are his only way of painstakingly monitoring himself from saying UHHHHHHHH a million times during his rhetoric.

My fellow Americans...a great speaker is someone who can speak without his notes.

At any rate, what is so profound about a speaker who can read his speech off of a couple of plastic see-through panels ALL THE TIME? He turns his head from the teleprompter on the left, to the teleprompter on his right and he does it with robotic precision that he appears to be watching a tennis match instead of connecting with the American public.

Sarah Palin. She can speak without teleprompters quite nicely. Unlike Bhusseino, she can attach her sentences without uncomfortable dead space...she doesn't have to search for big words like Bhusseino does. Sarah lives by the law which is difinative and Bhusseino lives by the color of his skin which is divisive.

He himself is divisive. I have never heard an American president ridicule its citizens like he has abroad. On the flip-side, I have never heard an American president praise other countries that despise our liberty, like he has. Bhusseino is our own terrorist (there is no official birth certificate to determine if he is home-grown or not). We have 4 percent of the voting population to thank for this. The four percent who want to continue suckling at the American breast instead of pursuing the American dream.

Tami said...

well put Third Rock.
I think his silence on Iran is quite telling, as well.