Sunday, June 14, 2009

Happy Flag Day!

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third rock from the sun said...

Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave...

As Fourth of July is nearing, I am always in the mood for a celebration. The holiday reminds me of how free we are and humbly honored that our brave men and women have fought for my freedom when they don't even know me. Oh how much I appreciate what they did for me, my family, my friends and America.

I try really hard to wish the best for America, but it troubles me that we have such a weak president.

By denouncing Fox news...he is showing how weak he his because he cannot reach out to the 50 million Americans that did not vote for him. Oh yes..during the campaign he bragged that he would bring bi-partisanship once and for all to the White House. But by not granting an interview with Fox, who happen to represent a huge sector of America, he is not reaching out his hand for bi-partisanship with American people. Funny, but he'll grant interviews with Arab news and last time I checked, they don't really care for America.

Bhusseino is not publicly denouncing, however, the unfair voting results in Iran. I feel he is watching to see how the Iranian president can handle this uprising from the Iranians that seek democracy. The rulers over there have blocked internet signals, banned news coverage and killed protestors in the streets. By, Bhusseino, being silent...I portray him to be agreeing with the Iranian leaders instead of democracy. May victory belong to the democratic people over there, because if it doesn't...

....Bhusseino may be getting ideas on how to shut down ours over here in America.