Monday, April 13, 2009

Punk Move: Obama Skulking In The Shadows...Again.

Unless you've been living under a rock for the past week, you've heard about a rag-tag band of Somali pirates holding Captain Richard Phillips hostage on a small life boat. As riveting as the unfolding drama of the hostage situation has been, the Obama administration's response has been just as fascinating. I've been waiting for days to see how Obozo and his court jesters would spin their handling of this hostage matter. I must admit that I've been plagued by the specter of hay-seed former President Jimmy Carter and his wretched bungling of the Iranian hostage crisis. Admittedly, the Somali hostage situation is of a completely different composition than Carters crisis. But, I expected the same sort of vacillation and indecision from the Obozo court. 

Captain Phillips displayed the characteristics that have made and continue to distinguish Americans as unique and admirable in a world characterized by the conformist and the sickly pacifist. Not once, but twice, did Captain Phillips exercise a rugged individualism that refused to sit idly by and wait for a deus ex machina from "the One." Phillips displayed that uniquely American unction to deal with matters directly, foiling the plot of evil doers. If only Captain Phillips had had access to a .44 magnum, or, dare I say, an assault rifle. Here is a display of manly heroism which resulted in the reaffirmation of the efficacy of honor and courage in this age of shadow men and metrosexuals.  As Captain Phillips asserts, "I'm only the byline." Indeed, there were a cadre of heroic Americans at work, most noteably the U.S. Navy SEALS. 

The courage and competency of the SEALs is beyond the pale of question. As Captain Phillips plunged into the sea and made his way toward the grey battlements of a U.S Navy man-of-war, SEAL snipers leveled the precision machined tools of their trade to take aim upon the swarthy pates of men-turned-beast by the corruption of their souls. And, as any student of budo knows, the SEALs were motivated by the ancient maxim of "the life giving sword." So, the snipers fired with an unconscious competency, and three skulls burst into pink clouds, mute testament to the end of wicked men. The three pirates were condemned by their own actions and received the just recompense of their reward. The SEAL snipers acted with a honed mastery and with honor.  Meanwhile, their Commander-in-Chief skulked in the shadows.  

Throughout the building hostage crisis, the B. Hussein Obama administration refused to comment or provide Americans with a sense of leadership with regard to how U.S. military forces would be postured to engage the hostage situation. Obama hid behind the skirts of ham-face Gibbs and his flock of incompetents. As is typical of The One, Obama's position could not be discerned until after the outcome was settled. Only after heroes did their work, did the Obamastocracy "leak" reports of Obama's authorization of the use of deadly force. How convenient. Even up to Saturday, FOX News was reporting that the Obama administration's position was inscrutable. Of course! The cagey Chicago street thug was hedging his bets. Obama's lone talent is obfuscation. Aided by a pandering, fawning media establishment, Obama sidestepped the hostage issue until he could lay claim to a victory or scapegoat a debacle. This is not courage or leadership, but weakness masquerading as diplomacy. Of course, the main stream media propagates the White House spin. Oh yeah, Obama didn't bow and scrape like a thrall before a Muslim potentate; he stooped a bit to shake King Abdullah's hand! Check out the video, Obama could have licked King Abdullah's boots from his subservient position. I suppose I shouldn't gripe too much about the leader of the free world engaging in an act of thralldom; his middle name is HUSSEIN for a reason.  

The media will spin this hostage episode as a victory for the Obamastocracy. But, the truth of the matter is that it's a victory for Reaganesque rugged individualism; the same spirit that forged the Declaration and Constitution in the crucible of blood and sacred honor. 

"The only honorable response to violence is counter-violence. To surrender to extortion is a greater sin than extortion, in that it breeds and feeds the very act it seeks to avoid." Jeff Cooper: To Ride, Shoot Straight, And Speak The Truth.

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heather said...

I am glad that you didn't decide to take the route of "Us against Islamic terrorist." This piracy is born of absolute desperation. The Somali's reaction to what they see as the world's plundering of their tuna rich waters and their failed state's inability to assert themselves and protect the "fishermen's" right to their water's bounty. I only put quotation marks around fishermen because, though I think they have a real and legitimate concern in regards to their industry, their issue may have started to lose focus. Interestingly enough, in the Christian Science Monitor article I recently read, it discussed how "The Union of Islamic Courts brutally suppressed piracy during the brief period they controlled the Somali capital in 2006, but the pirates waited them out and resurged stronger than ever. " I hope that stability can come to that region, eradicating the "need" these men feel to commit piracy.

John said...


Thank you for your comment. I see this incident as an "enemy of humanity" issue, which is the traditional view. These men are not criminals in the traditional sense. And, on this point, I disagree strongly with Hillary. The Somalis condemned themselves by their actions, no matter the reason. The Somalis are making moral choices which have, unfortunately, deadly consequences. Hopefully, in the long run, the actions taken by the U.S. Navy will serve as a strong disincentive to would-be pirates. Again, thank you for your comment.