Monday, June 01, 2009

For Those Who Cannot Speak

I'll never forget the moment. It will be forever imprinted on my mind and in my heart~the day my husband and I first laid eyes on our precious little girl. I remember it as if it were yesterday. The Dr. held her up, my husband cut the cord, the nurses took her and did whatever nurses do with that new little life just before they swaddle them, and then they laid her tiny little body in my arms. Her big brown eyes opened to meet ours for the first time, her little fingers and toes were so perfect--I remember my husband and I just being in awe of the amazing miracle with which God had entrusted us. 

So many in life are faced with a much different scene in the delivery room. Perhaps there have been complications. Perhaps the baby is very sick, perhaps his little body couldn't take the stress of birth, or perhaps she's just born with some sort of "defect" as some like to call it. Not one of these little ones is any less special than our little bundle of joy...each were created, each were designed just exactly how God intended them to be. (Psalm 139) Each little life that is brought into this world has purpose and meaning, no matter what the circumstances are that surround that little life. 

No political issue haunts me more than the issue of abortion. I will never understand how a mother, no matter what the circumstances are, can make the choice to murder her unborn child. And lets be frank~when you eliminate a life, it is murder. The argument is always made that "it" isn't a life, but merely a glob of cells. So, when does an unborn baby become a human being? Many years ago, an important gathering took place in Washington during which a group, consisting of biochemists, professors of obstetrics and gynecology, geneticists, etc, were asked to report the findings of their research. Here were their findings, with a vote of 19-1:
"The majority of our group could find no point in time between the union of sperm and egg, or at least the blastocyst stage [shortly after fertilization, when twinning might occur] and the birth of the infant at which point we could say that this was not a human life. The changes occurring between implantation, a six-weeks embryo, a six months fetus, a one week-old child, or a mature adult are merely stages of development and maturation."—First International Conference on Abortion, Washington D.C., October 1967.
Life begins at conception. After just 10 weeks in the womb, you can already see perfect little feet. The picture you see below was taken by a mother who miscarried her baby at 6 weeks
This picture is of an actual 10 week old fetus being held by a physician. It is between 6 and 10 weeks that the vast majority of babies are murdered. (see these statistics)

12 Weeks

14 Weeks

18 Weeks

22 Weeks

This photo was taken of a 26 week old baby. It's after 26 weeks that the baby has the best chance of survival outside of the mother's womb, although there are pictures of babies born much earlier. 

Finally, below you see the picture of a full term newborn baby. It is at this stage that those who support partial birth abortion still hold to the fact that this little person, this little life, is not a human being. Why, you ask? Because it fits their agenda. There's nothing in science that supports their claims. Even though the baby is full term, if her little body is still inside her mother and only her head has exited the birth canal, or if the doctor has inserted the forceps into the mother and forced the baby out of the mother leaving only the head inside--he is still able to perform murder on this little baby.  How, you ask? See this link.  What are the results? Below are some links: (**caution: the pictures aren't easy to look at**) 

One Nation Under Obama

Ironically, as I was finishing this post this weekend, the news of the murder of late term abortion Dr. George Tiller flashed onto the screen. While I was sickened not only to hear of his murder, and the politicizing of it by the left, I was saddened. This man should have been stopped by the law of the land. He should have been put in jail for murdering countless unborn babies who couldn't fight for their right to live life, and now, someone has decided to take matters into his own hands and instead of furthering the cause of life, has now most definitely caused a set-back in our fight FOR life. We here at Moms 4 Sarah Palin join every mainstream pro-life organization that has unequivocally denounced the killing of Dr. Tiller. Our objective is to spare human lives, and to see that laws are changed to protect the murder of the unborn. 

For more notes on the Murder of Dr. Tiller, see this link
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ASG said...

Thank you for this.

cahomebizmom said...

Thank you for posting this My name is Joanne and I am 100% pro-life abortion is also to me the most huanting political issue. Great Job. I remember when I had my baby and I held him for the first time I looked at him and I fest as if I had always known him like he had always been there, it was the most amazing thing. It makes me so sad to know that many woman don't allow themselves to experience that feeling, they keep there mind on the cercumstances they face and forget to stop and see the miracle that has taken place with in there own body!

Thank again for standing up for life!

Go to my blog and see a video I made for Life sung by my cousin.

From Joanne